How Much Does A Thousand Trails Membership Cost? New Pricing (2022 Update)

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So what does a Thousand Trails Camping Membership cost in 2022? Here’s the latest pricing for all new Thousand Trails (TT) memberships, and the latest promotional deals. We cover the Zone Camping Pass, Trails Collection, Elite Basic, Elite Connections and NEW Adventure upgrade – with an overview of each membership type and key benefits.

We also we share exactly how you can get an exclusive RVLOVE discount on upgrades and how to get the best deals available, year round – including their current promotions. (Plus some tips on ways to save that we’re not allowed to publish.) Keep on reading for details.

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Average Campground Nightly Rates

Campground fees (alongside gas prices) are likely to be your two biggest expenses of RV life. Over the years, we’ve seen campgrounds and RV parks as low as $10 a night and upscale RV resorts as high as $200 or more a night! 

But nightly rates at most RV parks and campgrounds around the country typically range between $30-60 – averaging $45 per night –depending on when and when you stay, the kind of hookups at your site, and the standard/amenities you prefer. 

Yep, RV camping costs can add up! So the better you are able to manage these expenses, the further you’ll be able to stretch your budget, and camp longer for less. And who doesn’t want to camp more affordably? 

We recently wrote a series of in-depth articles about the cost of full time RV life over 6 years. We share what we spent on RV campgrounds and boondocking and show how its possible to afford full time RVing, without being retired or wealthy! You’ll also see how much of our camping – and savings – were related to our Thousand Trails membership.

Saving Money with Thousand Trails

In our 6+ years as full-time RVers, we used our Thousand Trails camping membership extensively as we traveled. Even as part time RVers, we still use our Thousand Trails membership often. We most recently spent 2 weeks at Sunshine Key RV Resort in the Florida Keys (for just $22.50 a night including tax), plus a few days at Blue Mesa Recreational Ranch in Colorado for no nightly fee.

To date, we have stayed over 850 nights in our RV at more than 70 of the 190+ campgrounds across Thousand Trails national network. Our camping membership has literally saved us thousands of dollars in camping fees each year. So for us, it’s been great value for money. We wrote a comprehensive report about what we spent on Thousand Trails – and what we saved with – here.

If you’re a full-time RVer, or do extended RV travel, and are likely to spend anywhere from 60-180 nights or more a year RV camping within the Thousand Trails network, there’s a good chance it may end up being good value for you too. 

But, Thousand Trails is not for everyone! Which is why we recommend you do your research by reading this, and our other Thousand Trails articles. 

We’ve written a TON about Thousand Trails over the years. If you are new here, you can find all of our in-depth articles about Thousand Trails – all rounded up here on this page. That’s where we cover the Zone Camping PassTrails CollectionBuying New vs Used, and Membership Upgrades in more detail. All of these will help you determine if a Thousand Trails membership is right for you, your camping style, and your budget.

But this article specifically focuses on the 2022 pricing and Thousand Trails membership cost on the NEW memberships that are available to buy directly from Thousand Trails (not resale or used). We also include a quick high level overview and benefits of each level of membership. 

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

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2022 New Thousand Trails Membership Cost

First up, you need to know there are several membership options (and add-ons) available from Thousand Trails. These are the regular prices published by Thousand Trails, along with “price guidelines” for the various membership upgrades.

Throughout the year, Thousand Trails offers special promotions and discounts that are worth taking advantage of! We’ll update this post regularly as we hear about special promotions, so bookmark this page and refer back to it often for the latest, discounted prices. We also have a Thousand Trails insider connection that can alert you when there’s a special promotion running (find their details at the end of this post, or complete the quote form). But honestly, no matter which membership you decide to get, or what you end up paying for it, Thousand Trails can end up saving you a lot of money on camping fees. 

Let’s start with the entry level Zone Camping Pass membership before moving through to the bigger upgrade options, with more benefits. Note that all prices shown are excluding tax (if applicable).

Note: Prices are shown without taxes, which may be applicable, depending on your state and where you purchase from.

