Camco 44732 Sanitation Kit

If you are new to Rv’ing this kit is a great way to get everything you need for tank maintenance and dumping in one kit.  We will list items separately in our cart as well if you already have some items.


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Camco RV Sanitation Kit

Everything you need for the RV dump station. Without being prepared, dumping your RV’s black water tank can be a daunting task. We have compiled a group of products necessary for a proper dump station connection and general sanitation maintenance.

Complete Kit includes:
  • RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose 15′ Kit
  • 15′ Sidewinder Sewer Hose Support
  • Sanitation Gloves, 100 pack
  • Sewer Hose Rinse Cap
  • TST Orange Drop Ins 15 Pack

Make sure you are ready with these essential products from Camco.

RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose 15′ Kit

We started with a 15′ RhinoFLEX sewer hose and attached specially-engineered fittings to it to make it more convenient for you. At the RV end of the hose, there is a super-tough bayonet fitting with 4 prongs for a more secure fit. At the dump-station end, we’ve added a 4-in-1 adapter for fitting to 3″ slip or 3″, 3-1/2″ and 4″ threaded pipe. Both of these newly-redesigned, pre-attached fittings swivel to make connections easier. In addition, the kit includes caps—one for each end—and the 4-in-1 adapter is easily detachable which allows you to store the entire kit in your 4″ square bumper. In short, this is a ready-to-use kit made with the toughest hose you can buy.

15′ Sidewinder Sewer Hose Support

Sturdy, lightweight, plastic support with welded seams has deep cradles to hold sewer hose in place without straps. Easily positions around obstacles and stays where you put it. No staples to rust. Won’t creep closed. Patented

Sanitation Gloves, 100 pack

Protect your hands from unsanitary surfaces. These all-purpose gloves are perfect for use while connecting or disconnecting RV sewer hoses. Latex and powder free.

Sewer Hose Rinse Cap

Get jet-cleaning action with this unique sewer hose rinser. Fitting attaches to sewer hose, then hooks to any standard water hose to create a powerful spray that helps reduce odors and clean sewer hoses.

TST Orange Drop Ins 15 Pack

TST Orange Power Drop-Ins take the guesswork out of RV or marine holding tank treatment. No measuring—no mess. Just add one Drop-In to treat a 40-gallon tank. Harness the power of citrus to stop odors and break down waste. Fresh citrus scent. Contains 15 treatments. Environmentally Safe.


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