All About Thousand Trails In Florida: 40+ Campgrounds

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Florida is a desirable state for RVing, especially in winter. And with so many RVers looking for ways to camp affordably, Thousand Trails parks are a popular option. Over 40 campgrounds and RV parks are within the Thousand Trails camping network. But which memberships give you access? And how to decide which ones to stay at? Let’s get you up to speed on all things Thousand Trails in Florida and make your Florida trip planning easier.

Over the last eight years, our Thousand Trails camping membership has been our most valuable tool for saving money on RV camping. We bought it back in 2014, before hitting the road full-time in our RV, to help us manage our expenses. Since then, we have written extensively about Thousand Trails on our website, where we explain exactly how Thousand Trails works and the different kinds of camping memberships. And how much it has both cost and saved us over the years.

A Look at Thousand Trails Florida

The focus of this article is the sunshine state, where we highlight ALL of the 40-plus Thousand Trails campgrounds in Florida that members can choose to stay at. First, we organized the parks by the type of membership you will need to access. And second, we’ve sorted them by the region of Florida where the resort is located in. This will hopefully make it much easier for you to decide which parks to stay at when planning your RV travels.

PS. We use this online trip planning tool for planning most of our RV road trips, fuel stops, destinations, RV-safe routes, and tracking our expenses.

We have personally visited many of the Thousand Trails campgrounds and RV parks mentioned in this article. And we have included as many of our own photographs as possible. However, please note we also had to source photos from the Thousand Trails website for the ones we haven’t visited, so image quality is not always optimal.

But before we take you on a tour of all of the Thousand Trails parks in Florida, here’s a quick overview of Thousand Trails itself and which camping memberships give you access to all of their Florida properties.

A Quick Overview of Access to Thousand Trails Membership Parks in Florida

The public can access all of the Thousand Trails campgrounds and RV resorts in Florida – most at a nightly rate between $45 and $120. However, Thousand Trails is primarily a member-based camping network, offering a range of memberships and benefits designed to make RV camping much more affordable. 

There are actually three kinds of properties owned and/or managed by Thousand Trails. But only two main kinds of RV parks that members can stay in as part of their camping membership. Those are Thousand Trails campgrounds and the Trails Collection – which is a ‘collection’ of Encore RV Resorts. More on this in a bit.

Which memberships can access all of Florida Thousand Trails?

Whether you have a basic Thousand Trails Zone Camping Pass or one of the upgraded Thousand Trails Memberships (such as Elite, Elite Connections, and the newest Adventure Membership), you can stay in ALL of the three ‘regular’ Thousand Trails designated campgrounds for NO nightly fee. And, depending on your type of membership and benefits, you could literally spend the majority of your RV travel days bouncing between just these three parks. Yes, for NO nightly fee!

But you can also add the optional Trails Collection to any Thousand Trails membership to access an additional 38 Encore RV parks in Florida alone. There are well over 100 Encore RV resorts nationwide, so it’s excellent value. Most of these Trails Collection / Encore parks also allow you to stay with no nightly fee. But there are a handful of ‘premium’ parks that do charge a fee of $20 a night. Remember, some of those $20/night fee properties normally charge over $100 a night for the general public – and up to $300/night in highly desirable places like the Florida Keys. So the Trails Collection makes it way more affordable for members.

RV Camping in Florida for No Nightly Fee

With the right kind of camping membership and the Trails Collection add-on, you could literally spend the entire year staying in Thousand Trails campgrounds in Florida (or nationwide), paying zero nightly fees, or $20 for premium properties. Of course, you’ll also pay annual membership dues – typically between $500–$1,200. But this makes for serious affordability if you plan to spend significant time in your RV. And especially if you’re a full-time RVer. And you will get to choose from more than 190 Thousand Trails RV parks across the country, with over 40 of those in Florida alone, which we’ll take a closer look at next.

Please note that the above is a very high-level explanation of Thousand Trails. There’s a lot more you need to know before buying a membership. Learn more about the various Thousand Trails memberships here. 

