21+ Unique Gift Ideas for RVers & Travelers

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Looking for useful, interesting and affordable gift ideas for the traveler or RVer in your life? While we don’t have the space or interest in just accumulating more ‘stuff’ for the sake of it, we do love discovering handy new items that will enhance our RV life, whether they are on sale or not. 

Of course, it’s always a bonus when we can find a deal that will save us a few bucks! But ultimately, we focus on the things that actually make sense for the RV life, factoring in space and weight limitations! We’ve rounded up a selection of unique, practical, or fun gift ideas ranging from $4.99 – $949. All are things that we use and love in our own RV life, and we hope you find some that may work for you, too.

From RV gear to household items, from electronics to activities that will keep you entertained – you’ll find our latest picks. We’ve also included some Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Holiday Sales, Discount Coupon Codes and Special Private Sale Links. They’re all here. Happy Shopping!

3 Handy Shopping Tips 

  1. Some of these items (and deals) are only available direct from the company while others can be found on Amazon. Click each of the links provided, or jump over to our Amazon store. Keep an eye out for Amazon coupon checkboxes under certain items, which may apply a $ or % discount at checkout. 
  2. Inventory and prices may vary and are subject to change without notice. You’ll find the most up-to-date prices by clicking our links below.
  3. Remember to use our special coupon / discount codes (where applicable) to ensure you get the best possible price. Many are time sensitive or have limited inventory, so you’ll need to jump on those quickly before they expire. Even if you miss the holiday sale prices, you can save on some items year-round using our special RVLOVE discount codes as specified.
  4. If you don’t already have Amazon Prime, sign up for a FREE 30-day trial here as this will give you FREE 2-day shipping (no minimum order size), you can borrow Kindle books, instantly watch thousands of movies and TV episodes, and more. And you can get a free first month trial of Amazon Kindle Unlimited here.

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And being a 2021 guide, some prices and offers will have changed. But the links will provide the most current pricing.

1. Sorison Ultra Warm and Light Puffy Blanket

In our RV life, we spend a lot of time outside around a campfire, year round. But nights can get chilly, even in the summer. This high quality, light weight, puffy blanket has been fantastic for keeping us cosy and warm both outside and inside the RV. We’ve used it as a spare blanket/quilt on our bed for an extra layer of warmth, and even as a picnic blanket. 

It’s made of weatherproof material which blocks the wind and rain and dries quickly. It stores easily and compactly in the stuff sack, which also comes with handy shoulder straps and a secret pocket for storing small items. We can easily store it anywhere in the RV or our tow vehicle. We think it makes an ideal gift for those who like to stay warm and snug while camping, sitting at a stadium, outdoor concerts and events, or even keep handy for emergencies.

2. USA National Parks "Scratch Off" Map Poster

You may have seen our USA state sticker map which is a great conversation piece and inspiration for visiting all 50 USA states. And if your goal is to explore as many national parks as you can while you travel, you’re going to love this. We recently got this lovely USA Map/Poster by Outbound Wonder to document the park’s we’ve been to so far. 

Featuring 61 national park locations across all 50 state, this has been a fun and interactive way for us to plan our travel route. After visiting each park, we just scratch off the icon to reveal the name. You can hang this map on a wall, or store in the portable storage tube (which is what we currently do). It’s printed on 24″ x 17″ heavy-duty card stock paper, so you can see and feel the quality. We think it’s a fun and educational gift for families, kids and adults alike – whether at home or in an RV.

3. Zhiyun Smart Phone Gimbal & Tripod

Last year, we decided it was time to simplify and downsize our camera and videography gear. We wanted to simplify our lives and make it easier to travel with our gear – whether that’s in the Jeep, in a smaller RV or on international (flying) trips. So we sold most of our camera equipment and now shoot 95% of our photos and video on Julie’s iPhone 11 Pro (amazing quality!) 

We bought this gimbal – designed specifically for use with smart phones – to create smooth, better quality videos and the Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal stabilizer has been a game changer for us. We can easily film while walking and talking, or use it as a small tripod for photos, videos, Facetime and Zoom calls. Comes with a molded hard foam case to protect and store it.

4. SensorPush Bluetooth Thermometer / Hygrometer

We’re constantly experiencing changing weather as we travel. So we use SensorPush Bluetooth smart sensors (with alerts), to monitor humidity and temperature in multiple places – inside the RV, out in the Jeep, inside our fridge, and in our battery bay! 

