We were totally blown away by the number of view, likes and comments and overall EXTREMELY positive response to our last announcement and first tour of our ‘new to us’ RV. So a big THANK YOU for that – to be honest – we were surprised! But first, a huge apology for the gap in between videos. Where have we been? It’s been an intense year on so many levels (more about that soon) and we really needed to hide away for a bit and recharge our batteries. We’ve been hunkered down in Enterprise, in Eastern Oregon, staying on the property with our friends Brett and Danelle Hays. It was one of the longest stays we’ve had in one spot since we hit the road in 2014 – and definitely one of our best!

We appreciate the notes reaching out to check on us, and want to let you know that if you’re ever wondering if we’re still alive and well, feel free to jump over and check our Facebook Page and Instagram feed – it’s often faster and less time and work to pop up a quick photo or update, than creating blog posts and videos during extra busy times.

Now, over to the Q&A!

Here’s a quick summary of the questions we answer in the video.

Q: Where are we?

Q: How’s the new RV doing?

Q: Why did we decide to Buy an Older RV?

Q: What size gas tank?

Q: What fuel economy do we get?

Q: Thoughts on Depreciation and Risk Management

Q: Did we get an RV Inspection?

Q: Do we stay at National Parks and will we be restricted?

Q: What about RV Parks with a 10 Year Rule?

Q: How Many Electrical Outlets?

Q: What Did we Pay for CC?

We hope that answered a lot for you and was helpful!

Got More Questions?

We’re sure you’ve got even more questions, so feel free to send ’em over so we can keep answering them for you!

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