UPDATE MAY 1, 2024: Thousand Trails is celebrating their 55th Anniversary, so complete the form below, or read on, to get their special discount. 

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We also recommend you read our comprehensive review – Is Thousand Trails Worth It?  That’s where we share our average camping costs and how much we have saved over ten years and 1,000 nights as Thousand Trails members. Or, simply complete the form at the end of this article to get info on the current memberships and pricing.

Types of Thousand Trails Campgrounds in Florida

There are three (3) types of Thousand Trails family of resorts in Florida. First, there are the regular Thousand Trails campgrounds. These RV parks are available with all membership levels, including the Zone Camping Pass – Southeast Zone. There are about 81 regular Thousand Trails campgrounds nationwide and 3 in Florida. 

Next, there are the Thousand Trails Encore RV resorts. These are only available to members who have also purchased one of the Trails Collection add-ons. There are about 38 of these Encore RV Resorts in Florida and over 100 nationwide.

Lastly, there are the Destination campgrounds. There are three of these in Florida and dozens nationwide. While Thousand Trails manage Destination campgrounds, and you will find them listed on their website, Destination campgrounds are NOT currently included with any Thousand Trails memberships. To stay at these properties, you would need to pay the regular retail rate.

So, for the purpose of this article, we are only going to cover the properties where Thousand Trails members can stay as part of their camping membership. That is Thousand Trails and the Trails Collection add-on (Encore parks).

Year-round RV camping in Florida

Finally, remember that many Thousand Trails campgrounds in the northern states are only open seasonally. But ALL of the Thousand Trails-owned properties in Florida are open year-round. That is unless they are closed for a specific reason, like for repairs after a hurricane. You can find status updates on their website.

OK. Now you have a basic understanding of Thousand Trails memberships, let’s take a look at each of the Thousand Trails RV parks and RV resorts in Florida by region.

The Three Regular Thousand Trails Parks in Florida

All three of the regular Thousand Trails RV parks in Florida are located in central Florida, and available with every Thousand Trails Membership level. That’s from the zone camping pass (south east) to all of the membership upgrades.

Let’s take a a look at our brief overview for each property. 

Night view of our campsite at Thousand Trails, Orlando

Orlando RV Resort in Clermont, Florida

Thousand Trails Orlando RV Resort, often called TTO for short, is probably the most popular Thousand Trails RV resort in Florida. It is also the biggest, with over 1,000 campsites. We have stayed here many times over the years and really enjoy the amenities. And that the different sections of the park have a very different feel.

Some areas are heavily covered in vegetation, so you feel like you’re in a jungle. Other areas are wide open to soak up the abundant Florida sun. This Thousand Trails resort is very conveniently located near grocery stores, entertainment, and theme parks. And being only 10 miles from Disney, you can even see their nightly fireworks from this campground. 

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Peace River RV and Camping Resort in Wauchula, Florida

This is a popular park within the Thousand Trails Florida network. Ironically, despite having had reservations a few times, we have never been able to stay here. Each time our reservation was canceled because of flooding. While technically open year-round, this park floods often. As the name implies, Peace River RV and Camping Resort is located alongside a river. The property has about 460 RV sites, but about half of them are prone to flooding.

The sites prone to flooding only have 20/30 amp power and do not have sewer connections (which is probably a very good thing). The half less likely to flood are 30/50 amp with sewer connections. This Thousand Trails RV park is still in central Florida but further south of the Orlando and Tampa metropolitan areas. 

See reviews for this property at RV LIFE’s Campground Reviews

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Three Flags RV Campground in Wildwood, Florida

The third regular Thousand Trails campground in Florida is Three Flags. This is the smallest of the three TT properties, with just under 200 RV sites. It is located near the famous Florida community ‘The Villages.” Though north of Orlando, it is still less than an hour’s drive from many of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. RV sites are mostly on a grassy surface, and streets are easy to maneuver. 

