37 Awesome RV Gift Ideas for Any Budget | Holiday Gift Guide 2021

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Looking for some holiday gift inspiration for the RV travelers in your life? We rounded up 37 fresh and fun gift ideas for our 2021 holiday gift guide. With RV gear, decor, fashion, electronics, and entertainment, there’s something for everyone… adults, kids and even pets. And every kind of RV owner – big, small, trailer, or motorhome. Prices range from just $7 to a few hundred bucks, with most gifts under $50.

You can browse the entire selection for inspiration. We’ve organized the gifts into the following categories and price points for convenience.

Most of these are available in our Amazon store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/rvlove

Yes, we RVers can be hard to buy for, as we’re often limited on space and weight! And while we often prefer experiences over things, we still appreciate practical, creative and thoughtful gifts that make our RV life and travels easier and more fun. 

All of these are things we personally use and love, and we hope you find some goodies to love and share, too. Whether you’re browsing for yourself or a loved one, have fun and happy gifting!

PS. Some (not all) of the links we share may earn us a small commission when you use them to make a purchase. This does NOT cost you any extra. Using our links is an easy way to keep the free content flowing. So we humbly thank you in advance. Either way, please enjoy!

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1. Quick Dry, Light and Colorful Turkish Beach Towels

With our Florida trip fast approaching, Julie wanted some lightweight, quick dry towels we could take to the beach, pool or hot tub – or use in the RV. She likes that these are multi-purpose – and can wear as a sarong to cover up after a swim, a wraparound on cool evenings, or even as a tablecloth in the RV! These Turkish Towels are 100% cotton, 38″ x 71″ in size, and some even come with a drawstring travel bag, which makes them even easier to carry. 

They come in a variety of colors, which makes them a fun gift for every personality. We bought four (two each of different brands – Wetcat and Bay Laurel) and found the quality to be very similar. The main difference was the color selection and travel bags. 

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2. Easy Vehicle Roof Access with Universal Sturdy Step

Marc’s brother gave us a rooftop cargo carrier, which we use to store a lot of gear, instead of (or in addition to) inside our Jeep. But, sometimes it can be tricky reaching the items in the cargo carrier. So we bought this cool and very sturdy universal fit door step that adjusts to fit either the front or back door of our Jeep. 

This design also creates a step above the height of the door latch, compared to others which drop below, which can help you step an extra 4-6 inches higher. It weighs less than 2 pounds, buts hold up to 400 lbs, and is very compact when folded up. Won’t damage your vehicle and comes in a choice of colors. Price varies depending on color.

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3. Screen Tents & Hammocks Stay Put with Hex Pegs

Ever wish you had awning or tent stakes with more bite to really hold strong and prevent things from blowing over? The highest quality and strongest we have ever seen are these Hex Pegs from Australia which we started using a few months ago. They are basically long stainless steel lag bolts, with flat tops or hook tops. You will need a cordless drill to drive them into the ground where they will stay until you drill them back out! 

They aren’t cheap at about $8-10 each, but when you hold them in your hand, you’ll realize why! If you want serious tent pegs, you can’t beat these. We use them with our new screen tent instead of the ones it came with. Fun Fact: these hex pegs were pitched on the Australian “Shark Tank” TV show. Choose flat tops or hook tops.

4. RV Hack Your Way to More Ease and Fun!

How much easier would RV life be if you didn’t have to learn everything the hard way, over months or years? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re an RV newbie, or a seasoned RVer, you’ll discover handy hacks that make you wonder “why didn’t I think of that!?” Our latest, bestselling book RV Hacks: 400+ Ways to Make Life on the Road Easier, Safer and More Fun. Organized into 6 chapters: Driving; RV Repairs & Maintenance; Campgrounds and Boondocking; RV Living (cooking, decor, storage); Working on the Road; Internet; Families, Kids & Pets. 

