Small Kitchen Big Feast With RV Convection Oven

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Can you really make a big feast in a small RV kitchen? Julie shows you how to prepare an amazing meal in an RV without the need for an Oven or Microwave. Instead, she uses our RV Convection Oven, Slow Cooker/Crockpot, Ninja Food Prep and Propane Stove Top to create a gourmet meal fit for the holidays – or any day! You’ll definitely see that we aren’t exactly roughing it, we consider it more glamping than camping!

We also share links to our favorite kitchen appliances and space saving items below, along with the recipes used, so go grab yourself a beverage and a snack and settle in to watch the video. Enjoy!

WARNING: This video may cause watering taste buds and hunger pangs 😉

RV Cookware, Appliances and Kitchenware

When deciding on what items to carry in the RV, it usually comes down to practicality ie. Multi-purpose and space/weight saving = compact and light. We also favor things that are less likely to rattle while driving down the road, opting for silicon and acrylic over metal and glass. However, we do like to use real plates, flatware and wine glasses.

Here are some of our favorite appliances, cookware and kitchen ware that we regularly use in our RV and are featured in the video. You can find all other items we use in our RV at our RV Gear Store. As you probably know, if you buy anything via one of our Amazon links, we earn a small commission from Amazon. It’s not much but it helps  cover our costs in running the website and keeping the content free.


Want to try making some of these dishes for yourself? Here are the links to the recipes – they are tried and tested by us and get a big thumbs up!

Autumn Salad

Decadent Mashed Potatoes on the Stove Top

Sweet Potato Casserole in the Slow Cooker/Crockpot (I just left the apples out)

Bennett Family Favorite Pumpkin Pie

We hope you found this post and video useful. May it inspire you to whip up some of your own fabulous feasts in your RV. Happy cooking and happy holidays!

Did you like this post? Try the recipes? Share in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Small Kitchen Big Feast With RV Convection Oven”

  1. Love your site – thank you for sharing all of your lessons learned! Just now starting to research the RV lifestyle and you make it look like a lot of fun! Your feast looked delicious but I’m wondering how you clean all those dirty dishes in that tiny little sink? Is there any such thing as a dishwasher to be had on RVs or is that too over-the-top ?!

    • Hi Susan, glad you are enjoying the content! It IS a fun life and the Thanksgiving Feast was delicious! Our sink isn’t that tiny actually – we have a double sink and it’s quite deep, so easy to use one for washing and one for rinsing, and we found a sink drainer that fits perfectly on the left that we can stack plate on and we have a big counter top with a drying mat for the dishes. Works just great. We have seen some RV sinks that are tiny though and immediately ruled those out in the shopping phase! Honestly, we have never missed not having a dishwasher (nor a washer/dryer for that matter) but we know plenty of folks who love them – and yes you CAN get dishwashers in RVs – they are definitely a spendy upgrade and mostly found in the more expensive diesel pusher type coaches (perhaps some 5th wheels too?) it just wasn’t high enough value for us to spring the extra $ for. And it wasn’t an option in the floorplan we chose. With just the 2 of us, the dishwashing situation never gets too crazy, but when we were in Australia in March-April staying at the homes of family and friends, we found we used WAY more dishes simply because there was a dishwasher eg. for glasses and cups. By having less in an RV and having to handwash them, we don’t get lazy about always getting new ones. We’re just more mindful. Oh – and one lady I met at a campground did have a big 45′ diesel pusher coach with a dishwasher and a washer/dryer – ironically, I met her at the campground laundry using those W/D facilities and admitted she has never used her dishwasher and eats off paper plates!!! Blew my mind. LOL

  2. Great job guys! That feast looked delicious and so happy you are putting that convections oven to use! I need to make those mashed potatoes ASAP 🙂 Hopefully see you soon! ~Kala & Erik

  3. You are so cute!!!! 🙂 I love cooking and even though we only take our RV on “short trips” right now, I enjoy cooking in mine as well. Loved watching you make all these goodies. 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing your videos and blog. Even though we are not on the road yet, we are planning it now. Karen loves to cook. I am a testament to that. Interesting that you don’t use the oven. The convection oven is great. The information on your site is really helpful. Happy New Year.

    • Thank you – we have used the oven in the past, but now Julie has worked out how to use the convection simply finds it much easier, no need to dirty the oven or take everything out of it that we store in there! Also doesn’t heat up the RV. If I’d known how easy it was to use the convection I would have done it from the beginning! Happy New Year to you too! 🙂


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