The resort is split into two separate sections, making it feel even smaller and more intimate. We stayed here a few years ago and thought it was a nice, peaceful little place. It is open year-round so you can stay here anytime for no nightly fee with any type of Thousand Trails camping membership.

Read reviews at RV LIFE’s Campground Reviews

Thousand Trails Encore Resorts in Florida

As mentioned above, if you have a Trails Collection add-on with your Thousand Trails membership, you gain access to an additional 100+ RV resorts nationally. With 38 of these Thousand Trails Encore resorts in Florida, we have separated them into 4 regions to make it easier.

Florida Central, East (Atlantic) Coast, Southern Florida, and West (Gulf) Coast. Below you will find high level information on all of the parks in each region. Or use the quick link section below to jump to a specific region.

Central Thousand Trails Encore Resorts in Florida

Thousand Trails has 11 Encore RV resorts in what we consider to be Central Florida. These are part of the Trails Collection, and in addition to the three regular Thousand Trails campgrounds mentioned in the section above.

Clerbrook Golf & RV Resort in Clermont, Florida

As the name suggests, this Thousand Trails Encore RV Resort is an excellent place for golfers. We have stayed here a couple of times and really enjoyed it. This large resort has over 1,100 sites on 287 acres, with large trees, lush vegetation, lakes, and ponds throughout the property. The well-cared-for 18-hole golf course is challenging but fun and runs through the entire property center. The RV sites are mixed with some more permanent park model structures. Sites are divided into three separate areas, so the park doesn’t feel as big as it actually is. 

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Clover Leaf Forest RV Resort in Brooksville, Florida

At only 20 minutes to the Gulf Coast, we considered putting this resort in the gulf coast section. But we had to draw the line somewhere, and there were already many other gulf coast properties. This Thousand Trails Encore RV resort is more heavily forested, which is great for staying cool in the shade. There are 285 sites in this tranquil country setting RV resort. And they have both indoor and outdoor pools.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Forest Lake Village in Zephyrhills, Florida

Between Tampa and Orlando, near the town of Zephyrhills, you will find Forest Lake Village. There are large spaces of undeveloped land preserves nearby and it has a suburban feel. There are about 274 sites, many of which are cute pastel colored park model homes rather than RVs. The on-site lake offers fishing for largemouth bass and other fish. 

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Lake Magic RV Resort in Clermont, Florida

This Thousand Trails Encore resort is in Clermont, close to Disney, Universal Studios and the other major tourist attractions. This park is sometimes used as an overflow property to the large, Thousand Trails Orlando Resort nearby. Lake Magic is a medium-sized, 470 site park on 67 acres with a mix of park models and RV sites. It has a nice pool area near the back of the resort, alongside a lake. It’s a very peaceful retreat in contrast to the busy amusement parks. Though we haven’t personally visited it, we have heard from a number of other RVers who really enjoyed their stay here.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Sherwood Forest RV Resort in Kissimmee, Florida

This Thousand Trails Encore Resort is located in Kissimmee. It’s just 4 miles from Disney World and only 12 miles from Universal Studios in southwestern Orlando. Sherwood Forest RV Resort is surrounded by residential areas and close to lots of shopping and conveniences. It has around 500 sites, most of which are in open grassy areas. So even though the name would imply it is heavily forested, it is mostly open air for lots of sun. 

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Southern Palms RV Resort in Eustis, Florida

About 40 minutes north of Orlando, you will find the Southern Palms RV Resort. It is relatively large at 889 sites. This park consists almost entirely of RV sites. Nearly all of which are on open grassy surfaces with some trees. There are many lakes in this region of Florida. And this RV park is located in a suburban area with many conveniences nearby.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Toby’s RV Resort in Arcadia, Florida

Arcadia is a small town in Florida. We found it odd the Thousand Trails website claims it is just minutes from Tampa. Upon checking Google Maps, it is actually 90 miles from Tampa. So, if, like Thousand Trails, you consider 110 minutes to be “just a few”, then perhaps that it is true? 