Many illustrations, plus hacks from real-world RVers  and some of your favorite RV content creators. Whether you’re camping down the road, or taking a cross-country RV trip, you’ll never stress over an RV problem again! Available in print, digital, and spiral-bound from Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, independent bookstores, select RV dealers and campgrounds. 

5. Create a Mood Anywhere with Portable Oil Diffuser

If you like the scent or therapeutic benefits of essential oils but (like us) want to avoid burning candles in your RV or home, this is a safe and portable option. We like setting the mood with different oil blends, say for relaxation, uplifting or focus. This is small enough to take in the RV – or even in the car – and powered by USB. 

We keep it plugged into the vehicle dash USB or a portable power bank so we can place it anywhere. It can also be helpful for sleeping or breathing easier, and keeps the air from getting too dry. The LED light changes color on a cycle so it can also be a fun night light in the bathroom, or you can turn the light off. Price changes depending on which of the 4 colors you choose. We also bought a set of oil blends for convenience, and so we don’t have to carry a lot of essential oil bottles in the RV.  

6. Travel-friendly, Quick-dry and Versatile RipSkirts

I, Julie, am definitely guilty of packing too many clothes, then only wearing a few. So I’m trying to be smarter (and cuter) when it comes to my wardrobe! I’m a new fan of RipSkirts – versatile, quick-dry, wrap skirts that come in a variety of lengths, colors, designs and sizes. They secure with velcro so you can adjust after a big meal – ha! I love being able to mix up my look by wearing a skirt high or low, depending on my mood or the occasion. It’s easy to wash them in the sink, they dry super fast and don’t need ironing. 

Best of all, they are super comfortable, relaxing and easy for the beach or pool, hiking or happy hour, running errands or just relaxing. I have 3 RipSkirts, and plan to add a few tops and scarves from their collection. I did see a few on Amazon but got mine direct from RipSkirt, where you can see their full range, as shown by REAL women of all ages, which I really appreciated.

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7. Keep Fire Fight Foam Cans at your RV & Campsite

If you watched our real-life RV fire video, you’ll know why it’s so important you act FAST to get a fire under control, especially in a small space. These fire foam suppressant cans are portable, easy and safe to use. We keep several of them around the RV and in our tow vehicle. Keep them on the kitchen galley counter, beside the driver seat, near the engine bay, beside a BBQs and campfire anywhere you may need to quickly knock down a small fire. 

These cans are made of a non-toxic, non-corrosive organic foam fire suppressant. They are a safe way to protect you and your equipment from the damage of trying to put out a fire. While regular dry chemical fire extinguishers are effective at putting out fires, the corrosive dry powder can damage sensitive electronics and wiring. Worse, inhaling the powder can damage your lungs. These foam cans are safe on all fires (A, B, C, and D) and certified for A & B Class Fires. 

  • Update 2023. Unfortunately these are no longer available.

8. Where Should You Camp Next? Find Out Here!

With tens of thousands of campgrounds around the USA, this well organized, thoughtful book makes planning an RV camping trip so much easier! Family RVing experts, Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi of the RV Atlas, share over 300 excellent recommendations on where to camp next around the 50 states. Available in print, spiral bound, and digital this is one book you definitely want in your library of RV resources. 

9. Lightweight LED Rechargeable Lantern with USB

This handy lantern is great for lighting up your campsite, RV, adventures, power outages and emergencies. The ultra bright white light is fully dimmable with versatile modes. You can even use the USB charging port by connecting your phone and keeping it fully operational during emergencies. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 75 hours on low, and you can combine with 3 x D batteries for up to 425 hours of light. 

We mostly use this lantern as a light source inside our camper, when the battery is disconnected while in storage. Lightweight with a carry handle and suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this is a handy device to keep around home or your campsite. Comes in various colors.

10. Listen and Learn How You Can Live the RV Life

Did you know our first book “Living the RV Life: Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road” is now available as a professionally narrated, 8 hour audio book? It’s ideal for road trips and commutes! While we may be a tad biased, there really is SO much to learn about full time RV life. We help you prepare, addressing the emotional considerations and practical steps of making your RV dreams a reality. From planning, prep & budgeting, to the many kinds of RVs, systems and safety, downsizing, travel destinations, tips and resources. 

