Frugal Shunpiker Guides: Guides for Inexpensive RV Travel


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The Frugal Shunpiking Guides – eBooks to help you find the most scenic boondocking locations in the country for free – or on the cheap! Learn more about or buy the Frugal Shunpiking Guides here: Learn more about or join Boondocker’s Welcome here:

Ever wondered how to find great free camping spots or been nervous about get your rig into a campsite? The Frugal Shunpiker’s Guides are a fantastic resource to help you find scenic, free and cheap camping around America. These comprehensive eBooks are written by experienced RVer and boondocker Marianne Edwards who has traveled over 60,000 miles across the USA and Canada for over 10 years. Frugal is self explanatory, but what’s Shunpiking? Shunpiking is the avoidance of major highways and toll roads in favor of driving on more scenic and lightly traveled country and back roads, which is often where the most peaceful, beautiful and free campsites can be found. Ideal for newbie and experienced RVers and boondockers, these guides are an amazing resource that will save you a ton of time, help you discover incredible locations and save you hundreds of dollars per month in camping fees.

Discover free camping sites near the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Las Vegas, desert south west, New Mexico, California, Utah and Texas. Many of these campsites are either free or very inexpensive. And while they have been written with RVers in mind, the ebooks are also a valuable resource for tent campers, car campers, bicyclists and motorcyclists. There are currently 5 e-books / regions available: ▪ Southern Texas ▪ New Mexico ▪ Southern Utah ▪ California Desert and Eastern Sierra ▪ Arizona Each e-book is 100-160 pages, broken down into regions, providing detailed information on: • Description of each area • GPS Coordinates • Mileage and directions • What size vehicles or RVs can access each location • Condition of road surfaces • Nearby water fill and dump stations • Cell coverage • Number of sites • Photos of campsites and views • Local attractions • Nearby national parks, monuments, state parks and hiking trails • Suggested routes, itineraries and trip budgets Other features include: • Free updates • Available in English and French • Bonus free 23-page Frugal Shunpiker’s Guide: Basic Boondocking Each state ebook is separated into sections focused on a specific route you want to follow. Each section goes into great detail on what that area has to offer, best time of year to visit, information on State and National Parks, monuments, attractions, facts, fees, wildlife, free camping, hiking, local communities and more.

The e-books are well organized, very detailed and easy to read. Keep them on your computer, smart phone or tablet for easy access and reference. We keep ours in Evernote so we can pull them up at any time on any device. COST? The e-books are $17 each but the best value can be found buying them in a bundle: Buy any 3 e-books for US$39 (Save $12) Buy any 4 e-books for US$49 (Save $19) Buy any 5 e-books for US$59 (Save $26) Any 1 or 2 nights in a campground will easily cover the cost of these books, which can provide you with hundreds of nights of free, scenic camping. The author Marianne Edwards is also the founder of Boondockers Welcome, a website that connects RVers with hosts offering free campsites on their property for free. LINKS Learn more about or Buy Frugal Shunpiking Guides here: Learn more about or Join Boondocker’s Welcome here: – founded by the author, Marianne Edwards


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