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This page covers everything related to Thousand Trails (TT) camping memberships. We’ve written a lot about TT as this is how we mostly camp as it makes our RV lifestyle so much more affordable. We started our RV life in 2014 with a 2-for-1 TT Zone Camping Pass which worked well for the first few months. When we realized we wanted to slow our travels down, enjoy longer stays in one place and more flexibility while still camping affordably (of course), we began researching our options for a TT membership upgrade. It opened a can of worms, as we began learning about the many different options available – new membership upgrades you can buy direct from TT and used memberships on the resale market. It can be confusing territory and after months of intensive research, number crunching and lengthy discussions, we learned how to find the best deals and options out there then wrote a series of in depth blog posts to help people like you make the best decision for your situation and budget. These are our most popular posts and the ones we get the most “thank you” emails about. We hope you find them useful and that they save you a ton of money too.

marc and julie stand in middle of wde open texas road with rv parked on left with truck

Why Our Latest RV Road Trip Cost 3x More (and Was Worth It)

This post may contain affiliate links. Despite best intentions, the cost of an RV road trip can often break the budget. And our latest journey from Tucson to Texas for the total solar eclipse was no exception. Spoiler Alert: this spring RV trip ended up costing us THREE times more than our recent winter adventure.

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All About Thousand Trails in Arizona: 22 RV Parks

This post may contain affiliate links. If you like to RV in Arizona in the winter AND you love to save money on camping, this article is for you. Arizona is a great state for staying at Thousand Trails RV resort locations if you have the right camping membership. Especially if you are age 55

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How to Photograph an Eclipse And Watch It Safely

This post may contain affiliate links.Taking stunning photos of an eclipse is a goal for many photography enthusiasts. In this post, our guest photography expert, Richard Schneider, founder of Picture Correct and creator of Photography Cheat Sheets, shares essential tips and valuable knowledge on safely capturing and observing an eclipse.  With the last USA total

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1250 x 750 Oregon Thousand Trails featured image

All About Thousand Trails Oregon: 7 Campgrounds

This post may contain affiliate links. Ready to explore the diverse landscapes of Oregon from the comfort of your RV? Our comprehensive guide to all seven Thousand Trails RV parks in beautiful Oregon covers where to stay and how to save! From stunning coastline to lush forests and breathtaking mountains, we give you the scoop

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Thank you for all of the information that you have made available on Thousand Trails. There are a lot of opinions out there, but RVLove has been a consistently reliable source of facts and information that is balanced and reasonable about what to expect from TT. We also enjoyed your book!

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