Review and Unboxing of Custom RV Mattress

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Ordering a new custom RV mattress is hands down one of the best upgrades we’ve made to our RV. In this post and video, we share our experience unboxing and unrolling our new custom RV mattress. We also share what we like about it, the different layers, and why we chose We also have a coupon code to save you 10%, if you choose to buy one.

Why a new custom RV mattress?

One of the very first upgrades we made to our Country Coach (CC) was ordering a new custom RV mattress. The RV didn’t come with one when we bought it, and we sold our Tiffin with the mattress. So getting a new one was top priority! We had just upgraded our RV mattress in the Tiffin a year prior, and loved the comfort and quality so much we ordered exactly the same one again this time around for CC.

Keep reading or watch the video to see us unbox and unroll our mattress and share our thoughts as we review our experience sleeping on this mattress for the past year. We also explain what’s most important when buying ANY mattress – not just for RVs!

Our custom RV mattress:

Today we’re talking about our custom RV mattress.  We were actually really excited to see that this motorhome did not have a mattress in it when we bought it. Mostly because we knew from day one, whatever was in here was going to go out, since we were wanted to order a new mattress from Mattress Insider. We loved the custom RV mattress we had made for our Tiffin so much.

In case you didn’t see the blog post / video we posted about a year ago, it was time to upgrade the RV mattress in our Tiffin motorhome. It was a standard 60 x 80 size queen mattress. Even though it was the upgraded mattress that came with the coach, and was comfortable for the first few years, it was really coming to the end of its life.

Marc was waking up with back pain and it was time to definitely get a new one. So the folks at made us a custom RV mattress specific to what we need and our sleeping preferences and comfort and level of support and exactly the size of our bed in our motorhome.

Are we still happy with it?

We’ve had a lot of people email and ask if we were still happy with that mattress, and the answer is absolutely, yes! It’s been a year since we got that new mattress, and we’ve absolutely loved it, and so did the new owners of our Tiffin. But, it was custom made for that motorhome. So it was really appropriate for us to leave it with that RV and the new owners. And time for us to order a new custom RV  mattress for this motorhome.

We were very happy with how comfortable the previous mattress was that they custom built for us. It had several specific layers in that mattress. You can see the specific layers in our previous blog post. Of course, the layers that make up your mattress will be different for everybody. They’ll make a different one for you based on your needs.

Update 2022: We had a custom shaped mattress made for our newest motorhome, by Mattress Insider. Same materials as our first two mattresses, and we still use the mattress from our previous RV mentioned above in our home as our primary bed.

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The layers that make up our custom RV mattress

In our mattress, this is what we have:

  • a base layer that is 5 1/2 inch soy-based high density foam and that’s for support
  • an air flow layer that is a convolute foam layer that allows air to enter and exit the sides of the bed
  • the top layer, which is a one inch, four pound quality gel memory foam, and that sleeps a couple of degrees cooler than traditional memory foam

All of these foam layers are then glued together in their factory, and they use an environmentally friendly water-based adhesive. Then they cover the whole thing in an organic cotton, zippered and removable cover.

What we like about it

So, what are the things we really like about our custom RV mattress from Mattress Insider:

  • Made in the USA
  • No toxic fumes, so it’s eco-friendly and healthier for you
  • Organic cotton cover, which we both really like
  • Super comfortable and supportive. also offers free shipping and a 121 day money back guarantee. This gives you great peace of mind so you can be sure that what you order is actually comfortable and right for you, when it arrives.

How to order a custom RV mattress

Most people call and order their mattresses over the phone or online, and you can speak to sleep consultants that actually really know how to be able to ask questions and know what kind of layers and support will be going to suit your needs. We happened to be in Denver where they have a showroom a year ago, and so we actually got to lay on it and try the mattress before we bought it.

And while the majority of their customers actually order by phone, if you happen to be in the Denver area, you should drop in to their showroom and check them out and see how they actually build a bed. It was really interesting to learn about that and to have that experience ourselves.