Lots of open land surrounding the park gives it a very rural feel. But it is still only a few minutes from Walmart Super Center and Publix grocery store. We haven’t stayed at this property. But it looks like a quiet and peaceful rural RV park with 400 sites. If you are looking for easier access to the gulf coast or other attractions, there are likely better choices. But if you want to be close to Peace River RV and Camping Resort in Wauchula, this is just 23 miles away.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Tropical Palms RV Resort in Kissimmee, Florida

This Thousand Trails Encore Resort is also in Kissimmee, Florida. Only minutes (really) from many of the most popular tourist attractions near Orlando. It is just 3 miles from Disney World and less than 13 miles to other Disney properties and Universal Studios. This is a very cute resort with around 340 RV sites spread across six different areas, with pastel-colored cottages. Tropical Palms Resort has nice amenities and seems to be very well cared for. You might even get lucky and see deer walking around this park! 

Winter Garden RV Resort in Winter Garden, Florida

If you like being in the heart of the action, this Thousand Trails Encore RV Resort is in an excellent location. Winter Garden RV Resort is close to Disney attractions. But within a very walkable mile up the street, you’ll find the really nice downtown area of Winter Garden.

This RV park is also across the road from conveniences like grocery stores, an RV dealership, and plenty of shopping. This RV park is mostly RV sites but still has some park models. The tall pine trees are nice, and many of the 368 sites are grassy. We have stayed here many times, and while this park can be a little tight, we appreciate the convenience and walkability to the shops and restaurants in Winter Garden.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Winter Quarters Pasco RV Resort in Lutz, Florida

About 30 minutes north of Tampa and 40 minutes from the gulf coast, this Thousand Trails Encore RV resort is in a pretty good location. This smaller, 256-site RV park is surrounded by shopping and professional offices and has a really nice water feature within the resort. Being in the central Florida area, it still has really good access to the primary Florida tourist attractions and amusement parks like Disney and Universal.

From what we can tell from the photos, this park appears to be a mix of about  50/50 RV sites and park models. We have not stayed here, but the park amenities look to be in great condition. Note: Don’t confuse this park with the similarly-named Winter Quarters Manatee RV Resort, located 60 miles farther south.

Learn more about all of these parks at RV LIFE’s Campground Reviews

East Coast Thousand Trails Encore Resorts in Florida

If you prefer the Atlantic coast, the Thousand Trails camping network offers seven Encore properties that might capture your attention. For the sake of this post, we are considering all Thousand Trails and Encore RV properties south of Miami as Southern Florida. These east coast resorts span from Fort Lauderdale north, with multiple in the Daytona area.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Breezy Hill RV Resort in Pompano Beach, Florida

This Thousand Trails Encore RV resort is only two miles from the beach. The property is quite large at 587 sites. Judging by the map, it appears to be mostly RV sites, with about one-third of park models. The surrounding area is a mix of commercial and residential properties. Pompano Beach is in the Fort Lauderdale area, 15 miles north of downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Bulow RV Resort in Flagler Beach, Florida

Bulow RV Resort is located quite close to Flagler Beach and about 35 miles south of St Augustine. About a mile of mostly undeveloped land separates it from the coast, but it is about 6 miles and a 10-minute drive to get to the beach area. This Thousand Trails Encore resort has 385 sites and is adjoining Bulow Creek for access to boating and fishing. 

Looking at photos and maps of the area, it seems like the RV sites would feel quite spacious. The surrounding area is mostly undeveloped, so it is likely fairly tranquil despite good access to I-95. When placing reservations, remember that it is only about 30 minutes north of Daytona Beach, which probably makes it popular for motorcyclists during Daytona bike week, or when there is a race at Daytona Speedway. 

