VIAIR Air 450P-RV Air Compressor


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We have met a number of people who swear by their VIAIR air compressors.  We had previously been using a less expensive brand and were getting ready to buy one, but VIAIR was willing to send us one to review on our channel.  We expected it to be a big improvement were still surprised at just how much better it is.  The VIAIR is more efficient, quieter, and every component is clearly higher quality.  The air hoses, attachments gauges and the compressor itself are all clearly better.  It comes in a nice canvas bag.

Our old compressor would quickly overheat, when trying to pump up our RV tires to the higher pressures required.  The old one also had grossly inaccurate gauges.  The VIAIR gauges are accurate and I can pump up all 6 tires on our motorhome without it overheating.  It also has an automatic shut off when not in use to keep it from overheating which also makes it easier to connect and disconnect from other tires.

We feel it is definitely worth the extra money if you have a lot of tires to manage like most RVers.  VIAIR produces another compressor called the 400 which has higher CFM, but shorter run time, that our friends also enjoy.

  • 12 VOLT – 150PSI Max Working Pressure, engine must be running during use
  • 1.80CFM Free Flow at 0 PSI
  • Powered direct to the RV or car 12v battery with alligator clamps
  • Comes with a tire inflation gun and gauge, build in pressure switch, air hose, RV accessories and a carrying case
  • Great for adjusting tire pressure on RVs and trailers


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