The print edition of Living the RV Life is a beautiful, coffee table style book with photos to inspire your travels. The digital edition consumes no space or weight. And the audiobook delivers an easy, convenient listening experience. Whether you’re a visual or auditory learner (or both) you’ll find the print and audio to be complementary. It’s the perfect gift for those dreaming of a life of more freedom, fun and travel. Find it at Amazon, Audible, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Target, independent bookstores, and more. 

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11. Keep Your Most Important Documents Safe

These fireproof bags are designed to protect your most important documents – licenses, passports, birth/marriage certificates, cash, photos etc – from fire and water. Made from a tough, non-itchy fiberglass, silicone coated fireproof material, they are fireproof up to 1832℉ and 100% waterproof. 

We know they work, as we put them to the test in our RV fire safety video. The bag and contents (mostly) survived a 15 minute 2000℉ fire inferno, then drenched in water when the fire department put it out! We were amazed to find the bag and contents still around 80% intact! These are portable and convenient for your travels or at home. This 2-pack includes a document bag and money bag.

12. Ultimate Journeys for Two... around the world!

Even though we love RVing, we also love getting away for new kinds of adventures. And as the world opens back up, we find ourselves dreaming about where to go and what to do next? “Ultimate Journeys for Two” is a gorgeous couple’s travel book published by National Geographic. Stunningly photographed and written by Mike and Anne Howard of HoneyTrek, who have been traveling the world on a honeymoon that will soon be 10 years long! This book is ideal for dreaming and planning, detailing incredible journeys designed for two. It’s also our ‘go-to’ gift for friends and family getting engaged or married, and adventurous couples looking for travel inspiration. 


13. Mobile Towing Scale to check RV weight on-the-go

Did you know more than 50% of RVs are overweight on at least one measurement? We love our Curt BetterWeigh mobile towing scale as it enables us to weigh our RV using the app on our smartphone! It’s super easy. The BetterWeigh plugs right into your vehicle’s diagnostic port. Then you install the app on your smartphone (Apple/Android) for info on the weight of your towing vehicle, trailer, hitch weight, weight distribution – even brake gain! We used it to compare two different hitch connections. 

One tongue weight was 380lb and other was 530lb. This helped us decide on the best hitch for our vehicle (limited to 450lb). We also use it to weigh our total combined weight of Jeep and trailer, and when loaded. It’s fast, convenient, saves us having to go to (and pay for) a Cat Scales weigh station and keeps us safer on the road! It’s well worth it for peace of mind.

14. Compact Folding Bamboo Table for Inside or Out

We really like the portability of this folding bamboo top table for our RV life. It folds up very compactly and stores in a nice carry bag with handles. The adjustable legs telescope out to your desired height. Like many folding tables, it can be a little wobbly, especially on uneven surfaces, but the adjustable knobs at the bottom of each leg help level it out. We mostly use it outside for cooking or working, or for happy hour/dinner. Dimensions in inches: 25 ½ x 19 ¾ table top. Height adjusts to 18 or 25 ½. 

15. Back Up with External Hard Drives to Save Data!

We take a lot of photos and video as we travel, which consume a lot of storage space. When we’re RVing, we don’t have the same kind of unlimited WiFi as we do at home. So syncing our smart phones and computers to the Cloud isn’t really feasible. Our internet data is limited, and often, so is our internet connection and speed. So we turn off Cloud syncing while traveling, and back up our devices with these USB portable external hard drives. 

They are compatible with Windows or Mac computers, and gaming consoles. Plug and play and easy to use for personal or business. Back up and protect your files, photos, videos and documents…and save your internet data while roaming! We have several of these in various colors and sizes – ranging from 2TB to 5TB. We find these to be reliable and the data protection plan is worth paying for (yes, we’ve had to use it!) Price varies depending on the size you choose. 