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Annual Zone Camping Pass (Zone Pass)

This is the entry level camping membership to get started with Thousand Trails. The Zone Pass a great, affordable option to get started with Thousand Trails as it’s a low cost and low commitment of just one year (unless you sign a multi-year contract). 

2022 Standard Price: $630 for one year

Multi-Year Contract: as low as $530/yr up to 4 years

CURRENTLY ON SALE: Now just $504 when you buy from our contacts Jim and Brandy (they can match or better any advertised price) or buy online*. *Taxes may apply (or not).


The Zone Camping Pass is the basic, entry level membership to Thousand Trails that allows you to camp up to 14 nights at a time, with no nightly fees, within the “Zone” that you purchase. There are five (5) zones with a total of 80 campgrounds in North America. Each zone has 8-23 campgrounds within the USA, plus one in Canada, BC. After each stay of 5 nights or more at a Thousand Trails campground, you need to stay out of the system for 7 days before re-entering. Or camp for 4 nights, move to another Thousand Trails campground, and repeat (indefinitely) with no time out of the Thousand Trails network. You can make reservations up to 60 days in advance. And you can purchase the optional Trails Collection add-on, to access even more parks around the country.

Who is it for?

The Zone Pass is also good for those who only only use it occasionally or seasonally, and don’t require stays longer than 14 days. It’s popular with many Canadian snowbirds! This is also the membership we recommend to folks who want to dip their toe in the water and see if they like Thousand Trails campgrounds and the membership benefit, before making a bigger commitment to one of the (more expensive) upgrade options. It is the lowest Thousand Trails membership cost. We jokingly refer to the Zone Pass as the ‘gateway drug’ to Thousand Trails. Once you get a taste and you like it, you may just want more – ie. a membership upgrade with extra benefits! You can try Thousand Trails out for yourself with a Zone Pass – it will pay for itself within about 14 nights of camping. If it’s not for you, simply cancel your membership. If you like it and want even more benefits, then you might want to consider one of the upgrade options.


The Zone Pass is for one year, and auto renews annually, unless you cancel it in writing in advance (check your contract for details). You can also buy a multi-year zone pass on a contract that locks in a discounted annual rate for that term. You can also finance it with monthly payments, if you commit to 2 years or more.

Click here to get the best current Thousand Trails membership prices at any time – for Zone Camping Pass and Membership upgrades.

Or buy online (note: FL sales tax applies when you purchase online).

Add an Extra Zone to your Zone Pass

You can add up to 4 extra zones, giving you access to a total of 5 zones.

2022 Standard Price: $70 per additional zone


Adding an extra Zone expands the number of campgrounds available to you as you travel. For example: If you buy the North West zone which has 18 parks, you might also want to add the South West zone with another 18 parks – giving you access to 36 parks. Or if you plan to camp in the South East which has 23 parks, you may choose to add the North East zone which has 13 parks, giving you 36 parks to camp at during the year. The Mid West Zone has 8 parks. And you can mix and match zones as and when you like. 

Who’s it for?

Adding extra zones are a great option for those who find the Zone Camping Pass benefits to be sufficient for their camping style, needs and budget. But you also want to be able to camp at more locations in a geographical area. Adding another Zone is inexpensive, and a no-brainer if you plan to travel outside of your main geographical location.


One year, or part thereof. If you add a second (or even a third) zone to your Zone Camping Pass at the time of buying your first Zone, then the extra zone will be valid for a whole year. However, if you add an extra zone partway through the year, the price does not pro-rate. It renews on the anniversary date of your main Zone Camping Pass, at the going rate at that time. You can change/add Zones any time, and cancel in writing if you no longer need it. Your Zone Pass and additional Zones will auto renew each year on your Thousand Trails membership anniversary date, at the going rate at that time (unless you have a multi-year contract). 

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Trails Collection Add-on

The Trails Collection Reciprocal Program is optional and can be added to ANY Thousand Trails membership, at any time.

