Author: Marc Bennett

RV Extended Warranties. Are They Worth it?

If there is one thing more stressful than having something break on your RV, it’s worrying about how much the repair is going to cost you! Especially if you don’t have a stash of cash sitting around and waiting for your RV rainy day. Breakdowns, mechanical failures, and appliances that quit working are all part

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Viair Air Compressor 450P-RV

Review: VIAIR 450P-RV Portable Automatic Air Compressor

Keeping your tires properly inflated is key to safety on the road. This is especially true for bigger vehicles such as RVs and motorhomes. So when VIAIR invited us to review their 450P-RV portable, automatic air compressor we jumped right on it. Over the years, we have heard many of our trusted, experienced RVing friends

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Review: NOCO GB150 Genius BoostPro Jump Starter

One can never be too prepared for emergencies. And when the battery goes out on your RV, truck or car, a jump starter is a good thing to have in your trunk. We needed a jump starter powerful enough to get the RV going, should the battery go flat.  So when NOCO reached out and

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12 Lessons Learned and Key Considerations about RV Renovation

If you’ve been following our Ultimate RV Makeover Series, you would know that we recently completed an RV renovation of our 1999 country coach motorhome, to transform it into our ideal home and office on wheels. And while we love it, we also learned a lot through the process..and for any of you out there considering

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