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We celebrated 15 months on the road, living, working and traveling in our RV during our time in Wells, Maine in late September. On our last morning in Maine, we recorded our updates, travel highlights and our east coast experience from beautiful Kennebunkport Beach.

In the video, we recap on the events of the three months since we left Colorado in July, making our way northeast to Maine, sharing some of our most memorable places and experiences along the way. We didn’t mention our time in Chicago – driving and staying in the city and our day of exploring but we already posted about Chicago here on the blog.

We know we’re a little late in sharing our 15 month update – and our 18 month on the road-iversary is fast approaching – so thanks for your patience until this was completed and ready to share. With waves crashing on the rocky shore all around us, you’ll feel like you’re right there with us!

Click to watch the video. Enjoy!

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