Day: April 10, 2015

29 Tips for Successful Boondocking

We learned a lot during our first boondocking experience in Arizona which took us to Yuma, Quartzsite and Lake Havasu City over 9 days. So we pulled together 29 tips and tricks that helped us, working with what we had. That means… no solar, no composting toilet, no fancy stuff. We just made the most of our RV “as is” from the manufacturer. Of course, we know

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Boondocking Recap: Usage and Costs

Now that we’ve completed our first big boondocking trip, let’s look at our usage and overall costs as we finally get the answers to many of the questions we had before we started! Questions like…How many gallons of water did we use? How many days did it last us? How many hours did we put on the

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Boondocking Misadventures in Lake Havasu

  Days 8–9: Lake Havasu. On Friday afternoon, we left Quartzsite for the final stretch of our boondocking adventure in Lake Havasu – which we now refer to as Lake Havoc-su, after the challenges and the breakdown we encountered there. No, it wasn’t the best way to end our first boondocking adventure, but we made the

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