16. Save Lives with Portable, Low Level CO Detector

While working with local and state level Fire Safety professionals on our RV Fire Safety video, we also learned a lot about Carbon Monoxide. It is an odorless, colorless gas that can cause harm even at LOW levels, but can quickly become deadly at high levels. After learning more about the risks, we followed the fire chief’s advice and bought this small, portable detector that is great for travel. We take it with us in our car, RVs, or anytime we’re away from home where we have a permanently mounted CO detector. 

A low level CO detector is important, as many other CO alarms sound at a higher level of CO is detected, when you may already be impaired. The unit we chose is not cheap, but the portability and peace of mind is worth it for us. The one we bought  or this other unit by the same company, and still quite portable. Use it in RVs, cars, trucks, boats, on aircraft, and even hotel rooms or Airbnbs to always know the CO is at a safe level in your environment. 

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17. Stay Outside Longer with a Popup Screen Tent

We bought this over summer to give us more screened and shaded outdoor living space when traveling in our little Casita camper. It pops up super fast and easy, and it has a nice contemporary look, compared to some others out there. The screen mesh is very fine, which is important because it allows really nice viewing out of the screens, while being fine enough to keep out even the smallest bugs. 

The real test will be this winter in Florida – the special fine mesh is designed to keep out the dreaded no-see-ums! It packs down similar to how window shades do, and comes with a round, flat carry bag. We also bought the heavy duty waterproof tarp base, and love having the combination of both to give us a great floor in our tent. We enjoy the extra outside time offered by this screen room! We got the 10′ x 10′ screen tent.

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18. Style Meets Comfort with Strongback Patio Chairs

We have owned and loved our first two Strongback chairs – Elite and Guru – for about 5 years. Many friends ended up buying their own after trying ours out! We are huge fans as the lumbar support makes a HUGE difference in comfort and ergonomics. Marc has a back condition, and we both value our health and comfort. So our Strongback chairs have been well used and worth the investment. Now that we have a home base and RV part time, we wanted more stylish chairs that could work for home AND the RV. 

So when Strongback released their new Patio Chair and Rocker, we got one of each. We found these fit us better and are even more comfortable than our Strongback camping chairs. The Patio chairs fold in half, and while they aren’t as compact as the camping chairs, they are similar in weight, and still easy to carry. The Guru and Elite camping chairs are $120–$150, and the Patio chairs are $260–$300 (standard/rocking). But for us, the Patio Chairs are dual purpose – for home and the RV – and we definitely prefer the styling, fit and comfort. For us, it’s worth the price. View the full range of chairs at Strongback’s website. On sale until midnight December 25. Save 15% with discount code: RVLOVE15

19. Leave Your Keys at Home with Keyless RV Entry

Are you constantly fumbling or looking for – or even misplacing or forgetting your RV keys? We installed this keyless RV door lock on our Casita camper so we could come and go – and lock or unlock it – without having to always take (or remember) the keys! It even comes with a remote control so you can lock and unlock your RV from your tow vehicle, or upon approach, without even having to punch in the code. 

It’s an easy install (less than 20 minutes) and works with most travel trailers, fifth wheels, cargo trailers and horse trailers. This has been a VERY worthwhile upgrade to our RV. This is one RV mod you’ll be patting yourself on the back for, every time you use it!

20. Stay Cozee Warm with a Battery Powered Blanket!

Staying warm, especially if you’re RVing, camping or like to spend time outside, isn’t always easy, especially now that it’s winter! Charge it at home or on the road, and stay toasty warm for hours, without being connected to an electrical outlet! Being battery powered, you can take it almost anywhere with you. We like the plush microfiber interior and wind/water resistant exterior so you can even use it in most weather conditions.

Great for outdoor events in cold weather, emergencies, or keeping you warm if you ‘feel the cold’ more than most. Or if you have poor circulation or trouble with temperature maintenance. These blankets are 60″ x 60″ and can keep you warm for over 5 hours. Not cheap, but if staying cosy warm is important, and you want to avoid being connected to power cords, this may well be worth it. You could use it to reduce your propane and electric usage! 