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Highland Woods RV Resort in Pompano Beach, Florida

Highland Woods RV Resort is just half a mile from Breezy Hill, another Pompano Beach Thousand Trails Encore RV park, and both are 11 miles north of Fort Lauderdale. This Highland Woods RV park is relatively small and simple, with just 147 sites. The surrounding area is a mix of residential and commercial. Situated just 5-6 miles from the Atlantic coast, it’s also just 33 miles south of the pricey and popular West Palm Beach.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Rose Bay RV Resort in Port Orange, Florida

This Thousand Trails Encore RV resort is very close to Daytona – only about five miles away – and adjoins the Rose Bay it is named after. We haven’t stayed, but this park has 300 sites, a mix of RV sites and park models. While the surrounding area appears to be mostly residential, there is a go-kart track next door. This RV park seems fairly light on amenities, but the location is pretty close to other area attractions.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Space Coast RV Resort in Rockledge, Florida

We stayed at this RV park for a couple of nights last December. It’s just half an hour’s drive from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. And for us, it was also a great location for visiting a friend who lived in the area. It’s a half-hour drive to Cocoa Beach, where we enjoyed an oceanside meal and cocktails. This resort has 270 sites that are fairly evenly split between RVs and park models. The surrounding area is a mix of residential and commercial. And it is situated right next to a Lowe’s Home Improvement Store near I-95, which makes it very handy if you have some DIY RV projects on your to-do list!

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Sunshine Holiday Daytona in Ormond Beach, Florida

Located on Highway 1, about 15 miles north of Daytona Beach and Daytona International Speedway, which will no doubt attract NASCAR fans. This Thousand Trails Encore RV resort is easily accessible because it is right near the intersection of I-95 and Highway 1. This large, 602-site RV park is unique because the layout is divided into two large circles, with canals and a pond.  It’s just 8.5 miles from Bulow RV Resort – another Thousand Trails property – and 43 miles from the quaint town of St. Augustine. We haven’t stayed, but we understand the amenities are tiring and could be upgraded. 

Sunshine Holiday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We stayed at this park for one week a few years ago. It’s a small and simple 130-site campground with a fairly even mix of RV and permanent structures. It is located in a commercial area right off Oakland Park Blvd. We found the campsites to be extremely tight. In fact, many RVs were nearly touching each other, and some slide-outs overlapped with their neighbors. For us, it was simply a place to park, stay inside, and work. It is close to Fort Lauderdale and about 15 minutes from the beach. Personally, we found the immediate area to be undesirable and would likely choose to stay elsewhere the next time we’re visiting the area. 

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Sunshine Travel RV Resort in Vero Beach, Florida

This Thousand Trails Encore Resort is an area that is often referred to as Florida’s treasure coast. The property is less than 10 miles from the coast in what appears to be a mostly rural area with some residential. You can expect a little road noise since it is adjacent to I-95. There are 291 sites which are a mix of RVs and park models. This park offers very easy access to all that the area has to offer.

Learn more about all of these parks at RV LIFE’s Campground Reviews website

Southern Region Thousand Trails Encore Resorts in Florida

If your idea of the best Florida RV vacation is to head as far south as possible, these southern Florida Thousand Trails Encore resorts will be right up your alley. There are three very nice RV properties in this region, and we have stayed at two of them, so far. All three of these RV resorts – in the Trails Collection – charge $20 per night (plus tax) if you have a Thousand Trails membership with Trails Collection add-on. Regular retail rates at some of these resorts can be well over $250 per night, so your camping membership will save you a lot of money here.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Fiesta Key RV Resort & Marina in Layton, Florida

This Thousand Trails Encore RV Resort looks amazing. While we have driven by it many times, we have not stayed here – yet! Fiesta Key RV Resort is next to Long Key State Park, about 12 miles from Islamorada, a lovely part of the Florida Keys that is well-known for fishing. This resort is basically a 28-acre private island with incredible sunset and water views. In fact, many of the RV sites actually back up to the water. There are 324 sites which are a mix of RVs, cottages, and small ‘hotel’ units. As well as a marina, restaurant, and pool overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. 

