In just 2 weeks (October 20), RV Nomads the Movie, will premiere on the big screen at the historic RItz Theater in Wellington, TX, during the sold-out NomadFEST. This is a project we’ve been working on for over a year, so we’re VERY excited to see the results of so much hard work – from ALL the full-time RVers behind this amazing production. We also managed to snag the elusive Eric Odom, the visionary and producer behind the movie for an exclusive interview. So let’s jump in and get you caught up on what’s been happening behind the scenes over the past 15 months!

We filmed a quick video to bring you up to speed on the high-level updates on the RV Nomads movie, NomadFEST, Epic Nomad TV (ENTV) – this will start to give you an idea of why our year has been more hectic than usual! Then, right around the six-minute mark, producer Eric Odom shares his fascinating account of what drove him to make this movie, his love for stories, how we managed to pull off a high-quality film, on such a low budget, the team behind it all, and how/where you can watch the movie for free.

We’ll let the pictures tell most of the story, with a little backstory to put them into context.

RV Nomads the movie will premiere at the inaugural NomadFEST – an event we’re putting on to celebrate the premiere of the film, while bringing together over 500 RVers – for 4 days of fun, film and food. It’s crazy to think that NomadFEST actually sold out BEFORE we even rolled into official movie production, back in May! Especially being a first time event.

Thursday night kicks off with a VIP dinner, then NomadFEST officially kicks off with a Friday night fish fry, concert with Drivin’ and Vibin’ and Audrey Callahan (the movie narrator and singer-songwriter), followed by a day of seminars on Saturday. Marc and I kick these off with our panel discussion on the topic of “Living the RV Life” which will be followed by talks on boondocking, energy, domicile, and other topics that we RVers love to talk about! Saturday night is the big night – where, we’ll be screening RV Nomads the Movie, at the beautiful, historic Ritz Theater in downtown Wellington! Rumor has it there may even be a red carpet…?

On Sunday, there’s a content creator’s conference at The Ritz, then we wrap up the event with a BBQ cook-off on Sunday night! There’s also an RV show, hosted by National Indoor RV Centers, with a range of rigs on display, vendor booths, and everyone will be able to visit Co-Lab – our production studio where we filmed the interviews back in May and work from when in Wellington. And RV nomads will be able to connect with one another via the RVillage RV Nomads group.

What on earth is this ghastly building? Believe it or not, our team rented a former department store – full of ‘stuff’ – about 5,000 square feet, that they emptied out, repainted and set up as a production studio and collaborative workspace, which we named Co-Lab. It was a MAMMOTH job that should have taken a good eight weeks or more, but was completed in under two weeks. Kudos to the core team who worked incredibly hard – Hebard’s Travels, Opting Out of Normal, Pau Hana Travels, Geo Astro RV and Mortons on the Move – there were literally blood, sweat and tears as they moved mountains to get Co-Lab ready for production kickoff on May 15!

Marc helped out with some painting in high places and drywall mud work.

Can you believe this is the same space? Yes, we now have an official movie production studio, in the middle of nowhere – Wellington, Texas! Yeehaa!

On-set in the Co-Lab production studio, and getting ready for our interview for the RV Nomads movie, Director, Tom Morton gets the cameras ready to roll!

Phase 2 of movie production took place a few weeks later in Salida, CO, where we boondocked on free public land (BLM land) at Shavano Wildlife Management Area. Colorado was a welcome change from the oppressive triple digit temps of Wellington, and MUCH prettier scenery!

As part of our lifestyle shoot, we took the Jeep out for some off-roading on the trails. This is definitely up there as one of our ‘favorite work days’ – having fun Jeeping and not having to film it yourself! LOL. A reporter from the local paper The Mountain Mail came down to watch the shoot and interviewed us and the production team. You can read the story here.

The next day, we packed up CC and headed to Buena Vista, to do some lifestyle filming in a KOA campground.

We tried to keep the shoot pretty low key, but do have to wonder how many people were baffled as to why we had so many bodies, cameras and audio equipment outside our RV, especially at the dump station!

Half of the Co-Lab production studio is for work and content creation, while the other half is for play and socializing.

This was definitely a first – seeing ourselves on a movie poster! Cast movie posters are all  hanging in lighted boxes along the wall in the Co-Lab studio.

Behind everything, driving everything – the RV Nomads movie, NomadFEST and the Co-Lab production studio – is the main company and platform Epic Nomad TV (ENTV). Every aspect of this vision and project has been created by full-time RVers and it’s been both humbling and extraordinary to witness and be a part of. How this all came to be is a pretty unique and powerful story, and one that could be a movie in and of itself. Here, the guys are all pitching in to help assemble a Roadmaster tow dolly for the movie producer, Eric. Most of Marc’s and my involvement with ENTV has been behind the scenes – actually helping to build the company and platform behind it. Marc is CEO and I’m Director of PR & Communications, working with partners, our PR firm and the media to raise more awareness (and funding) for the project. These responsibilities have been on top of our own commitments with RVLove and RV Success School, so yes, you could say this year has been a little bit “insane”! We’ve definitely worked a lot harder and longer than usual, which has slowed our travels down a lot in 2018, but it’s also why we are so excited to finally be a part of NomadFEST and watch the RV Nomads movie on the big screen, and see the results of all of our efforts!

Our “CC” out front of the historic Ritz Theater in Wellington, Texas! Next time, we’ll be seeing the word “RV NOMADS THE MOVIE” up on the movie board, and that will be a pretty exciting sight to see! Will we see you there?

Even though the live NomadFEST event is sold out, you can still access all of the content – the RV Nomads movie, RV life educational seminars and content creator’s conference – with unlimited online streaming, that you can watch from the comfort of your home, RV, or anywhere! Click here to subscribe and get the earlybird price.

Last but not least, we were thrilled to finally pin down Eric Odom, Producer of the RV Nomads movie, for an exclusive interview that we think you’ll enjoy, Ir starts at the 6:00 minute mark, so click here (or the image below) to watch the video, and enjoy!

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