Author: Marc Bennett

1000 trails

Vacation Village RV Resort near Tampa Florida

It had been a few years since we stayed in Florida for the winter in our RV.  We planned on spending the 2018-19 winter season ...
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Kebler Corner RV Park and Cabins Review

Looking for a great riverside campground in the Colorado mountains? Check out Kebler Corner RV park and Cabins in Gunnison County Colorado. Read on for ...
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Flux EM1 Electric Moped Review For RV Travelers

Do you really need a tow vehicle in your RV life? Or would an electric moped take you where you need to go – around ...
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Top 10 Tips for Natural Bug Repellents

Looking for a more natural, deet-free solution to keep mosquitoes and no-see-ums at bay? Warmer weather and longer days are fast approaching, and we’re excited ...
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big chief

Big Chief RV and Cabin Resort in Texas Hill Country

North west of Austin, you’ll find this lovely RV and cabin resort in Texas hill country, right on Lake Buchanan! Big Chief RV and Cabin ...
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PepperBall LifeLite Self Defense Pepper Ball Gun

As experienced RVers, we are often asked about personal safety out on the road. What about carrying some form of protection? As former law enforcement, ...
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6 year cost

Fuel Costs Over 6 Years of Full Time RV Life

Oh, how we’d love a dollar every time we’re asked: “How much do you spend on fuel for your RV!?” The answer, of course, depends ...
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About Us

Casita Travel Trailer Tour Freedom Deluxe 17

Take a tour of our little Casita trailer camper as we show you the inside and out. It’s a 2019 Casita Freedom Deluxe 17′ travel ...
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About Us

We Bought Another RV. What Did We Get and Why?

We just bought another RV, so now we have two! We hinted at downsizing a while back. And as most of you know, we’ve been ...
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6 year recap

The Real Cost of RV Ownership. Here’s What We Spent.

After owning two RVs and full-time RVing for six years, what have been our REAL RV costs? This is Part 3 of our ‘6 Years ...
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Lithium Vs Lead Acid Batteries in Cold Temps

With winter just around the corner, one of the most common concerns of RVers relates to their batteries. The big question is: which batteries work ...
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Garden of the Gods rv site with cc and blaze

Garden of the Gods RV Resort in Colorado Springs Review

We have stayed at Garden of the Gods RV Resort many times in our 6 years of travel, and have always enjoyed our return visits. ...
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