2022 Trails Collection Price: $330 per year


The Trails Collection is a group of 100+ Encore RV parks (they often call them RV resorts) around the USA that expands your network of Thousand Trails campgrounds even further. Trails Collection currently includes 113 Encore parks around the country (primarily in the sunbelt). When you add those to the 80 Thousand Trails campgrounds available nationally (see the options covered below) you will have access to 193 RV parks nationally. (Note, the number of parks within the Trails Collection can change, as new ones are added.)

If you have one Zone Pass with access to, say, 18 parks, adding the Trails Collection will give you access to a total of 126 campgrounds. You can stay up to 14 nights at a Trails Collection park. Then you will need to stay out for 7 days before being allowed to camp in another Trails Collection park. There is no nightly fee charged at most of the Trails Collection parks, but about 10 of them charge $20 per night. And all 29 parks in Arizona (except one) and Texas are Age Qualified (55+) but this is not always strictly enforced. Amenities at Age Qualified parks aren’t as family friendly (no playgrounds) You can make reservations for Trails Collection parks up to 60 days in advance.

NOTE: There is also a new Trails Collection PLUS add-on available with even more benefits, but this is exclusively available to Adventure upgrade members. You can read more about that in the Adventure section below.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who wants to access more (and some much nicer) campgrounds and geographical locations within their membership! If you plan to spend just one week in a Trails Collection (Encore) park within a year, the cost of the Trails Collection add-on easily pays for itself. Check the camping map to see if the locations suit your travels. If so, it’s a great investment.


The Trails Collection (TC) can be added to ANY level of Thousand Trails membership (Zone Pass, Upgrade, New or Used) at any time for one year or part thereof. The Trails Collection Add-on is renewable on your annual dues anniversary date at the prevailing rate at that time. If you add the Trails Collection part way through the year, the price does not pro-rate. And it renews on the anniversary date of your main Zone Camping Pass, at the going rate at that time. 

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Thousand Trails Membership Cost to Upgrade

Before we dive into the Thousand Trails membership cost of the three upgrade options, note these important points applicable to all of them:

  • Thousand Trails does not make their exact membership upgrade costs public as they vary, so it’s tricky to get an exact answer on what you will end up paying. (What we share here is the maximum, not necessarily final price).
  • Several variables can affect pricing, including special promotions, and which membership/contract you are upgrading from.
  • You can finance your membership with monthly payments (and interest), with 10% down and no credit check. 
  • High use restrictions apply during peak times and locations, such as winter in Florida, where stays are limited to 14 days instead of the usual 21 (unless your contract allows otherwise).
  • Additional benefits include family passes, free/discounted cabin rentals, RPI membership with travel partner benefits on condos and cruises.
  • New memberships activate immediately, so you can start booking your camping trips right away.
  • You have the ability to re-sell your membership, with benefits intact, and recoup some of your purchase cost, if you no longer want or need your membership.
  • Taxes (if applicable) are not included in the prices shown below.

Now let’s take a look at these membership upgrade prices and overview!

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Basic Elite Membership Upgrade

To upgrade from a Zone Pass to the Thousand Trails Elite Basic, without any special promotions or discounts:

2022 Standard Price: $7,995 is the MOST you will pay *

* Plus, SAVE with exclusive RVLOVE discount, year-round.

  • You pay ongoing, annual dues of $499–$630, depending on the membership contract you are upgrading from.  
  • Existing Thousand Trails members can trade in (up) your membership – the gap price will depend on your current membership (get a quote)
  • Buy the upgrade outright or finance with monthly payments.
  • * Get a Quote that includes our RVLOVE discount and Thousand Trails special promotions.


The Elite Basic is the first level of membership upgrade from the Zone Pass. The Elite Basic allows you to camp in Thousand Trails campgrounds for up to 21 nights with no nightly fees, then move directly to another park, without any time out of the Thousand Traisl system. You have access to Thousand Trail’s entire national network of 80 campgrounds. Twice a year, you can also extend your stay by one week for just $29, extending your stay from 21 days to 28 days. You can make your camping reservations up to 120 days in advance. Annual dues are frozen at age 62. And one year of RPI Resort Connections membership is included, which expands your network of camping and travel options. Plus you can share benefits with family members with Courtesy Cards.