Even more amazing is knowing you can stay here for only $20 per night with a Thousand Trails camping membership with the Trails Collection add-on. As you would expect, this Florida Keys campground is in high demand. So grab a reservation when you can. Your chances of nabbing a spot are better out of peak season or if you have the Adventure Membership with Trails Collection Plus, as that enables you to book up to 90 days in advance instead of 60 days with the regular Trails Collection.

Miami Everglades RV Resort near Miami, Florida

Are you looking for a peaceful RV resort with quick and easy access to all the best of southern Florida? This Thousand Trails Encore resort near Miami, Florida, is pretty great. It is a 34-acre property among avocado, mango, and palm trees and surrounded by farms. Yet, it is only 10 miles to Everglades National Park, 30 miles to Key Largo, and 30 miles to Miami. 

This resort offers excellent amenities and a very nice swimming pool area. We have stayed several times and really liked the path encircling the resort for walks or bike rides. There are about 250 sites, mostly for RVs, plus some cabin rentals. During one of our visits, we even stored our motorhome in the RV storage area (for a fee) while we took a 7-day Caribbean cruise. It was ideal for staying in the RV resort both before and after our cruise. 

Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina in Big Pine Key, Florida

This Thousand Trails Encore Resort in the Florida Keys is a 75-acre island near Bahia Honda State Park. There are 399 sites, most of which are for RVs, set on small white gravel. This property really does deserve to be called an RV resort, with very nice amenities, including a large marina and jetty. And the location is pretty hard to beat. It is between Marathon and Big Pine Key, 31 miles from Fiesta Key RV Resort, and 37 miles from Key West. 

Public retail camping rates start at well over $100 and go up to more than $300 per night for waterfront sites. But we spent two weeks here last winter (over Christmas and New Year) and paid just $20 per night (a total of $315 with tax) thanks to our Thousand Trails camping membership with Trails Collection. It’s very popular, and for good reason. So do yourself a favor and try to score a spot!

West/Gulf Coast Thousand Trails Encore Resorts in Florida

If you’re searching for a calmer pace and waters, Florida’s Gulf Coast may be just the spot for you. With easy access to popular areas like Tampa, Fort Myers, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg, there are plenty of Encore / Trails Collection parks to choose from in this region.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Barrington Hills RV Resort in Hudson, Florida

Northwest of Tampa near the town of Port Richey you will find Barrington Hills RV Resort. It is outside of town where the residential area starts giving way to more open land. This looks like a fairly simple RV park with about 390 sites. 

Crystal Isles RV Resort in Crystal River, Florida

This Thousand Trails Encore Resort is VERY close to the Gulf waters. In fact, there are waterways adjoining the RV resort that connect to the bay. The beach fishing pier is only 5 miles away, mostly through undeveloped scenic areas. There are 254 sites, most of which are for RVs, but they also have some cabins and park models. This resort has pretty dense vegetation and is spread around water, so most sites feel quite roomy. We really liked it here – and even though our stay in January 2022 was just a few days, we look forward to returning to Crystal Isles RV Resort next time we visit Florida’s gulf coast, and spending more time in the area.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Fort Myers Beach RV Resort in Fort Myers, Florida

This RV resort is listed as having 285 sites and is located very close to the Gulf Air Resort. Both are in commercial areas, making for easy access to practical conveniences but less tranquil. This Thousand Trails Encore Resort is one of the properties damaged by Hurricane Ian (as was Gulf Air). They are currently closed for repairs but accepting future reservations for this winter. Please check the Thousand Trails website for updates.

Gulf Air RV Resort in Fort Myers, Florida

This RV park is right next door to a Walmart and is surrounded by shops, which makes it very easy to run errands by bike or by foot. But this also makes it less tranquil than other parks. This property has 209 sites, and we stayed here in early 2022 on our 8,500-mile Florida RV rental road trip. The beach is an easy biking distance at only 2 miles, or you can ride a trolley that stops right at the resort. 