When we installed Battle Born Lithium Batteries, we knew it was important to avoid exposing them to freezing temps and protect our investment, so we bought our first SensorPush and installed it in our RV basement battery bay. We use the SensorPush App on our Smart Phones to track the temps and humidity levels of each area where we have a device installed. 

We’re able to set our desired minimums and maximums, which sound an alarm when the temperature or humidity hits a level outside of those. We added the (optional) SensorPush Gateway, which we hooked up to our WIFI. This enables us to monitor the temperature and humidity of each SensorPush device – via smart phone app or internet – even when we’re away from the RV. 

Definitely more expensive than regular thermometers, but we value the technological and remote capabilities that help us protect our equipment.

5. Bestek Portable Power Station

If you’re anything like us, you probably have a bunch of different devices that need charging at any given time. We like to keep our iPhones, drone, laptop, GoPro and camera batteries charged while we’re on-the-go. And while we usually carry a small, portable power pack in Julie’s bag or Marc’s hiking backpack, there are many times we find ourselves in need of a more robust power station with a lot more juice and capability. 

So we recently picked up this compact yet powerful Bestek Portable Power Station. It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery and comes with 4 ports: three smart USB charging ports, a 12-volt socket, plus dual 110v ac outlets that supply pure sine wave power for electronics. With this portable power station, we can power multiple devices (under 150 watts) at the same time. 

It’s come in super handy when we’re out and about on a road trip in our vehicle, hiking, on a picnic, shopping, filming off-site, visiting friends and, of course, boondocking! If you don’t like running out of power for your electronics, this is a great item to keep fully charged and handy when you need it. 

6. Hughes Power Watchdog Electrical Surge Protector

Safety is high priority in our RV life, so we don’t mind investing in quality gear that protects our equipment, and reduces the potential for damage. We’ve always had a portable surge protector to protect our RV electrical system from power surges at the campground. And our 50A Surge Guard has served us well for several years on our motorhomes. 

But after our recent Casita purchase, we decided to try the new Hughes Power Watchdog electrical surge protector for our little 30A camper. Aside from providing solid protection for our Casita electrical system, the Hughes Power Watchdog has some additional benefits that we really value. 

The Smart Circuit Analyzer will shut down power to the RV if a dangerous event occurs and an alert will be sent to your smart phone. The built-in ‘dog face’ light instantly lets you know if the power is OK (white) or not (red). And there’s only a 4 second delay power on after plugging in (instead of 128 seconds on the Surge Guard). Finally, it’s less expensive!

7. Stainless Steel Mini Salt and Pepper Grinders

There are days we consider ourselves to be more glampers than campers. And we enjoy the little things in life – like adding freshly ground pepper and salt to our meals. It’s a much more satisfying feeling and ritual than using those cheap plastic shakers, and freshly ground salt and pepper just taste better. 

But as space efficiency in our RV is always on our minds, we were thrilled to discover these mini, stainless steel, salt and pepper grinders. These not only look stylish, and are great quality, they are compact too. Easy to use with just one hand by clicking the top, plus you can easily see when they need refilling with the acrylic window. 

We love using these with every meal, and our guests often compliment them. They make a lovely gift and are a practical stocking stuffer. We consider these to be ideal for the RV and/or at home!

8. Adhesive Kitchen Towel Hooks

These are simple, cheap and attractive way to keep your kitchen towels and dish cloths in one tidy, convenient place! These round hooks are chrome and grey in color. They have adhesive backs, so there is no need for drilling or screws and you can easily pop them up all around the RV. They work great in the kitchen or bathroom, and they “grab” tea towels, wash cloths, hair towels or dish rags easily, so they won’t fall off! This is especially handy in a moving vehicle like an RV!

9. Beats Pill Portable Bluetooth Stereo

Whenever we play music, listen to audio books or podcasts, or stream a movie from the laptop, we like to accompany it with good quality sound. We wanted a small, portable speaker to use inside or outside the RV, and take with us on picnics or other travels. After trying out a few Bluetooth speakers (which we returned) we settled on the Beats Pill. 

This pairs easily with our smart phones, laptops and TV and puts out an impressive quality sound! It’s not cheap, but after returning the other, cheaper speakers (including a Bose) and being unhappy with them, we reminded ourselves that sometimes you get what you pay for, and its worth paying a little more for the things you enjoy. Available in black or white.

