Vika + Electric Folding e-Bike Review and Video

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In this detailed video and blog review, we introduce you to the Vika+ folding electric bike from Blix Bike, share the specs, a feature comparison, the range, who it’s ideal for, plus our overall thoughts. Are we still happy with it after having it a while? 

As RV travelers, we love being active, and getting out and about to explore local areas. So when Blix Bike asked us to review one of their electric bikes, we jumped at the chance! We ended up choosing the Vika+ electric folding bike because it is portable, and has a low step-through. The Vika+ is available in 3 colors – cream, black, and racing green – we opted for the cream color.

On a beautiful day in Colorado Springs, we took this bike out for a test ride to put it through its paces. We rode through the Garden of the Gods park, in downtown old Colorado Springs, and even through a construction zone, to see how the bike performed in various conditions and get a good feel for its durability and comfort. We had a ton of fun testing out the Vika+, and we hope you’ll find this review helpful in your search for an electric bike of your own!

In this post we also share comparisons between our Vika+ (we have had this since June 2018) and the latest improvements Blix Bike has made to make the Vika+ even better. 

Update 2022, we upgraded our 2018 Vika+ to a new 2022 Vika+ Flex.  Check out that new review here.

What’s Different About the Vika+ by BlixBike?

The VIKA+ is a compact, adjustable folding bike, with the added benefit of having an electric motor to assist you in your pedaling effort. It has 7-speed Shimano gears, and four levels of assist, plus a throttle for an extra boost when you want it. This bike is like a cross between a bicycle and a motorized scooter. It is perfect for when you want to get a little exercise, but you don’t want to over-exert yourself, especially on challenging terrain. 

Another key aspect of this bike is the fact that it’s compact and foldable. This is perfect for those of us that live in tight spaces, because the bike packs away really easily. It only takes a few seconds to fold the bike up, and it can go straight in its nice storage bag, which can carry the charger and accessories as well.

blix electric folding bike mountain scene

Our Experience

We have had our Vika+ since June 2018. In the video review above, we took the bike out for a 13 mile ride, which took about an hour and 20 minutes. We used about 35% of the battery power, so we’re very confident that the estimation of 35 miles on a charge. Especially since we were using higher levels of pedal assist and a lot of full-on throttle electric power as if it was a scooter. 

Update: the newer version has a 45 mile range 

Blix says this bike goes up to about 20 miles per hour, and we definitely experienced that on flats. While riding downhill and in the higher gears, we actually got it up to 22 or 23 miles per hour. Our Blix Vika+ still felt very stable traveling at such a high speed. The bike has really good frame and steering geometry for a stable and confidence inspiring ride. Especially compared to other, lesser quality (and cheaper) folding bikes we have tried.  

close up of woman smiling with bike in background

Cruising through Colorado Springs, we were astounded by the speed, comfort, and quality of this bike. After riding it, Julie couldn’t believe how much confidence she gained riding a longer distance. She felt a lot of relief and comfort, knowing that if she got tired while climbing mountains in Colorado, she could always use the battery power to get back home. This makes it more fun for us to go out on rides together. Marc is a stronger cyclist, but Julie can now keep up with him, and can even overtake him! 

The Vika+ e-bike is ideal for riding through scenic places, to the ranger station at an RV campground, or even running quick errands around town. We’ve taken it on scenic rides  to grocery stores and more.

After having the Blix Vika+ for over 4 years, using it while exploring the country with our RV, we can report the Vika+ is still holding up really well. Great evidence of the high quality build and components used.

man locking bike to metal fence on brick sidewalk

More on our Vika+ experience

Of course, you can ride this bike just like any other bike, without using the battery and motor if you want to get more exercise. However, with the battery and e-bike feature turned on, once you put a pedal down you get a real rush from the power boost! It picks up right underneath you, and suddenly, you don’t have to work as hard to pedal. 

Who is it for?

If you’re somebody who maybe isn’t quite as fit, or you’d like to go longer distances without worrying about what the terrain is going to be like, this electric bike really does take the stress out of cycling. Or if you’re concerned about safety or crossing busy roads like we did on our ride, it was great to have that electric boost to get across traffic quickly and safely. Plus, because we are usually traveling in new areas and not always sure of the route ahead, this offers a lot of peace of mind, as you simply don’t have to worry or even think about whether or not you can make it to where you’re going, and back. 

