Surge Guard 34850 Portable Electrical Protection


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We had been wanting one for months, but had not pulled the trigger on the purchase yet. So when we were offered one of these to review on Road Gear Reviews we jumped at the opportunity.  Though our RV came with a built in surge protector, we love the idea of having an externally mounted surge guard to prevent any bad energy from getting to our RV in the first place.  We also love that this unit actually shows data on the quality of the power, and does diagnostics before even allowing the power to go to your RV.  If there is a problem with the power it will turn off and reset once power is restored.

Campgrounds have surprisingly inconsistent power.  This inconsistency can damage sensitive electronics.  If you don’t have a built in power protection in your RV, I would consider something like this a must have.  But even if you do have a built in system, this is a great addition.  If there is a major surge that sacrifices this guard, it is easy to get your RV back up and running by having stopped the bad power before entering your RV.  We would also recommend buying a lock hasp for it to secure it to your electrical cord to reduce likelihood of unauthorized removal.


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