Who’s it for?

It’s great for full-time RVers, or those who travel extensively and/or want to slow down their travel pace, while saving money on camping fees. Also, if you want the peace of mind of being able to make your reservations 4 months in advance, this increases your chances of securing the campgrounds you want, especially during peak times. If you plan to RV for longer than a year, and intend to spend a significant amount of time within the Thousand Trails camping network, the Basic Elite is a good option. 


This contract has a 2 year commitment. But as long as you keep paying your annual dues, you’ll remain an active member, and able to enjoy the benefits of your Thousand Trails membership. You can put your membership on hold (ie. not pay annual dues) after year 2, for up to 5 years. 

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Elite Connections Membership Upgrade

To upgrade from a Zone Pass to the Thousand Trails Elite Connections, without any special promotions or discounts:

2022 Standard Price: $10,345 is the MOST you would pay *

* Plus, SAVE with exclusive RVLOVE discount, year-round

  • You pay ongoing, annual dues of $499–$630, depending on the membership contract you are upgrading from.  
  • Existing Thousand Trails members can trade in (up) your membership – the gap price will depend on your current membership (get a quote)
  • Buy the upgrade outright or finance with monthly payments.
  • * Get a Quote that includes RVLOVE discount and special promotions.


The Elite Connections is the next level up in membership upgrades. Just like the Elite Basic, you can camp for up to 21 nights at a time in a Thousand Trails campground, then move directly to another park, without any time out of the system. And you can access the entire network of Thousand Trails campgrounds. Twice a year, you can extend your stay by one week for just $29, for a 28 day stay. You can make your camping reservations 180 days in advance. Annual dues are frozen at age 62. And two years of RPI Resort Connections membership are included, which expands your network of camping and travel options. Plus you can share benefits with family members with Courtesy Cards.

Who’s it for?

A key benefit that makes the Elite Connections attractive is the 180 advance reservation window. This virtually guarantees you will be able to secure all of your campground bookings up to 6 months in advance, for greater peace of mind. The other key point of difference is for those who may enjoy different kinds of travel outside of your RV. The additional Travel Partner benefits of the Elite Connections may be attractive to you, such as discounted condos and cruises, or trading your getaway cabin week for a condo stay or cruise.


This contract has a 2 year commitment. But as long as you keep paying your annual dues, you’ll remain an active member, and able to enjoy the benefits of your Thousand Trails membership. You can put your membership on hold (ie. not pay annual dues) after year 2, for up to 5 years. 

Click here to get a quote and current deals on the Elite Connections

Adventure Membership Upgrade (Newest)

To upgrade from a Zone Pass to the Thousand Trails Adventure, without any special promotions or discounts:

2022 Standard Price: $16,595 is the MOST you would pay*

* Plus, SAVE with exclusive RVLOVE discount, year-round

  • You pay ongoing, annual dues of up to $615 – depending on the membership contract you are upgrading from.  
  • Buy the upgrade outright or finance with monthly payments.
  • Existing Thousand Trails members can trade in (up) your membership – the gap price will depend on your current membership (get a quote)
  • * Click Here to Get a Quote that includes RVLOVE discount and special launch promotions.


The new Thousand Trails Adventure upgrade launched in 2021 as the highest level of membership upgrade available. Understandably, since it is also has the highest Thousand Trails membership cost! But it also offers the most benefits.

Like the two Elite memberships, the Adventure gives you the ability to camp for up to 21 nights at a time in any one of Thousand Trails’ 80+ campgrounds, then move directly to another park, without any time out of the system. However, the Adventure allows you to extend your stay by one week during off-peak season for $29 four times a year. And twice a year, you can extend your stay by one week during peak season for $99. For example: pay $29 to stay for 35 days four times in one year, and during high season, you can add an extra week for $99, giving you two x 21 day stays (instead of 14 days). You can also make your reservations 180 days in advance. Annual dues are frozen at age 62. And two years of RPI Resort Connections membership are included (value $398), expanding your RV camping and other travel options.