But you don’t have to do that. You can order your mattress over the phone. The folks at are very experienced in doing that. We’ve met several people that bought their mattresses as a result of our experience and have reported that even though they ordered it over the phone, that they’ve been really happy. It’s worked out great for their needs.

So we put in our order for the RV mattress to fit this exact platform in the bed here. This is another standard 60″ x 80″ queen-sized bed. I think from the time that we ordered it to the time it arrived, it took less than three weeks, which is amazing for a custom mattress.

We’re going to bring it in from the living room and show you how it comes delivered, right to our RV. So we’re going to unravel it here and show you how this mattress unfolds.

Unrolling the custom RV mattress

This is a queen-sized bed in this box. Makes it very easy to carry it around just by myself. Carrying around a queen-sized bed by myself is usually pretty challenging. Especially getting in and out of doors and around tight spaces, bringing it into an RV. Alright, lifted it in here, I’ve got scissors to open it up. I’m being careful with the scissors though because the last thing I wanna do is cut the mattress. But this seems like it’s really well protected, because there’s cardboard behind where the tape seal is. So, that’s good.

Now I am going to dump it out of the box. This I think’s the tricky part because of the small space. I’m trying to be careful getting this plastic off here because I know that this plastic is what’s holding it in shape. As soon as that thing lets go, it’s gonna get real big quick. Definitely be careful if you’re using scissors on this. You don’t want to cut your bed. It also could be dangerous, because when this thing comes loose, it might cause an injury to me. So, I’m gonna set those down. This sure is wrapped up well. It’s two layers. Oh, it’s getting ready to come out now.

Whoa, it busted itself loose. Woo-hoo! There’s your brand new mattress. Just like that. Feel it expanding underneath my hands, this is pretty fun. You can see there’s a little bit of wrinkle and it still, it’s still expanding. It was only an inch or two thick when it was all rolled up, but now. This is getting nice and thick. So when it started out, it was only about this thick. Now it’s already as thick as my whole hand, fingers and palm. So we’re probably six or eight inches when this is all said and done. So there you go, there’s our new mattress.

10 days later... our update

So here we are on our mattress. We’ve had a fantastic week and a half or so on our new mattress since we unboxed it earlier in the video. And you probably saw that when it unrolls, it starts expanding the mattress right away. It takes about two to three hours for it to reach about 98% of its fullness. The last 2% take about 24 hours. But it was still super comfy that first night.

As you can see, we’re here in Sedona. We’ve got a nice big view out our bedroom window here, so we’ve been sleeping pretty sweet here. It’s been nice and quiet, very comfortable on our Mattress Insider mattress.

So if you’re looking for a mattress for your RV, or for your boat or home or anything really, they do custom mattresses for anyone, for everything, any shape and size, they can custom make that for you.

Jump over to and when you use the code RVLOVE, you will save 10% on your purchase.

So, we’ve been very happy. This is our second mattress now in a year. As we said, bought exactly the same one we did the first time because they completely nailed the layers that work for us and our preferred sleeping style. So you can either call them and they will talk through and ask some questions and diagnose what you’re looking for and what is your sleeping patterns and what you do and don’t like about your current mattress and they can actually do that over the phone. That’s how experienced and knowledgeable they are. We were pretty impressed that they were able to do that, and so quickly with us. They’ve been doing this for many, many years.

Update 2022: We also had a custom shaped mattress made for our newest motorhome, by Mattress Insider. Same materials as our first two mattresses, and we still use the mattress from our previous RV mentioned above in our home as our primary bed.

Save 10% with our RVLOVE coupon code!

If you decide to order a custom mattress from, make sure you use our RVLOVE code – whether you’re ordering over the phone or online – and that will save you 10%.

Until next time. We’ll see you on the road!

Simply visit, email [email protected] or call them on 888.488.1468 and use the code RVLOVE.

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