We’ve also heard from a lot of folks who like e-bikes because they can still ride them if they have certain health issues, knee problems, or are recovering from illness and surgery. You can still get out and enjoy a scenic bike ride without having to physically exert yourself as much or cause injury or pain.

Plus, it’s just a great electric bike for anyone who likes electric / battery powered forms of transport that are quiet, low maintenance and energy efficient. 

woman riding bike in bike lane in park area

After our almost hour and a half ride, I (Julie) was still energized, excited and loving riding the Vika+. It was an absolute blast, and I literally told Marc that this bike really brought the joy of biking back to me!

woman and bike in front of large LOVE sign

What Do We Love About Our Vika+ ?

We love the feeling of the electric motor helping out, especially in the lower gears and at lower speed. With seven gears, and four levels of pedal assist, you actually get a lot of control of how hard you pedal and can keep the battery lasting longer. You can always override the assist with a throttle at any time for that extra little turbo boost. Having pedal assist is a great equalizer if you have two riders of different ability.

Another thing we really like about the Vika+ is the low 16″ step through. Being vertically challenged, it’s very comfortable for somebody Julie’s height (under 5 feet tall) to not only mount and dismount from the bike, but just to ride it. We would definitely recommend this model to someone who is shorter in height, because it doesn’t feel cumbersome to maneuver.

cream and brown blix vika+ parked in grass with helmet

What makes it go and stop?

Since it has multiple sensors around the sprocket, this e-bike is very responsive. As soon as you start pedaling, it immediately notices that you’re starting to pedal, and it kicks in with the pedal assist. There are four levels of pedal assist for this bike, and seven gears. It uses Shimano Acera 7 speed and it has V-brakes, so it has pretty good stopping power, as well. Newer versions of the Vika+ have even better braking power with mechanical disc brakes. 

Also, the 20-inch wheels roll really well over uneven terrain, so you don’t have to worry about getting jolted around when cycling through rough areas. Some folding bikes have 16″ wheels that provide a rougher and more jittery ride.

We also love that the battery is mounted low for low center of gravity, and that it is easy to remove to bring inside to charge, rather than bringing the whole bike inside. The battery locks in place with a key when on the bike.

man pulling folded up bike out of a bag in grassy area

Why we chose a folding bike

Of course, many of the reasons we love our Vika+ are features that are available on most of the other quality electric bikes available with Blix. In fact, most of the other Blix bikes even have frame geometry with low step through. 

How we use our Blix Vika+ is what made the folding electric bike all the more appealing.  It folds down very compact. Once folded down, it easily fits into the rear cargo area of our small SUV.  We could probably fit two in there. The folded Vika+ also easily fits into the RV storage bay areas. This allows us to keep it protected with our traveling lifestyle, which has helped keep it in great condition. We don’t need a bike rack to transport it. And the smaller sized bike is physically a better fit for Julie since she is under 5 feet tall.  

Some other riders might prefer having a full size, non-folding electric bike, or even one with large cargo capacity. Blix Bike offers multiple options for all different riders. 

No matter which bike you choose, our coupon code – RVLOVE – will save you $50 at 

blix vika+ and man in mountain scenery

Features on Our Blix Vika+

These are the features of our Vika+, which we got in 2018. To compare against the features of the newer model mentioned below.

  • Aluminum frame
  • 20” wheels with Kenda tires
  • V-brakes with integrated electric motor shut off
  • 7 speed Shimano shifters & 4 levels of assist, plus throttle for extra boost when you want it
  • Lithium Battery for lightweight power storage: Standard 36V 11Ah battery has a range up to 35 miles.
  • Optional 36 V 17.5 AH battery range is up to 55 miles
  • Recharge takes 3-4 hours. 500-800 charging cycles means a lifespan of around 25,000 miles
  • Folded Dimensions: 34 x 27 x 20 (L x H x W)
  • Folds up in less than 20 seconds
  • Weight: 49lb (Our 11Ah battery is about 6lb of that)
  • Highly adjustable to accommodate riders 4’10 – 6’2”, weighing up to 220 lbs
  • Low 16″ step over height
  • Angle of frame & wider handlebars aid in stable feel
  • Comes equipped with rear luggage rack, front & rear LED lights 
  • Color matched aluminum fenders 
  • Trip computer tracks trip mileage, total mileage, current speed, top speed, battery life, Pedal Assist Level & LED front & rear light.
  • All lights are powered by the main battery pack, so no separate batteries
  • Comes with Owners Manual, Toolkit & standard 36V lithium battery plus charger
lithium battery and battery charger
woman on blix bike on sidewalk near ocean in key west Florida

Features on the NEW Blix Vika+ Flex

Note the bold bullets denote what has changed / improved on the 2022 model. And check out our new full review here.