Hurricane Ian damaged this campground in September 2022. Interestingly, it shares the same brochure as nearby Fort Myers Beach Resort. They are (both) currently closed for repairs but accepting future reservations for this winter. Please check the Thousand Trails website for updates.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Gulf View RV Resort in Punta Gorda, Florida

This Thousand Trails Encore resort has 204 sites and is 4 miles from historic downtown Punta Gorda. It’s in a coastal residential area very close to the coast. Looking at a map, it seems to be a very nice area. It’s also just 17 miles from Harbor Lakes RV Resort in Port Charlotte.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Harbor Lakes RV Resort in Port Charlotte, Florida

Also near Fort Myers, this RV resort has 525 sites and is surrounded by residential areas and undeveloped land. It’s just 18 miles across the bridge to Boca Grande, on Gasparilla Island, which is fun for biking. Harbor Lakes does not appear to have been damaged much by Hurricane Ian, unlike a few of the other Fort Myers area Thousand Trails Encore resorts in Florida. So this might still be an option for that area this winter season. Although, with so many other RV parks in the area closed for repairs, it may be tough to get a reservation. Many people live full-time in RV parks and work in the area.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Holiday Travel Park in Holiday, Florida

This Thousand Trails Encore resort is northwest of Tampa, just off Hwy 19. The resort map appears to have around 550 sites, with the ratio of RV versus park model unclear. We would imagine the resort has expanded multiple times based on how scattered the site numbering is. Judging by the photos, the amenities in the clubhouse look very nice, especially the billiards room. Amenities, including the on-site lake, are in the center of the resort. This park is about 18 miles north of Clearwater.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Pioneer Village RV Resort in North Fort Myers, Florida

This is another 500+ site Thousand Trails Encore resort near Fort Myers. The listing for this park mentions that they regularly offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals on-site and have a very active social committee. It appears to be predominantly mobile homes and park models, but they do still have RV sites available. It’s located just 8.5 miles from Fort Myers.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Ramblers Rest RV Campground in Venice, Florida

This property is a wooded area near a river, about 30 minutes inland from the coastal downtown city of Venice, Florida. In our previous travels to this area, we really loved the Venice area. Ramblers Rest is an age-qualified resort (55+) and formerly had over 600 sites and nice amenities. Hurricane Ian impacted it but has opened back up. Please check the Thousand Trails website for updates.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Riverside RV Resort in Arcadia, Florida

A bit further inland from Ramblers Rest is the Thousand Trails Encore park called Riverside RV Resort. The large river adjoining the resort is called Peace River and feeds into Charlotte Harbor. With 500 sites, it is pretty big, and appears to be predominantly RV sites, not permanent structures. Being such a wet area, the resort has multiple lakes and ponds, so many RV sites are near water. Hurricane Ian also impacted it, but it has opened back up. 

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Royal Coachman RV Resort in Nokomis, Florida

Royal Coachman has 561 sites and, judging by the map, consists of about two-thirds permanent park-model sites, and one-third RV sites. It’s in Nokomis, right on the gulf coast of Florida. It is loaded with amenities and located very close to some great Florida beaches. According to the Thousand Trails website listing for this resort, it is one of the highest-rated RV resorts in the country. It does look nice (we’ve never been), but we have also learned to manage our expectations regarding the Thousand Trails parks and their glowing descriptions. Still, it looks like a park worth visiting, especially for no nightly fee, as a Thousand Trails member with the Trails Collection!

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Silver Dollar Golf, Trap Club & RV Resort in Odessa, Florida

Odessa Florida is north east of Tampa and as the name suggests, this resort has golf and trap shooting focus. There are three 9-hole golf courses, and a very large trap/skeet shooting area on the property. Silver Dollar RV Resort has 459 sites, a mix of RV and permanent structures. They also have two restaurants on the property. As you might expect with the trap shooting, this campground is located in a more rural area but offers amenities specific to campers with golf, trap, and shooting interests.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Sunseekers RV Park in North Fort Myers, Florida

This is a smaller, age-qualified RV resort (55+) with only 241 sites and is pretty light on amenities. If you like shopping, it is conveniently located right off the main Fort Myers Drag, Tamiami Trail. The RV sites are mostly on a grassy surface with a concrete pad. It appears that it is mostly RV sites, not permanent structures. And while this Thousand Trails Encore resort is in the Fort Myers area, it was not impacted much by Hurricane Ian and is still open. 