Exclusive new Trails Collection PLUS

Perhaps one of the most attractive features, and exclusive to the Adventure upgrade members is the new and exclusive optional add-on of the Trails Collection PLUS. This increases your access to more premium parks, plus the ability to stay longer, and book farther out. 

While you can add on the regular Trails Collection (at $330 a year) to access an additional 100+ Encore parks, the new Trails Collection PLUS ($630) will allow you to stay up to 21 days and move from park to park, with NO time out of the system. You can also reserve your campsites up to 90 days in advance. 

So this effectively, means you can stay at close to 200 Thousand Trails and Trails Collection (Encore) parks interchangeably, year-round – at no nightly fee. The exception is that ten of the 190+ Trails Collection premium parks (eg. in the Florida Keys) charge a nightly fee of $20, plus tax (about $22.50 a night). 

There are also more travel benefits – eg. 10 x free weeks at a Getaway Cabin (one week a year over 10 years) which you can trade for an RPI condo or cruise vacation. We cover all the benefits in greater detail in this in-depth article about the Adventure upgrade. We recommend you read this first to learn more about the Adventure membership to help you decide whether or not to upgrade.

Who’s it for?

Aside from those who can afford it, of course, this is for those who want the option of longer stays, increased access to more premium properties, and the peace of mind that comes with the longest advance reservation window available. The Adventure membership allows you to book the dates and campgrounds of your choice up to six months ahead, so you can always secure your selections. Those who want to enjoy a slower pace of travel with longer stays, and especially extended stays in one geographical area, will appreciate the benefits of the Adventure upgrade. 

The additional Getaway and Cabin benefits, Travel Partner benefits plus 6 x $500 Vacation credits ($3,000 value) may also appeal to those who enjoy different kinds of travel other than RV – like condos and cruises. Plus you can share benefits with family members, with up to 8 Courtesy Cards and 4 Zone Camping Passes. Also included is 2 years of RPI membership, for access to even more campgrounds nationally. Taking a longer term view of your travel plans, style and anticipated expenses will help you ascertain if the Adventure membership is right for you.


This contract has a 2 year commitment. But as long as you keep paying your annual dues, you’ll remain an active member, and be able to enjoy the benefits of your Thousand Trails membership. You can put your membership on hold (ie. not pay annual dues) after year 2, for up to 5 years.

Click here to read more about the new Adventure upgrade

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BONUS: Two years membership to RPI is also included (value $398). And, for a limited time, Thousand Trails will include up to 1 year of Trails Collection Plus ($630) for free. 

Get a best price quote on the new Adventure membership upgrade by completing the quote form below.

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Is Thousand Trails Worth It For You?

Before making ANY purchase, estimate how many nights a year you plan to use your Thousand Trails Camping Membership. Multiply that number by an average campground rate (this can easily be $30-60 a night) for the areas you plan to travel. Then do the math. See if buying a Thousand Trails Camping Membership makes sense for YOU. And if you aren’t sure, just ask. We’re here to help.

If you haven’t already read our articles on what we’ve spent on RV camping fees and our Thousand Trails memberships over 6+ years of full time RVing (and what we’ve saved), you might like to check them out. They will help you determine what to budget for RV camping, and share a variety of ways to save.

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So What Does a Thousand Trails Membership Really Cost?

As you may have gathered, buying a Thousand Trails membership – whether it’s a Zone Pass or an upgrade – can be confusing. And trying to determine the exact Thousand Trails Membership cost on one of their upgrades isn’t black and white. (That’s why you can’t simply buy a Thousand Trails membership upgrade online.)

The standard Thousand Trails membership prices we have shared in this article are simply a guideline. These show you the highest price one could (but should not) pay. 

What factors impact the price?

The exact price you will end up paying for a Thousand Trails camping membership can vary, depending on any or all of the following:

  • the type of membership contract you currently have 
  • if you financed your membership (or plan to)
  • your down payment and term (if financing)
  • any special Thousand Trails promotional discounts throughout the year
  • RVLove discount (year-round, from our Thousand Trails insider contacts)
  • taxes – which may (or may not) apply, depending on how/where you buy your membership

With the exception of purchasing the Trails Collection add-on, or adding extra Zones to a Zone Camping Pass (those prices are fixed) all other  Thousand Trails Memberships can often be purchased with special promotional discounts. 