  • Aluminum frame
  • 20” wheels and puncture resistant tires with reflective sidewalls
  • Disc brakes with integrated electric motor shut off
  • 7 speed Shimano shifters & 5 levels of assist, plus throttle for extra boost when you want it
  • Lithium Battery for lightweight power storage
  • 48V 15Ah battery range is up to 45 miles per charge
  • Recharge takes 5 hours. 500-800 charging cycles means a lifespan of around 25,000 miles
  • 500 watt motor
  • Folded Dimensions: 36 x 28 x 21 (L x H x W)
  • Folds up in less than 20 seconds
  • Weight: 56lb (battery about 7lb of that)
  • Highly adjustable to accommodate riders 4’10 – 6’2”
  • Low 16″ step over height
  • Can carry up to 270 lbs of rider and cargo
  • Angle of frame & wider handlebars aid in stable feel
  • Standard front & rear LED lights, and color matched rear luggage rack
  • Additional luggage racks, baskets or bags are optional
  • Color matched aluminum fenders
  • Smart bell integrated into brake lever  
  • Trip computer tracks trip mileage, total mileage, current speed, top speed, battery life, Pedal Assist Level & LED front & rear light
  • Charge your phone or speaker with a built in USB charger
  • All lights are powered by the main battery pack, so no separate batteries
  • Smart mounting points for modular racks and accessories
  • Comes with Owners Manual, Toolkit & lithium battery charger
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What's Our Verdict on the Vika+ folding e-bike?

The full retail price of the New Vika+ is $1,899, but if you use our coupon code RVLOVE, you will save $50. This makes it one of the best values in quality, folding electric bikes. And while it may seem like quite an investment for a bike, after experiencing it firsthand, we can attest that the quality of this bike is unquestionable. And after more than 4 years of ownership, we can confirm it holds up well!

After riding the bike over all kinds of different surfaces – around a very well-paved bike path, out in a construction area, and in downtown Colorado Springs – we were very impressed by how it handled every terrain. The tires really absorbed impact extremely well, and it felt very stable. It’s clearly a well-built and sturdy bike, so the price definitely reflects the quality. 

blix electric folding bike with kayaks in background

Who would the Vika+ folding ebike be a great fit for?

Ultimately, we would definitely recommend this bike to anyone that loves to get some exercise, but also doesn’t want to be intimidated by going on a longer ride or going up hills – whether that’s for health reasons or comfort and enjoyment reasons. One of the things we learned while test riding the Vika+ was that we really love biking and being out in nature, Julie doesn’t like pushing too hard or working up a sweat. 

With the Vika+ she can just get on it, and have a blast without worrying about how far we are going, or what the terrain is going to be like. Because we’re always in unfamiliar places we never quite know what to expect when going out on a bike ride. So this electric bike removes that concern.

Other thoughts

This bike is also perfect to run a quick errand, because it would be so easy to do so without working up a sweat.

  • If you want to go pick up something, it has a little luggage rack on the back to be able to carry your cargo back with you. The newer version even has the ability to add a rack in the front too.
  • We love the quality of this bike, as it feels extremely stable and durable. 
  • The geometry and positioning of handle bars make it an easy, comfortable ride. 
  • It is both compact and portable, which is ideal for our traveling RV life. 
  • Quality touches such as leather hand grips and seat make this bike stylish, and practical.
  •  It’s a joy to ride, and it handles hills and even a little rough terrain very well (although it’s not designed for off road biking)

The Vika+ Electric Folding Bike has put the joy back into biking for me (Julie). We plan to enjoy this e-bike for many years to come, and as you will see for yourself in the video, it is really SO MUCH FUN! 

Save $50 with Code: RVLOVE

We hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask away in the comments below. Do you have a Blix Bike already? We’d love to hear about your experience too!

If you’re interested in learning more about Blix Bikes – whether it’s the Vika+ or any others in their range – you can check them out at their website, There are many to choose from.