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Terra Ceia RV Resort in Palmetto, Florida

This looks like a very nice area being adjacent to the Terra Ceia Preserve State Park on the south side of Tampa Bay. It is also less than 20 minutes north of the popular city of Bradenton, Florida. The Thousand Trails website states that it has 206 sites but also mentions adding 188 sites in 2022. So, it might currently have a lot of construction going on with an expansion that nearly doubles its size. Please check the Thousand Trails website for updates.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Topics RV Resort in Spring Hill, Florida

This is a smaller 230-site age qualified RV resort (55+) is a mixture of RV and park model sites that seems to be lighter on amenities. The surrounding area appears to be a mix of residential and commercial. It’s located about 40 miles south of Crystal River and Crystal Isles RV Resort, and about an hour (54 miles) from Clearwater.

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Vacation Village RV Resort in Largo, Florida

This is a simple 275-site RV park with a mix of permanent and RV sites catering to long-term or extended stays. Largo, Florida is a pretty good location between Clearwater and St. Petersburg, Florida. So it is definitely a good location for access to area attractions. We stayed at Vacation Village RV resort in our Class A motorhome a few years ago and found campsites to be acceptable but somewhat tight. The specific location is mostly surrounded by commercial with some residential. 

Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Winter Quarters Manatee RV in Bradenton, Florida

This 410-site resort has a fairly large lake in the middle with sites surrounding it, so many RV sites are waterfront. It is a mix of RV and park models/cabins and has very nice amenities, including two swimming pools, one of which is at the clubhouse on the lake. We have stayed at this Thousand Trails Encore resort multiple times and really enjoyed it. 

You will hear some road noise from nearby I-75, if parked on that side of the resort. The surrounding area is mostly residential, but it’s only a mile from conveniences like grocery stores and a Costco Warehouse. The 30-mile drive to Apollo Beach is worth visiting the Manatee Viewing Center and seeing these giant sea creatures basking in the warm waters.

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Photo credit: Thousand Trails

Summary of Thousand Trails in Florida

So there you have it. A roundup of all the Florida Thousand Trails campgrounds and RV resorts. Of course, this is just a taste, and remember that the term “resort” is subjective. Thousand Trails calls many of their properties “RV Resorts,” but we wouldn’t necessarily agree when it comes to some of them. So do your homework and know what to expect in advance of your stay. How we look at it is it’s hard to beat for the price. And our Thousand Trails membership is what makes our RV life affordable. Especially as full-time RVers, when we would spend 90-180 nights a year camping within the Thousand Trails network for no nightly fee most of that time. 

Florida tends to be very popular, and campgrounds book up quickly, but in our experience, you can still get reservations at many parks. You just need to be patient and flexible! 

Don’t have an RV?

If you don’t have an RV, many of these parks also offer rental cabins. Thousand Trails recently introduced a new Cabin Camping Pass that may be worth looking into if you want to vacation that way.

New TT Memberships (Pat and Joanna)

YES, Please send me info on Thousand Trails memberships and the 55th Anniversary Special Offers


Thousand Trails Reps Joanna and Pat in Miami

Our recommended Thousand Trails Membership Specialists, Pat and Joanna Parizo

How to buy a Thousand Trails membership?

If you don’t already have a Thousand Trails camping membership, and would like to learn more about the options available and prices, you have a few options.

Safe travels!

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  1. Left a voicemail and text with the Thousand Trails contact people you mention and they don’t return messages. Are they even part of TT anymore?

  2. Thanks for the article! We’re finally headed to Florida, and want to make the most of our TT membership. Hope to see you again soon!


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