Click to get a quote and the current special pricing

Thousand Trails discounts? 

Yes, there are occasionally sales. And we have been able to negotiate an exclusive RVLOVE discount that will bring your total price down on a Thousand Trails membership upgrade. Plus, you can get on a list to receive alerts of special promos as soon as they are announced. Here’s how.

How to Get the Best Deal on Thousand Trails

Throughout the year, Thousand Trails runs special promotions – which they don’t always publish – and these can change often, without notice. The Zone Camping Pass almost always has some kind of promotional offer running (either a $ or % discount) so you usually won’t have to wait long to snag one of those. However, the membership upgrades – Elite Basic, Elite Connections, and the Adventure – do not typically go on sale as often as the Zone Passes. So if you know you want to get one, unless you are in a hurry, be ready to jump when they announce a sale on these. Oh – and they don’t publish these on their website!

Click here for the latest Thousand Trails sales prices / join discount hotlist

Who We Recommend and Why

We highly recommend speaking with our Thousand Trails Insider contacts and Membership Specialists, Jim and Brandy Reneau before you buy ANY new Thousand Trails membership – from a Zone Camping Pass to one of the upgrades – Elite, Elite Connections or Adventure. They can answer all your questions, guide you through the process, and get you the absolute best price available on a Thousand Trails membership (including our exclusive RVLove discount) year-round. Guaranteed.

Us with Brandy and Jim Reneau, Membership Specialists – and our pups!

Here’s how to get the best deal:

  • Call Jim Reneau on 770-622-4188 and/or
  • Email [email protected] and/or
  • Complete this form to get a quote with current deals
  • Let them you are part of the RVLOVE community
  • Ask for the current best price and deals on Thousand Trails Zone Camping Pass and Upgrades
  • They will apply our exclusive RVLOVE discount to your upgrade
  • If you are financing, they can provide a quote with monthly payments
  • If you’re not yet ready to buy, ask to get on their ‘specials hotlist’ for they will contact you when the next sale starts
  • Ask ANY questions you may have so you understand everything FULLY. They will NEVER try to sell you a membership that isn’t right for you. That’s one of the reasons we recommend them.

We have known Jim and Brandy (and their pups Princess and Tango) personally for several years. Throughout that time, we have built a relationship of trust (and we have really grilled them!). We have confidence in their knowledge, and value the high level of service they provide to our RVLove community. Jim and Brandy can help you with everything from a Zone Camping Pass, all the way up to an Elite, Elite Connections, or Adventure membership upgrade. They will be with you all the way, as your go-to people within Thousand Trails. 

Want to know about the other ways you can buy?

Yes, Please send me the latest info and special promotions on Thousand Trails memberships.

3 Ways to Buy Thousand Trails Memberships

  1. Contact our Thousand Trails Insiders: Membership Specialists Jim and Brandy Reneau on 770-622-4188 or [email protected]
  2. Thousand Trails Membership Specialist: Already know a Membership Specialist that you feel comfortable with? Sign up with them and let them know you read this article by RVLove.
  3. Buy Zone Camping Pass Online: If you prefer, you can buy Zones Pass(es) and the Trails Collection direct here at this link.

Whichever way you go, if this article helped you, please let Thousand Trails know that RVLOVE referred you (Marc and Julie Bennett – member #298683360). It does not cost you any extra, and they may even send us a gift card as a thank you. This helps us continue our research and keep the free content flowing here at RVLove, which we truly appreciate!


Well, we hope you found this article useful! We know Thousand Trails can get very confusing at times, so please feel free to leave your comments or questions down below. We’re here to help.

If you want to read more articles about Thousand Trails to understand even more about all your options for new and used memberships, you can find them all rounded up here. Or check out the box below to discover more Thousand Trails-related articles you might find helpful.

Until next time, Happy Trails! 

