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Episode 7: Finishing Touches | Ultimate RV Makeover

In Episode 6 we walked you through the main living area with progress updates on our mostly complete renovation.  There was still quite a bit of ...
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before and after

Episode 6: We’re Nearly There! Ultimate RV Makeover

In Episode 6 we to show you the significant progress we’ve made with our nearly-finished RV renovation. We compressed a ton of physical labor into ...
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Episode 4: Re-Building Our RV | Ultimate RV Makeover

In Episode 3, we focused on our RV Demolition. We really tore CC apart, so we were deep into this RV renovation. Now in episode ...
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country coach

Episode 3: Tearing Our RV Apart! | Ultimate RV Makeover

Okay. So if you have seen Episodes 1 and 2, you have met the team, and done a walk through and know what we intend to do and ...
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Episode 2: What Are We Going To Do? Ultimate RV Makeover

Following up from our first episode of our RV Makeover Series where we introduced you to the team, and set the foundation. In Episode 2 we will ...
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About Us

Episode 1: Let’s Do This! Ultimate RV Makeover Series

Last year, we shocked many of you when we sold our first RV and bought a much older motorhome. We bought it with the intention ...
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air bags

Suspension Upgrade Improves Our Gas RV Ride

After 2 years of full-timing, driving over 20,000 miles across 40+ states, we decided to upgrade our RV suspension. Marc began considering this in the ...
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Converting our RV bunkhouse to an office

One of the main reasons we chose our specific RV was so that we could convert the existing bunkhouse (two bunk beds) into a separate, dedicated office. Marc ...
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