10. WhereSafe GPS Protection for RVs and More

Keep track of your most valuable equipment – RVs, campers, motorized toys, boats, trailers, cars or trucks – and help prevent theft with a portable Wheresafe GPS tracker. We recently purchased two of these portable Magnetic GPS trackers to hide in a stealthy place on our vehicles. 

The magnet is very strong and the battery can last for over 2 months before recharging. So how does it work? The GPS Tracker updates every 2 minutes when the vehicle is moving, and when not moving, it updates every 8 hours to save the battery. Using the Wheresafe GPS app (iOS or Android), we’re able to view the GPS location of the vehicle. You can even customize alerts so you know when your vehicle or RV leaves the city, is speeding, or moved after hours. 

You also get alerts if the device is picked up or removed, or the battery is low and needs recharging. When you buy the WhereSafe GPS Tracker, you’ll also need to sign up for the annual service plan. But it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind, and the security of knowing where your vehicle is located, at all times.

11. RV Magazines – Girl Camper and Rootless Living

We have loved seeing some fresh new magazines about RV and camping life launch this year. Two of our favorites are Girl Camper (4 issues per year) and Rootless Living (6 issues per year). Girl Camper is, as you’d expect, aimed at girl campers looking for ideas and inspiration for road trips, recipes, DIY projects, RV makeovers, handy tips, interviews and more. The mag is gorgeously designed, fun to read, and a visual delight with all the beautiful photos, campers and mouth watering recipes.

Rootless Living is aimed at digital nomads, and focused on content related to travel, work and exploring. They also cover RV renovations, boondocking, and do features on popular RVing couples and families. Both magazines are available in print and digital and will provide hours of inspiration and entertainment – whether you’re considering RV life or already living it!

12. The RVers TV Show Season 2 on DVD + Merch

2020 has been an incredibly popular year for RVing, with record numbers of people hitting the road in an RV. And if you didn’t already know, there’s a TV series dedicated to the RV lifestyle called “The RVers”, that was created by RVers for RVers. It’s highly likely you’ll recognize many familiar faces in the episodes! (You’ll see us in Season 2, Episode 2, talking about our RV makeover). We are also in season 4.

You can watch the show on PBS, Discovery, Wild Pursuit Network (Canada) or stream online through Apple iTunes and Google Play. Now you can buy Season 2 of The RVers (as well as Season 1) on DVD, along with The RVers merch like caps and mugs, in discounted fan packs. All DVDs and gear are on sale right now at The RVers online store.

13. Books: See You at the Campground and Living The RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide To Life On The Road

Who’s ready to curl up with a good book and dream of new adventures? Here are two great reads that will both enhance your RV life and camping experiences:

  1. “See You at the Campground” by Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi is the ultimate family vacation book to bring the family closer every time you set up camp―whether it’s in a cabin, tent, or RV. Discover the different ways camping can lead to a happier, healthier family and pick up tried and tested tips for navigating RV camping in state parks and camping in national parks. Packed with personal anecdotes, packing lists, site recommendations, and recipes, its the perfect resource for parents―and a great gift for campers at any level–that will help you create a one-of-a-kind vacation on a family-friendly budget. Available in print and digital at Amazon and all good bookstores.

  2. “Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road” is our very own book, to help you understand the ins and outs of life on the road (full time or part time) in an RV. You’ll learn everything from planning, prep and budgeting, to the different kinds of RVs, RV systems and safety, downsizing, the emotional journey, travel destinations and tips, and learn from real world RVer case studies. Travel aspiration meets practical RV education in this beautiful, 256 page, full color, book, jam packed with practical advice, guidance, costs, and gorgeous photos that will inspire you to start packing! A bestseller in its 3rd print run with 470+ Amazon reviews. Available in print and digital at Amazon and all good bookstores.

14. 501 Questions – a Travel Game (Kindle or Print)

Fun Fact: 501 Questions is a fun travel game created by fellow RVer (and Casita owner) Lindsey Nubern, who traveled the USA and world in an RV for 4 years with her husband Adam (who also happens to be our accountant!). We needed conversation starters on our travels, so I created 501 Questions: A Travel Game to play as a fun and entertaining alternative to scrolling our phones.” explained Lindsey. “The game is packed with over 750 questions and trivia to spark fun, new conversations that have us learning more about one another, ourselves, and the world.”

