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Running from a Hurricane, Driving Fail & GPS Fail

For the most part, our travel days tend to go pretty smoothly, but last Thursday (October 1) was one of those days that ended up being both a comedy of errors and an adventure in itself ! While we managed to keep a good sense of humor with everything turning out OK in the end, it wasn’t without a few close calls,

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FAQ: Pros and Cons of a Tow Dolly vs 4 Down

We’ve received SO many questions about our reasons for using a tow dolly, the advantages and disadvantages. It was high time we wrote a blog post about it instead of replying to individual emails each time! We’ve compiled the 21 most common questions we get about towing with a dolly versus 4 down and shared

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Converting our RV bunkhouse to an office

One of the main reasons we chose our specific coach was so that we could convert the existing bunkhouse (two bunk beds) into a separate, dedicated office for Marc, who continues to work full-time (virtually) at his regular 40 hour a week job during our travels. Marc has always placed a high value on work-life balance, health, wellness and on being a

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