If you decide to get a Blix Bike for yourself, use our promo code RVLOVE to save $50.

Where to Buy

Blix sells direct to customers, not through stores, and can ship it right to you. They offer free shipping to the 48 mainland USA states. There was very little assembly required. We were ready to ride in just a few minutes. 

View the bikes and order at their website:

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7 thoughts on “Vika + Electric Folding e-Bike Review and Video”

  1. Thank you so much for this review and for the discount code. I am seriously considering buying the 2021 Flex. I am 5 foot 2 and have had several surgeries on my elbow due to very serious accident two years ago. I think the electric-assist would really help me feel more confident getting back on a bike. I have tried my regular bike a couple of times and the starting and stopping seems to be what causes me the most pain and strain in my elbow.

    I wanted to mention that I think they have changed their return policy since you last purchased. The website says the following.

    “A restocking fee of 25% of the item cost plus a $150 shipping fee will apply. The bicycles must be in new condition, unused and free of any scratches or damage. Your order must be returned in original packaging.”

    • Hi Amy, yes I am not a strong/confident cyclist so the Blix e-bike really gave me a lot of confidence. I think e-bikes are a great option for those who have had surgery and/or aren’t so strong to handle a bike. Thanks for sharing the update on the return policy – we’ll have to update the article! Good luck and hope you get as much enjoyment out of your Blix e-bike as I do!

  2. Oh, and another question or two from me, Kim:

    Can this bike be ridden comforter on rail trail gravel paths?
    Did you happen to test drive the Rad mini ST folder ebike?
    I’m really leaning toward the Blix Flex for at least 2 reasons: size/weight & thump throttle. Would love to hear your input ASAP since I’m about to order, please.

  3. Julie,
    Really appreciate your YouTube. My main question is about your ability to sit on the seat and touch the ground. I’m about 5’ tall with a 26” inseam.
    Will I be able to sit in the seat and touch the ground with the balls of my feet at least?

    Second questions, have you ridden the 2021 Flex? And how would you compare your model to that one. Thanks, Julie for any other input you may have.

    Happy RV’ing to you and your husband, and thanks for the code. It will cover my taxes!

    Kim Hogan, Lynchburg, Va.

    • Hi Kim

      Thanks for your question! I am 4’8 inches tall with a 24″ inseam and I just went outside to sit on the Blix Vika+ now to answer your question. With the seat in the lowest position, I was able to touch the ground with the tips of my toes pointing down (barefoot). To dismount, I usually leave my foot on one pedal then ease my body forward so I am lower and can touch the other foot flat on the ground. I am 4 inches shorter than you, so I would expect you could put your feet flat on the ground! Especially as your legs are two inches longer than mine. The website says its for riders from 4’10” so you should be just fine!

      To answer your other questions, I have not ridden the new 2021 model Flex (mine is a 2018 model), nor the Rad Mini, so I am sorry I don’t have any other feedback to offer you by comparison. I have ridden my Vika+ on some gravel, but not for long distances. I mostly ride it on solid surfaces. But I do like that the Vika+ Flex has the larger 2.4″ tires and I expect this would provide a more comfortable riding experience. Now I have seen the new 2021 bikes on the website – and the new colors – I am tempted to upgrade! Hmmmm LOL Glad the code will save you some $$$. I do still love the size, look, ride quality and comfort of my Vika+. If you end up getting the Flex, I’d love to get your feedback on it! And keep in mind, they do have a 30 day return policy, if for any reason you change your mind. Or you can perhaps organize a test ride at one of their locations – hope this helps. Good luck and happy riding!

  4. Thanks for your review! You and that bike go together! Being a 5 foot female myself, I was so pleased to see you on that bike. I am thinking of getting an ebike but hesitate because I have been so nervous on bikes. I even bought a three wheeler, but it’s quite heavy and isn’t good enough to keep up with my husband. Do you believe an ebike would be more dangerous for a nervous rider or maybe helpful? Looking forward to any comment you can offer.

    • Hi Julia, sorry for the delayed reply! Yes 3-wheelers can be heavy and not very nimble. I would say I used to be a slightly nervous rider, but the Blix helped change that as it FITS me well, and I can use the throttle to get across lights/lanes easily without having to worry about having the strength to do so myself. Personally, based on MY experience, I feel an e-bike is excellent and definitely helpful for nervous riders. Hope that helps!


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