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  1. Im looking for my daughyer and son in law they live in there rv and lookin for rv parks they can live in . J know some parks you can stay 8 mths and keave a week an come back . Her hubby in the navy right now shes n patterson but anywhere in the valkey is good like manteca or tracy or stockton do h have a membership. For ones to live in rv oarks and how much? Military discount? And what rv parks in valley thankyou

    • Hi there, Thousand Trails parks are not designed to be lived in full time, but they do offer annual campsites at many locations – some may have rules (determined by county) on how long one can stay. Unfortunately, you’ll just need to contact each campground directly to get a price and understand their policies! We are not aware of any single resource for that. Good luck!

  2. Do you know what is costs to transfer an Elite member from the current owner to another party? I have a friend giving up RV travel and he has offered me his membership for free. I just am curious what the transfer fee is.

    • Hello Steve. Last time we checked, the transfer fee is $750. That would be fantastic if your friend would be able to transfer his membership to you (assuming there are not any past due payments, and that he was the original purchaser). Most memberships can only be transferred once. But if it all checks out that would be great. -M

  3. This is awesome! I felt like I needed to know the password and secret handshake since this isn’t published anywhere. Now that I have an idea of the cost of each upgrade, I have asked for quotes from TT. Thanks!

  4. How many of the SW zone pass parks are 55+ parks? And how is the 55+ defined? I am 76, and I travel a lot with my adult son, who is 41. Do we BOTH have to be over 55 to stay at a 55+ park?

    • No – only one of you has to be over 55… so you would qualify for all of those parks – there are many 55+ in the Trails Collection in Arizona (SW). and we have found that rule to be fairly fluid anyway. We are under 55 and and have managed to stay at a handful of the 55+ parks. We tell them we are a working couple, late 40s, no pets and no kids, and only once have we been told NO – during the peak of winter season. But you will be fine.

  5. With the Elite Connections (or similar), would the 180 day advance booking window apply to the Trails collection parks add-on as well, or do those stay at 60 days? Thanks!

  6. So just to clarify to make sure I understand, with the upgrades, it s one time payment of however many thousand it costs and then just an annual fee of $499-$599 or is it say $6,000 every 2 years with the commitment and then the $499-$599. Just trying to wrap my head around it for the future as it’s a possibility of us going full time either as the kids get older or they move out.

    • Hi Ashley, oh no you only pay the big membership fee of say $6,000 ONCE, and then annual dues thereafter of around $500-600 per year. As long as you keep paying your annual dues, you keep enjoying the membership benefits. And if/when you don ‘t need the membership anymore – say you decide to get off the road – then you can sell your membership on the resale market and recoup some of your original investment (roughly half, as a guesstimate). We have been TT members since April 2014, and upgraded to an Elite in September 2014… it’s saved us a ton… we used it about 90-180 days a year. It’s definitely a great membership for full timers, it’s what made RV life affordable for us. Hope that helps!

    • It all depends on where and when. For example, if you try to make a reservation at a popular park at peak time with short notice, you may have trouble getting a reservation. But if you are prepared to make reservations in advance (you can book up to 60 days ahead with the zone pass) then you should generally be fine. May be tricky on holiday weekends at their most popular parks/peak season, but keep in mind people often move/change their reservations around anyway. So even if you can’t get the res you want on a certain day, you can be persistent and keep calling back or trying online and grabbing spaces that open up. We have done that often, especially in Florida for the winter. And even scored a Saturday night on Father’s Day weekend in June at Hershey, PA (popular camping weekend) when a space opened up on the day. Plan ahead (it doesn’t cost you) and be flexible. You may not get everything you want all the time. but you should be able to get what you want most of the time… We never use TT exclusively, but we do use it a lot, and always have a backup plan for the peak places/times. Hope that helps!

  7. It’s renewal time for yearly membership, we are Oregon Washington zone. We have been frustrated as wanted to camp, but because of the Covid 19 issues they were CLOSED and we were not able to. We lost 3 months and counting of our 12 month membership. I do Understand the closures, but seems like they should adjust the months we were shorted. Are they planning on doing that as we did not get 12 months of camping? Was canceling membership, but would maybe do another year if we could also do the 20% off as new members get. Seems like you should take care of your current camper Memberships and NOT just the New ones for the 20% discount?

