Join 30+ RV Experts at 2nd Hit the Road RV Summit

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Are you ready for your best year of RV life and RV travel? Join us and more than 30 RV industry and RV lifestyle experts at our 2nd Annual Hit the Road RV Summit, over the weekend of April 24-25. You will learn from this amazing lineup of people who will be sharing valuable information, strategies, advice, and tips for making the most of your RV life and travels – in 2021 and beyond! 

Grab your ticket to the Hit the Road RV Summit to watch this dynamic, online event! 

Last year’s inaugural Hit the Road RV Summit was a huge success – and it was all about learning what you need to know to hit the road in an RV. In 2020, so many people fell in love with the RV lifestyle that they want to keep on doing it. And over the past year, we’ve been seeing a lot of changes in the RV and camping space – we all need to adapt to keep up, while finding ways to make it even more affordable and enjoyable!

How to RV better, longer and for less?

Record numbers of people are hitting the road to live the RV life and travel, and many are asking the same questions:

  • Where to find the best camping destinations AND score campsites?
  • How to stay connected to the internet while you travel?
  • What about RV systems – like RV electricity and propane? Batteries and solar? What do you need to know about tires? 
  • How about tips for tackling RV repairs and maintenance?
  • What are the top ways to save money and improve your RV lifestyle?

You’ll find all this and MUCH more in this dynamic, 2-day online event.

Here is our amazing lineup of speakers: 

This is who you will be learning from over two full days.

You can check out the speaker lineup, read their bios and find out more at the official event website:

View the Speaker / Session Schedule

You can see the complete schedule of the speakers, and their session topics right here: view summit schedule

The 2021 live event is over, but you can still catch all of the sessions online, and watch at your convenience. Click here to buy a 2021 Access Pass.

Want to watch both the 2020 and 2021 summit events? Get the 2-Summit Value Bundle for over 30 hours of awesome content.

Why the Hit the Road RV Summit?

With so much information already out there about RV life and travel, we know it can be confusing and overwhelming. Getting answers to your questions isn’t always as straight-forward as it should be, and you may not even be sure about what or who to trust! Because there is so much to learn, and even more information to sort through, many people are left wondering where to even start! 

That’s exactly why we created the Hit the Road RV Summit online event. 

We wanted to bring you quality information from an incredible lineup of trusted experts – from the RV industry AND the RV lifestyle. These are all people that we know and trust, with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. 

Some you may already know – whether from YouTube, blogs, podcasts, or even magazines. And some you may have never heard of! But one thing they all have in common is they know their stuff! That is why we have personally selected this group of people to share their particular area of expertise and wisdom with you. You’ll get to hear from people you may rarely – if ever – be able to access.

We hope you will join us for this fun and dynamic virtual experience – online!

Meet our Summit Sponsors

This event has been a huge team effort by speakers, partners and sponsors alike – all coming together to help us realize this vision to help more RVers gain access to a ton of great, information, education and inspiration! (Not to mention awesome prizes and special discounts, too!) We’d like to give a big shoutout to say THANK YOU to our sponsors for supporting this event! 

You can visit out sponsor page here: Meet our Sponsors

Access Exclusive Offers, Discounts and Prizes

We’re giving away loads of prizes throughout the summit, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, partners and speakers. Everything from autographed books, and RV trip planning subscriptions to tech and RV gear, camping memberships, lithium batteries and more!

Plus, you’ll get access to exclusive Summit discount codes, with special offers and discounts, for a limited time.

You’ll find all the details in your summit emails and your official Summit Program Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

This year, the summit content is aimed at helping ALL RVers continue to build upon your knowledge and experience as we NEVER stop learning as RVers. This year's theme is "the long game" and is designed to give you the confidence, info and tools to have a great experience, tackle challenges with ease, so you can keep enjoying the RV lifestyle for many years to come! The sessions have been carefully selected to help you find the best campgrounds and campsites (even during this record camping year); understand your RV and systems; learn about RV safety (eg. electrical, propane tires); how to run a business from the road or find workamping gigs; how-to tips for RV maintenance; RV rentals; options for towing and alternative transport; tips for living in a small space and van life; how to avoid over paying for an RV; managing your RV repairs budget; how to live and travel large on less; staying fit and health on the road; current and future trends for internet connectivity; camping and electric vehicles; and much more!

Simply register for your free ticket at the Hit the Road RV Summit website and you'll be getting an email with all the info on how and where you can access the summit content over the weekend. Sessions will be free to watch at their scheduled time on the Summit platform. You can view it on your computer, tablet or smart phone, using the app. Plus you'll be able to interact with the speakers, and engage in polls and questions throughout the event.

If you prefer to watch the Summit sessions on your own schedule, you'll want to grab the Lifetime Access Pass – the early bird price is just $27 (goes up to $97 after the summit) and this allows you to watch (and re-watch) the summit sessions at your convenience. (You'll also get extended expiry dates on deals and discounts.)

You can visit the Summit website at and scroll down to see the speaker lineup. Just click "Read Bio" under each speaker's photo and name to learn more. The Summit Schedule is currently being finalized and will be ready in a few days. We will be sending the link to view the schedule to everyone who has registered for the summit. You will also be able to view the speaker bios, session names, days and times, and view the sessions from within the event app.

Our speakers, sponsors and partners have been incredibly generous in their support of this event and we wanted to pack the summit full of value and fun for you! All registered summit attendees will be eligible to win thousands of dollars worth of prizes, and have access to exclusive Summit discount codes and offers that will save you $$. Most codes are valid during the weekend of the summit. Lifetime Access Pass holders will receive an extended expiry date on discount codes and offers, and in some cases, bigger discounts. We will be drawing prize winners all weekend throughout the summit.

If you buy a Lifetime Access Pass for the 2021 Summit and later decide up upgrade to one of the other options, we will refund the cost of your original pass purchase. Other options include the 2-Summit Bundle, or the VIP All Access Pass 2021 (includes access to both RV Summits, plus all of our flagship RV courses eg. Hit the Road the Right Way, Choosing the Right RV For You, Interviews with Other RVers, and Monthly Live Calls + Q&A – well over 70 hours of video content)

All RVers – experienced, newbies, full timers, part timers and vacationers – RV dreamers too! With everything from the latest camping strategies to more technical RV sessions, and useful RV lifestyle info, there is literally something for everyone. There will also be new information relating to the changes to RVs, camping and travel in the year ahead with RV industry expert commentary on what the future holds.

Will We See You There?

We’ve rounded up so much great RV education, info, tips and advice, we just know you’re going to love it!

You can pick and choose the sessions you watch on Saturday April 24 and Sunday April 25, 2021. Or watch anytime, on your own schedule, with the Lifetime Access Pass for the 2021 event. But, having seen all the sessions already, we highly recommend you watch them all, as there is so much amazing information shared by every single speaker in their session(s).

We hope you’re as excited too. We look forward to seeing you at the summit!


We would love to hear from you. Drop us a note in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Join 30+ RV Experts at 2nd Hit the Road RV Summit”

  1. What an awesome summit! Lots of interesting people, and ideas; and lots of information. We have been RVing for 45 years, but there is always something new to learn.
    Thank you for all your hard work organizing and presenting this summit. We had an RV related weekend, when we were unable to get out camping.

    • Hi Jane, so glad to hear you enjoyed the summit, and still learned something new and interesting, even after 45 years of RVing! Thank you for sharing and glad it gave you an RV experience without having to take the rig out!


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