21. Protect your Trailer from Theft with a Proven Lock

As a former law enforcement officer who is diligent about securing our valuables, Marc has been been nicknamed ‘Mr Lock and Key’ by his family. There are plenty of cheap locks out there that are a better deterrent than no lock at all. But, if you’re serious about securing and protecting your trailer from theft with the best quality locks, you’ll want to check out Proven Industries. 

They offer coupler locks, hitch locks, puck locks, and more. Locks are custom made for each type of connection, but you could have all your locks with matching keys. Made in the USA from top quality materials. They are somewhat expensive – but not compared to the time and money lost if your things are stolen! And many trailers (like our Casita) are in high demand. Available in red, black, orange, blue and purple. Price depends on lock. We love it!

22. Kid's Video Creation and YouTuber Course

If your child is an aspiring YouTuber or wants to make amazing videos, this online, self-paced course by talented YouTuber creators Jimi and Sandi of TrynSomethingNew could be just what they need! This is a complete beginner’s course and kids 8 years and up will learn how to use their smartphones, tablets and GoPros to make great videos, start a YouTube channel, the fundamentals of film making, video editing, step by step tutorials, and how to make gaming and stop motion videos. 

Creating great videos can take years to master, and this course is a fast track. It’s self-paced with 70+ lessons, so kids can take their time or jump in and do it all in a week. The sky is the limit for your kid’s creativity, and Jimi and Sandy will be there to help, through their private online community and mentoring. The course is $197 for lifetime access but our RVLOVE discount code will save you 20%, pay just $157.60.


23. Mini Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker Travel Set

Last year, our stainless steel salt and pepper mini grinders ended up being a popular choice, and we still love and use those at home. BUT we needed something smaller and lighter for our Casita camper. This cute little set of salt and pepper shakers stick together magnetically, so contents don’t spill during transport. Compact, lightweight and simple, they are easy to unscrew to refill. Ideal for small campers, vans, coolers and picnics. 

24. Get to know them better with a Game of Fluster

Last year, our suggestion of 501 Travel Questions was popular, so when the folks at Fluster offered to send the game, we decided to try it out and share it with you. We’ve only played with the two of us so far. We’d say if you’re tired of small talk and want to play a game with family or friends that will inspire deeper connections, and thought- provoking conversation to get to know each other better, give Fluster a try! But if you’re after a drinking game, or riotous laughs, Cards Against Humanity may be a better fit. We enjoyed playing Fluster as a couple, and feel it would be a good game with friends who don’t mind personal sharing. It’s compact for RV life and a fun stocking stuffer.

25. Eco-friendly Gloves for Those Dirty, Messy Jobs!

As RVers, we use gloves for all kinds of dirty jobs. But we don’t like adding more trash to landfill. We’ve been using these earth friendly Eco Gloves, made from renewable and sustainable plant-based materials. Durable, leak proof, and compostable, these anti-germ gloves can be used as protective gear for sanitary handling of waste tanks, public areas, grocery shopping, mechanical repairs, food and raw meats, cleaning, diaper changing, pet care, automotive detailing, crafting, hair dyeing, gardening, and more! Latex free, BPA free, hypoallergenic, and non toxic. They come in packs of 100 (Small to Extra Large) or individually wrapped, to keep on hand anywhere, anytime. Choose from individually wrapped (24 in a bag) or packs of 100. Stuff some in a stocking!

26. Sleep Better with Really Good Ear Plugs!

Marc swears by these silicon ear plugs for a good night’s sleep. The putty molds very comfortably to the shape of your ears, and are great for sleeping, snoring, swimming, travel, concerts, flying discomfort, motorcycles, etc. We also find them useful for parking overnight at Walmart, truck stops, near trains, crowing roosters, and any other noisy camping environment! Touted as the #1 Doctor Recommended Brand to get a good night’s sleep when sleeping with a snoring spouse (who could THAT be!?) These Earplugs have apparently been saving marriages since 1962. Ha! They are reusable, but do need replacing after a while. A cheap and useful stocking stuffer!