We just downloaded the Kindle version of 501 Questions ourselves and are having a blast laughing and learning more about each other. Keep this book/game handy in your RV, your glove box, in your suitcase or on your coffee table. And get ready for fun, laughter, good conversations, and making new memories! Camping World gives it a thumbs up too: “…highly recommended for your next trip (and all trips!). It’s a fantastic way to start conversations while you’re driving, out on a hike, or hanging around the campground.” 

15. Thousand Trails Zone Camping Pass

This is the camping membership we started out with back in 2014 and have used for over 800 nights over the past 6+ years. If you don’t already know about Thousand Trails, it’s a camping network with over 80 locations around the country, divided up into 5 zones. Each zone has 13-23 locations where you can camp up to 14 nights at a time, at no nightly fee. The Zone Camping Pass is normally $670 a year.

The more you use your TT membership, the more you’ll save and it can literally bring your nightly camping fees down to just a few dollars a night. The Zone Camping Pass is a great way to test the waters with Thousand Trails. It gives you a chance to see if it’s right for you before investing more into one of the upgrade options. 

We have written a TON about Thousand Trails over the years, so if you want to learn more, you’ll find all our articles rounded up here. We share lots of information and tips, and ways to buy at the best possible price. If you’ve been thinking about getting one, now is the time. 


  • Get the current promotional price when you purchase by 12/23/20. 
  • Note: The $200 discount is NOT available for online purchases at the TT website.

16. RV Trip Wizard Online Trip Planner & RV-Safe GPS

In our 6+ years on the road, the best RV trip planner we have found so far is RV Trip Wizard. It’s a powerful, online trip planning tool that provides RV-Safe GPS Directions, and integrates with the RVLIFE App and RV Life Pro suite of tools, which now includes Maintain My RV. We use RV Trip Wizard to plan all of our big RV road trips, find great campgrounds along the way, and confirm RV-safe routes for our motorhome, while creating a budget for each trip. 

We do our route planning using RV Trip Wizard on our computers (using a web browser) then access the trip from our smart phones via the RV LiFE app. By entering our RV-specific data, like height and weight, it helps us avoid low clearances, steep grades and propane restrictions as we travel from state to state. Proper route planning is key to reducing stress, increasing safety, and avoiding potential incidents while driving an RV. You can also try RV Trip Wizard out with a 7 day trial.

17. Techno RV Private Sale on RV Gear & Technology

TechnoRV is running a new sale called Back in Black until midnight December 18 so you’ll get your items by Christmas (unless on backorder). These prices are BELOW manufacturers recommended retail, so can’t be shared publicly. But TechnoRV provided us with this Exclusive Private Sale Link to access sale items and prices NOW, and get free shipping, too. 

We found a few of our faves that we’ve done video reviews on – at terrific prices and cheaper than Amazon –including Viair Portable Air Compressors (we have the 450P); 30A and 50A Surge Guard Electrical Protectors, the TST 507 Tire Pressure Monitoring System (we have 6 flow thru and 4 cap sensors). Plus they have the HOT AND NEW Garmin 890 RV GPS which we just got (it’s our first new RV GPS in 5 years) but we haven’t have had a chance to review yet. 

These were all popular items in their recent Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, and while some items are on back order, due to manufacturers trying to keep up with demand and supply chain/port issues, they ARE getting more in and we recommend you order ASAP and get them while you can. A new shipment of the Garmin 890 RV GPS is on the way and expected to sell quickly.

18. Blix Electric Bikes – get $50 off per bike

Electric bikes are a fantastic way to get around efficiently, without having to worry about whether or not you have the stamina to make it up that hill or get back home! Julie has had her VIKA+ electric folding bike by Blix Bike for over 2 years and still loves it, saying “it’s brought the joy of biking back to me!” 

You can watch our video test ride and review of Julie’s Blix VIKA+ electric folding bike here. Blix Bike offers several styles of electric bikes – folding and non folding. When you use the code RVLOVE you’ll save an extra $50 off a VIKA+ e-bike. Or you can use the RVLOVE code to save $50 on any other Blix Bike.

