And We Are Officially Published!

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Well, the big day has finally arrived! The day we’ve all been eagerly awaiting. The official publish date of our book “Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road”. If you’ve already pre-ordered, your print copies should be hitting your doorstep (or mailbox) today! If you pre-ordered digitally, it’s probably already on your digital reading device. We are super excited and hope you are too! And we want to hear all about it!

As we’ve alluded to in previous emails, this has been a gigantic year for us. One of a lot of work and very little time to play. Truthfully, it has been far more work than we have been able (or wanted) to properly handle. But we consciously made our choices, and as of today, all of the hard work over the past 9 months will have been worth it!

Leaving a legacy

Today is a huge milestone for us… individually, as a couple, and as RVLove. In fact, we’d even go so far as to say this entire WEEK is likely to be our biggest of the entire year of 2018.. And we have a feeling this week is going to mark the beginning of something big and exciting unfolding in some of YOUR lives, too 🙂

We couldn’t be more happy, excited or proud. We really want to take the entire day today to immerse in and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Today we are launching our first book, and with a real publisher! Sometimes we still have to pinch ourselves as we reflect on how all this came to be.

As Julie shared in our most recent video yesterday, this book is like birthing a child for us. It’s something we created together at the beginning of the year. The book has been in gestation for 9 months, and is something we felt passionate about co-creating in an effort to leave a legacy. To make a difference in the world. To leave behind something bigger than both of us that will have a lasting, positive impact in the lives of others for many years to come. It’s the whole reason we do what we do.

At this very moment, the book is in book stores and retailers all across the country. And those who pre-ordered with AmazonBarnes and Noble, or other online retailers have – or will soon be – receiving their books at their doorsteps or mailboxes. And others will be heading to their local bookstore or Costco to pick one up in person. We’ll certainly be out and about doing that today and capturing many of the moments as we go, sharing them with you all on social media throughout the day. Please join us for the cyber-celebration – we’ll be giving away copies of the book!

The early feedback we have received this past week or so from those with advance copies – RV industry, media and contributors to the book – has already been amazing, humbling and heart warming. When we originally submitted the manuscript, and returned the final PDF to our publisher in July, we truly believed in our heart of hearts we had written an excellent book – one that was both inspiring and extremely informative. But we have to admit, having the book reviewed so positively by our respected peers has been humbling beyond words. Of course, the true test will be when you, the reader, gets to see it, hold it, read it. And share YOUR thoughts.

After All, It is YOU that the book is written for

While the book is targeted mainly to those who know little to nothing about RVs and RVing, there’s also a lot in here for those already on the road. Even RV veterans will find reading this book to be a surprisingly enjoyable journey. At least, we hope so. We’re sure you will let us know either way! 🙂

The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind, trying to share all of the news about our book launch, hosting the live calls, being interviewed for over a dozen podcasts and radio interviews (sometimes 2-3 a day), organizing our book tour with events and meet-ups from Colorado to Florida and in-between. Plus trying to keep up with our other content. We’re doing our best to remember to breathe and take it one day – sometimes even one hour – at a time as we dance and juggle simultaneously, trying not to trip and fall flat on our faces!

Finally, we want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU for all of your support and encouragement. YOU are the reason we wrote this book, and we hope it meets your every expectation, and then some. We would love to read your reviews, and also see photos (or videos) of you with the book – via social media or email. We are building a gallery page on our website to share photos of you with the book, as a way of remembering this for all of us. If you do post a picture on social media please tag us (RVLove) and use the hashtags #livingthervlife #rvlife #rvlove so we can find them. Find us on Instagram and Facebook.

If you don’t already have a copy of our book jump over to to find one of the many online retailers now carrying Living the RV Lifeclick to order from Amazon, or call your local bookstore and ask them to put one aside, as early indicators suggest they might sell out quickly in-store.

Thank you again. We wish you every success and joy!

Best of LIFE

Marc and Julie

PS. We hope to see some of you at a meetup soon so we can connect in person (and sign your book)

PPS. At the time of writing, we saw the book is on sale at Amazon for 33% off recommended retail, (currently just over $15)

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