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Well, we just hit a couple of exciting YouTube milestones and we’ve also been in some pretty epic discussions over the past two weeks. Now that the details are finalized (mostly) we can finally share our news with you. We actually filmed a quick video with THREE exciting news updates, so you can either watch the video now OR read on for the details 🙂

#1: We hit 15,000 YouTube Subscribers

First up, we just had to share and celebrate a milestone – we just hit 15,000 subscribers on our RVLoveTV YouTube channel and we also happened to notice we recently surpassed 1.3 Million views. Wow! Little did we know when we posted our very first and extremely amateurish video back in May 2014 (the first time Marc drove our RV) – that this channel would grow so much and attract such an awesome group of followers!

As most of you know, until just a few months ago, our RVLove blog and YouTube channel were a way for us to share our adventures while also working and traveling full-time. We posted what we could when we could, all while doing our best to maintain a balanced life, work and travel schedule. Since Marc quit his job, we’ve been channeling all of our energies into creating content for RV Love (and RV Success School courses) and of course, this means we now have more time to share more videos and blog posts more often. We’re can’t wait to see how much this community will continue to grow over the coming months and years.

Seriously you guys, we couldn’t be more thrilled and we’re sending you all a heartfelt THANK YOU – we simply couldn’t have done this without your encouragement and messages of support! Please don’t EVER underestimate the difference that your likes, comments, shares and emails make to us – it is truly what keeps us inspired to keep producing.

#2: The RV Nomads film is coming and we’re in it

Ok, the secret’s out. There’s a full-length cinematic feature film (documentary style) called RV Nomads that is now in production and tells the story of the full-time RV movement in an epic way – and we’ve been cast to appear in it!

The movie is being written, directed and produced by a highly talented team with an incredible vision and breadth of experience. In fact, it was while reading the story behind the vision for this film that Marc and I became incredibly excited and just knew we had to be a part of it. But this is so much bigger than a movie, us or even the RV lifestyle itself… it’s about the full-time RV movement.


“It’s a powerful story of freedom. A tale of self-liberation. A narrative of broken chains and the unplugging of one’s self from the American Dream society has for whatever reason wrongfully dictated to itself.”

– RV Nomads movie


If you’ve been following us for more than about 5 minutes, you’ll understand why we are so excited about this. You all know how passionate we are about the full-time RV lifestyle, and we are truly grateful on a daily basis that we get to live, breathe and love it.

Our goal is to inspire and educate others, and help make their own path a whole lot easier than ours was. Ultimately, whether you choose to live full-time or even part time in an RV – or perhaps not even RV at all, we’re about helping others see a different way of living, a different way of being, that is more aligned with their core values.

And just like the movie, this is about consciously choosing to live life on our terms, instead of just living a life dictated by society or what we’ve been told is ‘the right way’ to succeed. The system is broken. The dream is dying. And people like us – and you – are waking up.

We don’t want to do a “spoiler”, so rather than share more news about the movie and the story narrative here, we invite you to go check out the RV Nomads movie website, where you’ll find a lot of great info, like the inspiration for the film, several blog posts and an insight into the story arc.

We are truly honored to be working with such an amazing creative team, along with our awesome fellow cast members. Some of them you will already know from YouTube, like our buddies over at Drivin’ and Vibin’, Mortons on the Move, and Less Junk < More Journey, our blogging friends Always on Liberty and many more. There are way too many of them to list individually here, so we encourage you to check out the cast bios and learn about their stories as well. 

Additionally, we’re excited to be getting involved in this film in a capacity beyond being members of the cast. This project is a large and complex one, and it’s an exciting opportunity for both Marc and I to each bring our skills and prior career experience to the table in a much bigger way, to help ensure the success of the movie, support the entire RV movement and explore opportunities for further growth. You can read more about the ways we’re getting involved in this media alert.

Want to learn more and get updates?

There are already a couple of movie trailers you can watch now. A new trailer will be released every month from September 2017 through to September 2018. Then, in October 2018, the full-length feature film will be released, hopefully to a very large and enthusiastic audience




Final Words

Well, that’s about it! Yes, it’s a lot, we know! We hope you’re as pumped about this as we are. Who would have ever imagined that 3 years ago when we hit the road to start our life as RV Nomads it would have led to something like this!?

It just goes to show that none of us ever really know where the road will lead us, but once we start driving, we just need to sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. It was never really about the destination anyway.


Are you excited about this movie too? We’d love to hear your comments below.

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