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27. New Magazine: RV TODAY – for RVers by RVers

RV Today magazine is “For RVers, By RVers” covering ALL types of RVs and RVers. From the creators of Rootless Living Magazine, RV Today will bring you people, places, products and all kinds of RVs! The first special edition “50 RV Creators” (which we happen to be in) is already out in digital – they really knocked it out of the park! We think you’ll love it too! Currently, RV Today subscriptions (8 issues) are half price for the launch. And you’ll save an extra 20% with our code RVLOVE, which means one year of digital will cost just $7.99 and one year of print AND digital is $23.99. 

28. Get Unlimited Access to Virtual RV Techs (50% Off)

RV Tech Bridge is a new, virtual solution for RVers looking for qualified RV technician support. It’s a subscription service designed to help you become more self-sufficient with your RV repairs and maintenance, and keep you on the road! Whether it’s an RV repair, or maintenance question, an RV tech will walk and talk you through to help troubleshoot an issue and fix it. 

RV Tech Bridge gives you direct access to qualified RV technicians, through unlimited live chat, phone calls, email, text messaging and visual remote assistance using your smart phone! Being so tough to get into an RV repair shop right now, RV Tech Bridge makes it easier to troubleshoot and DIY your own RV repairs and maintenance with confidence. 

Buy RV Tech Bridge Support or learn more: http://www.rvlove.com/rvtb

29. Share the Love with an Audible Gift Membership

RVers spend a lot of time driving, and audiobooks are great for road trips! No space, no weight, but LOADS of entertainment! An Audible Premium Plus gift membership includes access to: The Plus Catalog: including thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, and originals. One credit a month good for any title in the app to keep forever. Plus enjoy all the best audio entertainment, in one free app. Amazon will send your gift recipient an email on the day you choose, with redemption instructions, or you can print and give it directly based on the option you select. 

30. Girl Campers will LOVE this gorgeous magazine

Girl Camper is a stunning quarterly magazine for female campers in search of ideas and inspiration for road trips, recipes, DIY projects, RV makeovers, tech tips, interviews and more. Beautifully designed, it’s a fun read and a visual feast that will inspire you to plan your next camping trip so you can put what you learned into practice! Available in print and digital, Girl Camper will entertain you for hours, whether you’re aspiring to hit the road or already living the RV dream! 4 quarterly issues – in print & digital.

31. Stay Overnight at Wineries, Farms, Mansions?

We’ve long been fans of Harvest Hosts, a terrific membership that allows us to overnight for free in our RV – at unique locations like wineries, breweries, attractions, golf clubs, farms and more! Sometimes we get to park by grapevines, watching fireflies dance at night (as we did at the Virginia winery above). Other times, we get to feed alpacas, tour historic homes, or shop fresh produce. Overnight stays are free, but guests are encouraged to support each business with a purchase. We love our Harvest Hosts membership, and so will you. It’s the gift that keeps on giving… with unique and memorable stays! Normally $99 a year, you’ll save 20% when you use our link and code: HHFRIENDS20. Be grandfathered at the low rate for as long as you’re a member.

32. Plan RV Trips Online, with RV-Safe GPS

In our 7+ years on the road, the best RV trip planner we have found so far is RV Trip Wizard. It’s a powerful, online trip planning tool that provides RV-Safe GPS Directions, and integrates with the RVLIFE App. We use RV Trip Wizard to plan all of our big RV road trips, find great campgrounds along the way, and confirm RV-safe routes, while creating a budget for each trip. We plan our route using RV Trip Wizard on our computer’s web browser, then access the trip from our smart phones via the RV LIFE app. 

By entering our RV-specific data, like height and weight, it helps us avoid low clearances, steep grades and propane restrictions as we travel from state to state. Proper route planning is key to reducing stress, increasing safety, and avoiding potential incidents while driving an RV. You can try RV Trip Wizard out with a free 7 day trial. 