19. Save 10% on Custom Mattress for RV, Boat, Home

Give yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep! Sleep is super important to us, and so is a comfortable, quality mattress. In 2017, we got rid of our ‘upgraded’ mattress in our first RV and replaced it with a custom mattress from MattressInsider.com. We were shocked at the improvement, and Marc no longer woke up with back pain. 

We learned all about what’s important when mattress shopping and shared it hereWhen we switched RVs, we ordered the exact same mattress for our new to us motorhome. MattressInsider.com makes it easy for you to simply call and order your mattress by phone. Their mattress experts will ask questions to help work out the best layers for your sleeping style. 

Then they make your mattress (in any size or shape) for your RV, boat or home and ship it direct to you for free. They even offer a 121 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t like it, they’ll refund your money. See how the mattress arrives in our unboxing post with video and watch it expand! Hands down one of the BEST upgrades we’ve made to our RVs. We’re even getting ready to order a new, special shape mattress for our Casita.


  • Order a mattress and SAVE 10% with the code RVLOVE
  • To Order, call MattressInsider.com on: 720-487-1884
  • Order Online at: www.MattressInsider.com
  • Any time you order a mattress from MattressInsider.com, you save 10% with the code RVLOVE – year round.

20. Save on Battle Born Lithium Batteries

We have been able to do a lot more boondocking since upgrading our RV off-grid power setup. Battle Born Lithium batteries are at the heart of this system (we have 6 x 100Ah Lithium Ion Batteries). Lithium batteries have a lot of advantages over traditional batteries. They are lighter in weight, can accept charge faster, have more usable energy, and longer lifespans. 

While we love them, lithium batteries aren’t for everyone. If you only stay in campgrounds with electric hookups, or you don’t plan on keeping your RV for long, lithium may not be worth it for you. But we love the additional freedom and capabilities offered by our lithium batteries. 

Battle Born is the most sought after battery on the market today, manufactured by a company that we know, trust and has excellent customer service. 

  • Call 855-292-2831 or visit their online store at battlebornbatteries.com
  • Update 2023 Coupon Code RVLOVE gets you $50 off per battery, and 25% off of merchandise. Not valid with other sales or coupons.

21. Watch the Hit the Road RV Summit at 50% off

Watch, listen and learn from over 15 RV experts over 13 hours of amazing video content at the Hit the Road RV Summit. This is a virtual event we organized and hosted in June, featuring 21 speaker sessions with: Marc and Julie Bennett of RVLove, Nathan and Marissa Moss of Less Junk < More Journey, Chris and Cherie of Technomadia, Brian of RV With Tito,  Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi of RV Atlas, Janine Pettit of Girl Camper, Bob Zagami of New England RV Dealer’s Association, plus many more. 

Whether you’re planning to rent or buy an RV, explore new travel destinations, stay connected to the internet so you can work while you roam, learn how to find the best places to camp, and save money along the way, you’ll find it here in this great one day virtual event.

“This summit is epic! Every single set of speakers has been great. Great work! Good information!!! Thank you!” – Alina, RV Summit attendee


Normally $97, the Hit the Road RV Summit is now 50% off for the holidays, so you’ll pay just $48.50 for lifetime access to the Summit content. The sale also applies to RV Success School courses and All Access Pass – everything is lifetime access for one-time purchase.

Happy Holidays!

We hope you got some great idea and inspiration from this year’s holiday gift guide. Did anything catch your attention? What else are you interested in that we haven’t covered? Let us know in the comments below!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a relaxing holiday season from both of us! 

– Julie and Marc

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  1. Thanks for posting. I’ve looked at your previous year’s lists and came here tonight hoping for 2020’s. We are new to RVing and should be getting our rig in March. We are trying to make sure we have everything we need and you are one of my favorite sources. Hope to see you on the road someday!

    • Thank you for your great comment about our current and previous posts. So glad to hear that our lists have been so valuable to you over the years. We try to find unique items.Hope to see you out there some day. Wishing you every success and joy! -M

  2. Sorry if you already mentioned this in another post or video – are you using a weight distribution hitch with your new Casita? I was thinking you probably were not, but then I noticed they do offer them on their website.

    I really like them – might buy one thanks

    • Thanks for the question. We had not mentioned that. Our Casita has a friction bar to reduce sway, but we don’t have a weight distribution hitch. It is a pretty light trailer, and our Jeep has plenty of tow rating. If we had a lighter weight towing vehicle, or a heavier trailer, weight distribution hitches are a really good idea. -M

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