We’ve officially been living and working from the road in our motorhome for 6 months! It’s amazing how the time has flown by and how much has happened. We sat down at our campground in beautiful Palm Springs, CA to share the 4 biggest changes that have occurred since our 3 month video and answer your questions, including the most common one – how is our relationship after living in such a small space?

Here’s a summary of what we discuss in the video:

  • the changes we made to our camping membership with Thousand Trails
  • our technology upgrade in the coach to help us work more effectively
  • the news about our Coda and some video footage
  • how we’re building a new community of like-minds on the road
  • a question about families traveling with kids and dogs
  • how we navigate our relationship in the coach

We always love reading your comments and questions, so please share yours in the comments section below. We might even introduce a regular Q&A segment on the blog and website if there’s enough interest.

We are loving our new lifestyle – and laughing, growing and learning as we go. Thanks for sharing this journey with us. Happy holidays everyone!

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