Strongback Guru Folding Chair with Lumbar Support


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We first discovered the Strongback chair a couple years ago.  The first time you sit in one of these chairs, your eyes will open like saucers.  Every person that has sat in one of our Strongbacks has been amazed.  The difference in support between this and other folding chairs is shocking.  I can sit in these chairs all day long for day after day in comfort.  Regular folding chairs leave me in pain after 30-40 minutes.

We first bought the Elite chair for Marc, but the Stongback Elite is a bit too big for Julie.  We have been waiting for this slightly smaller size for over a year and are very excited that it is now available.  Though certainly comfortable for people of average height, this Guru chair is designed for smaller framed people.  If you are over 6 feet tall, the Elite will likely be the best fit for you.  But if under 6 feet tall, and especially if you are under 5 feet tall like Julie, this Guru chair will be a better fit.  Plus the Guru is substantially less expensive than the Elite chair.

These chairs are still lightweight and fold up easy for transporting. They are available in three colors (Black, Blue, or Bright Green). There is also a low profile beach type chair, but the Guru is the most versatile.  Strongback uses high quality materials and the chairs are rated to support up to 300 pounds.

If you value your back health, and long term comfort, we highly recommend these chairs.  Most people that have tried them out end up buying one soon after.


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