    • Hi Sherry – that is a question for Thousand Trails – not for us as we do not have the answer to that. COVID-19 is an unprecedented situation that no individual or business could have predicted. We were not in the TT system at the time and so were not impacted by being unable to use our membership, however we know MANY campers were in TT parks when the pandemic hit, and actually had their stays extended – at no extra charge and beyond their membership limitations – so they could shelter in place and stay safe, which we personally felt was a considerate thing for TT to do (when they did not have to). Many of their campgrounds DID remain open. That said, while some people are very happy with how the pandemic was handled by TT, others were not and it’s impossible to please everyone. From our perspective, most companies have been doing the best they can to navigate a very difficult situation and stay in business, as many won’t after this. By all means, take your request up with Thousand Trails and see what they come back with. We have no control or say over that. Good luck!

    • Sherry – I just had one more thought / question – are you a full time RVer? Everyone was asked to shelter in place to stay safe back in March (2 months ago) – wherever that may have been. Unless a full-timer, people were not being encouraged to ‘go camping’ as it wasn’t the time for that – anywhere. Oregon/Washington have – understandably – been very diligent about being strict with their closures, to keep people safe and reduce the number of infections and deaths. If you are full-time RVers, we do trust you managed to find a safe location to shelter in place and ride the pandemic out. The way we look at our TT membership, if we spend more than 30 days a year within the TT system, it’s well worth it for us. We appreciate the benefits, the cost savings and that we’re able to travel the country as RVers affordably, thanks to TT. Just remaining grateful for our blessings. So many others out there – those on the frontlines, those who have lost jobs, businesses and loved ones – are suffering much more, so we just try to keep that in perspective. Wishing you peace and happiness.

  8. Thanks Julie
    Sure does. When we start out on the road we will most likely do the lower states in the winter months and be in the RV for about 5-6 months. Will spend the Canadian summers at home. Looking at all the options to get the best deal for the 1/2 year we will be living in the RV.


  9. Good Evening – Thanks for the extremely valuable information.

    Q. I purchase a Zone Pass and then purchase the Trail Collection upgrade.
    The Zone Pass allows me to stay at a campsite for up to 14 days and then out for 7 days. The Trails Collection Add on also allows me to stay up to 14 days and then out for 7 days. Can I stay in the other program for these 7 days?
    IE: Stay with a Zone Pass for 14 days and then stay at Trails Collection Pass campground right away.

    • Hi John, glad you found the info helpful. No, with the Zone Pass, you must stay out of the entire TT system (including Trails Collection) for 7 days in between stays. Even with the upgrade options, you must have a minimum 7 days out of one Trails Collection park before being able to stay at another Trails Collection park. But there is nothing stopping you (with the membership upgrades beyond the Zone Pass) from moving directly from a TT park directly to a Trails Collection park to a TT park, with no time out of the system AS LONG AS you still have 7 days in between your Trails Collection stays. Does that make sense?

        • Hi William,
          I can definitely understand how that answer seemed to contradict a bit. Let me explain a little more. In the original question from John, he was basically asking if he could go back and forth from a normal Thousand Trails campground to a Trails collection with no time out of the system WITH A ZONE PASS. The answer to that question is no. When you have a zone pass, if you stay in a park for between 5 and 14 days you must stay out of all parks for 7 days. Also, in most cases , regardless of if you have a zone pass or an upgraded membership, you must stay out of Trails Collection parks for 7 days between stays. One new exception to this, is the newly released ‘Adventure’ membership. You can read more on this brand new membership at

          The second half of our original answer was sharing that if you have an upgraded membership that allows park to park 14 day stays, you could then bounce back and forth between Thousand Trails, and Trails Collection parks. But, you cannot go from one Trails Collection park to another unless you have the new Adventure membership.

          Thanks for your question so we can make sure everyone understands clearly.


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