What Happens on RV Packdown & Move Day?

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One of the big questions we had during our prep and planning phase was just how much work and time would be involved when it came to packing down the RV for move day – that is, putting everything away in a safe place, unhooking and doing everything we’d need to get road ready so we could head to our next destination.

We’d already agreed on who would do what when it came to divvying up the RV household and maintenance tasks –Marc would be taking care of all the outside RV and tank stuff – commonly referred to as the ‘blue jobs’ in the RV world, while I would take care of the inside and domestic stuff often called the ‘pink jobs’.

Having a clear understanding of who does what helps everything go a lot more smoothly because:

  1. You’re less likely to ‘miss’ something and
  2. It reduces the potential for a disagreement!

And when you’re living in 300-350sqf of space, you’re going to want to do everything you can to enhance communication and harmony!

We figured some of you may have similar concerns or curiosities, so we decided to film our entire RV pack down process – inside and outside – and share it with you in a video. While every RV and setup may have different requirements and items to add to a move day checklist, this will give you a pretty good idea of what we need to do every time we move and the kinds of things you may need to be aware of and pay attention to.

Watch the video

To ensure we don’t forget anything, we also created and follow our own RV pack down Checklist – this is often called a pre-flight checklist – but as we’re traveling by wheels and not wings, we’ve called ours the Pre-Roll Checklist!

An important item to note, after we finished editing and uploading the video, we realized we had forgotten to include moving the coach off the leveling blocks and putting those away as well. We don’t always need to use leveling blocks – only if the coach doesn’t get completely level with our Hydraulic Auto Leveling Jacks alone. Typically only trailers, Class B and C’s and Class A Gas coaches will have a need for leveling blocks – most diesel coaches have air suspension which can lower or raise the coach as needed to find a level position. 

Well, we hope you find this video useful. Feel free to share it with anyone else you think may benefit. Happy Trails!

9 thoughts on “What Happens on RV Packdown & Move Day?”

  1. Moving is really stressful work but I seeing your video and I thinking about moving is enjoyable work. I use these tips for my moving work. Really great blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. For those that don’t know Julie and Marc spent an evening with me eating some good steaks and drinking a couple of bottles of wine while they were passing thru Maine back in 2015. Because of their very thorough videos and encouragement to hit the road I did!! Last year I spent 5 months on the road. Drove ten thousand miles and ran into a few issues along the way. You just can plan for everything that can happen but I learned though them to keep a good attitude and push thru the rough spots. This year I’m back on the road again and loving it. Julie and Marc I consider you special friends and appreciate all the “training” you’ve provided me. Keep it coming and Happy Holidays. to you both.


    • Aw thanks Vin! So glad to hear our content really helped you hit the road with confidence! Those were good steaks! Thanks again and take care, Happy Holidays to you.. Marc & Julie 🙂 PS. YouTube still won’t let us reply to your video comments 🙁

  3. I just love picking up new ‘tricks’ for RVing – and the hair ties for the cabinet doors is a great one! I have an older RV so I did swoon at some of the technology you all have – especially the automatic tank flush!

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