33. Handy Waist Belt for Treats, Poop Bags, and More

We have affectionately nicknamed this the “doggy daddy bag” as Marc is usually the one to walk our pup Sunny and pick up his poop. It’s handy to just grab it and go, knowing we have everything we need while out on a walk. Also known as a ‘fanny pack’ its adjustable for your waist, and has several zipper pockets – for treats, a roll of poop bags, and even a section to carry cash, cards and ID, and a place to hook your keys. It even has a hidden bottle holder pouch for the portable water bottle shown. There’s also a clip to hold the used poop bags until you can get to a trash can. This bag has proven to be even more useful than we imagined, and we use it multiple times a day. It’s a great gift for dog lovers who like to stay organized and always have what you need ‘on-the-go’. Of course, it’s super handy if you like to go out hiking or running as well. 

34. Portable, Leak-Free Dog Water Dispensing Bottle

We bought this portable dog water bottle when we saw it was designed to fit into the waist belt (above). The bottle fits nicely in the hidden pouch of the waist belt. We love it and use it often – whether out on walks, driving in the car, or on RV road trips. We place the bottle near our pup and he nudges with his nose when he’s thirsty. It’s easy to operate single handedly – just press the button and water flows into the cup area for the dog to drink. When he’s done, just press the button and water flows back into the container – no waste! The bottle holds about 12oz, has a leak-proof silicone seal and comes with a wrist strap for easy carrying. 

PS. Also pictured is a soft sided airline approved travel crate (with two zipper slideouts!) we used for our pup until he was about 6 months and 25 lb. He’s grown out of it now and is too big for airline travel, but it worked great to keep him safe when he was little.

35. USB-Rechargeable LED Dog Safety Collar for Night

This ‘night light’ collar was a thoughtful gift for our pup from one of our RV Love fans! (Thanks Laura and David). We put it on Sunny when taking him out in the dark, so he is always easily visible. It keeps him safe and makes him easier to spot (and find) if he was to get away. There are several flash modes, comes in a variety of colors, and is USB -rechargeable as well as water resistant.

36. Reduce Barking with Bluetooth Dog Collar

About 6 weeks ago, our pup Sunny decided to start barking outside at night, to the point where we knew it was going to become a nuisance for neighbors, as well as us! We waned to nip this behavior in the bud, especially with our upcoming RV travels. There’s nothing worse than an incessantly barking dog inside an RV when an owner is out! This is bluetooth enabled, and connects to the Dr Trainer app. You can set a vibration and audio alert when the dog barks. 

There are several settings, and we just keep it in the lowest. It’s enough to get our pup’s attention without harming him. And we have the peace of mind knowing he won’t bark for long! The vibration and audio alert really work! It tracks how often and loud he barks, so we can see his progress. You can also record your own voice commands, for short distance dog training. Well worth the money! We got the Pro version as it was only a few dollars more than the standard, but haven’t used all the features yet. 

37. Watch & Treat Your Pets with Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo is is our most recent splurge on Sunny, the spoiled mini goldendoodle. It’s a “treat tossing, full HD WiFi pet camera with 2-way audio, designed for dogs. Oh, and it was apparently shown on Ellen! Julie thought it would be a good way to keep an eye on our pup while we are out to ensure he’s not destroying anything or feeling anxious. Connect it to the Furbo app on your smartphone to see the camera display and use the voice communication feature. Fill it with treats to toss to your dog and keep him/her happy while you’re out. It’s compatible with Alexa (which we don’t use). We decided to get the Furbo when it came on sale. It’s fun, gives us peace of mind and Sunny LOVES the treat tosser!

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Happy Holidays!

We hope you found some great ideas and inspiration in this year’s holiday gift guide. What caught your attention? What other kinds of RV and travel gear / gifts are you interested in? Let us know in the comments below!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a relaxing holiday season from both of us! 

– Julie and Marc

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