Blix Vika+ Electric Folding Bike


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We received one of these bikes from Blix to try out and LOVE it!  The quality is very high, much higher quality than our previous folding bike.  They offer a 30 day risk-free trial so you can try one too.  Your first pedal stroke will amaze you.  It is so cool to have the pedal assist from the lithium battery, making it so easy to ride.  If you press the throttle, you can receive even more help and can ride over 20mph without even peddling.

Click HERE to watch our test ride and thorough review.

The standard battery can assist you for 35 miles, and the upgraded battery can go 55.  Having sold our tandem bike, this electric bike is wonderful for us because it allows Julie to comfortably keep up with Marc on long rides and even leave him in the dust, especially on hills.  Knowing the bike can help get you home if you get tired is a great confidence builder.  It allows you to freely explore, knowing you will be able to get back home with ease.

The Vika+ folds up very compact to store in our car or our RV.  It also comes with fenders, LED lights and a rack for carrying items.  We love it!

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Vika+ Electric Folding Bike


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