Visiting Tiffin Motorhomes in Red Bay, Alabama

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DSC06805_allegrocampground_bluesky_rfw Our two year anniversary of owning of our coach ‘Rocky’ (mid May) coincided with our inaugural visit to Tiffin’s HQ and Plant in Red Bay, Alabama. Naturally, we were keen to do the factory plant and paint shop tours we’d heard so much about, plus it was a good opportunity to get Rocky into the Service and Paint shops for a little TLC by the professionals who know Tiffin coaches inside out and work on them every day. Overall, we spent a week there, staying onsite at the Allegro Campground (really more of a parking lot) and had a positive experience. And Rocky is looking and feeling fantastic! We decided that there was so much to share that it would make more sense to cover our entire experience in a “Tiffin series” of videos and blog posts to help break the content up into specific areas of focus. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Tiffin owner, a fan or not – at the end of the day, this content is designed to share our experience as RV owners so we hope you’ll find the information useful and our experiences relevant and somewhat interesting no matter what stage you are at in your RV journey. Here’s what we have covered already and a summary of what is currently underway, to be posted shortly.

Intro Video: “Rocky goes to Red Bay, AL”

Our RV Service Experience at Tiffin, Red Bay

Part 1: Our RV Repair List and Questions

Part 2: Repairs at the Tiffin Service Bay & Paint Shop & What It Cost Us

Issues fixed, questions answered and a surprise repair we weren’t expecting! Here’s our entire experience, capped off with a happy hour to celebrate a special occasion. After that, I’l be working on…

3. The Tiffin Factory Plant & Paint Shop Tour

Even if you’re not a Tiffin owner, it’s worth making a trip to Red Bay if you’re going to be in that part of the country, as just about every potential or existing RV owner will learn a lot about what’s involved in building a motorhome at the factory plant tour. You are right there on the factory floor, watching hundreds of employees at work, actually building motorhomes and yes, if you’ve ordered a new Tiffin, you can even watch your own coach being built!

4. What to Expect When Visiting Tiffin HQ/Allegro Campground in Red Bay

We didn’t really know what to expect from our experience (except what we’d heard from other owners that it was ‘well worth going’) and once we arrived and learned the ropes, we figured we’d share some tips that we learned to make it easier to plan for your first visit to Red Bay. For some reason, this info isn’t very well communicated by Tiffin or on their website, so stay tuned for our feedback on what to expect. Well, there’s a lot of footage to wade through so I’d better get back to the editing suite! I’ll keep this post updated with the latest videos.

10 thoughts on “Visiting Tiffin Motorhomes in Red Bay, Alabama”

  1. Hi We own an Allegro and will be visiting Red Bay next week. We would love to tour the factory. My husband uses a motorized cart to get around. Would this be permitted on the tour?

    • Enjoy your visit. I would imagine that your husband would be able to do the tour, but it has been a couple years since we were there. Probably best to check with the Tiffin tour folks directly on that question. -M

  2. We are heading to Tiffin in about 2 weeks, it will be our first trip! Thanks for the videos, they are helping to relieve the stress level of the unknown! I can’t seem to located the last video you mentioned covering tips and tricks for visiting Red Bay. Is it possible for you to direct me to it?

    • Hi Andi, so sorry I seem to have overlooked your message and by now you’ve probably been and gone. That video hasn’t been posted yet! But it’s on the list. Hope you got it worked out!

  3. Thank you for sharing your experiences. We are in the beginning stages of planning our full time RV life change. We are studying up on all aspects. Haven’t decided yet on Motorhome versus 5th wheel set up. We are so excited about the possibilities. Your video after your visit back home makes me even more anxious to get started. We too see a time when we will look back and not miss the traffic, crazy schedules and all of the stuff we have accumulated. Thank you again for sharing your RV life:

    • Yes we definitely don’t miss any of that… the simpler our life becomes the more we love it! Motorhomes and Fifth Wheels are both great choices – but the better you know yourselves, your preferences and priorities, the easier that decision will become. Good luck and enjoy the journey! The sooner you start the better…there is so much so see and do and we are so glad we started now (well, two years ago!) Happy Travels!

  4. Very much interested in parts 3 and 4 of your Tiffin series. Thanks for taking the time to document and share your experiences.


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