Video Replays: Live Calls For Book Launch

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The official launch date of our book “Living The RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road” is here! The book is now officially available at book retailers around the country – AmazonBarnes & Noble, Costco and many more.

Find where you can buy it from here. As part of celebrating of our book launch, we arranged a series of Free Live Calls, informal and engaging opportunities to chat with the RV Geeks, Mortons on the Move, Less Junk > More Journey and Technomadia! These are just some of the inspiring and highly respected RVers that share their experience and insights in our book. As shared in our initial blog post, and recent official announcement, creating this book was an enormous undertaking. 

In addition to the manuscript and photo selection, we identified and reached out to a number of fellow RVers, that we felt had the level of experience, knowledge and relevant stories that would add even more depth to each chapter. 

All up, 16 RVer profiles are featured in the book, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer you access to the RV GeeksMortons on the MoveLess Junk > More Journey and Technomadia in this series – each on a dedicated LIVE CALL + Q&A hosted by us, for free – during the book launch period. 

All calls were hosted by us, Marc and Julie Bennett of RVLove and were run as an informal, interactive dialog, where we answered questions on each Live Call. All of the calls went over the designated hour so we could answer all the questions, and these video replays are largely unedited, so they are fairly long, but enjoyable and you will learn from us all. Bring along your snacks and beverage of choice, kick back, relax and enjoy the live calls! Just click the videos below to watch.

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Peter and John are true veterans of the road who have been full-timing in a Class A motorhome for over 15 years! For over 10 years, they have been sharing DIY videos on their RV Geeks YouTube channel empowering new and experienced RVers alike, to tackle their own RV repairs and upgrades with confidence. 

Peter and John are an incredible source of knowledge and experience when it comes to all things RVing, and share generously with the community. They are also international RVers, having RV’ed in Australia, Canada and most recently, England. We recorded their live call on November 15 – click here to watch the video replay.

Tom and Cait Morton have been full-timing in their truck and fifth wheel for over 3 years and share inspiring, educational and DIY videos on their Mortons on the Move YouTube channel. They planned ahead for their RV adventure to set themselves up for success, and as a result, have built a thriving business and life of freedom on the road. In 2018, 

Tom directed the RV Nomads movie and Cait organized the inaugural, sold-out NomadFEST event, where the movie premiered in Texas with over 400 RVers. We recorded the live call with the Mortons on November 16 – click here to watch the video replay.

Nathan and Marissa Moss and their daughter Hensley have been full-time RVing for over 3 years, traveling in an Airstream. They film and share their adventures with the world through their popular Less Junk > More Journey YouTube channel. Their mission is to live simply and enjoy time together as a family, while inspiring others to also live a life of ‘less junk and more journey’. 

The family is well known and loved for their fun, loving and down-to-earth attitude while honestly sharing the ups and downs of life on the road. They are expecting their second child in March 2019. We recorded the live call with Less Junk > More Journey on November 18 – click here to watch the video replay.

Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard have been full-time RVing for over 10 years, starting out in a tiny [email protected] trailer and eventually moving up to a 1961 vintage bus conversion which they completely remodeled and ‘geeked out’ with their favorite technologies. 

In 2017, they bought a boat and now split their time between RVing and cruising, all while running their Mobile Internet Resource Center from land and sea, to help RVers and boaters find the best technology solutions for their needs and enable them to stay connected as remote nomads. Chris and Cherie share their adventures on YouTube as Technomadia.

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