Thousand Trails 55th Anniversary: Get the Best Deals to Save on Camping PLUS 0% Interest

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If saving money is important to you, and you want to spend less on camping fees, you’re in luck! The Thousand Trails 55th Anniversary Sale is underway and YOU get the gifts, with big discounts AND interest-free financing! We share the latest special offers, 55th anniversary celebrations, and how you can be a part of it and SAVE!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that over the last decade, our Thousand Trails camping membership has saved us literally TENS of thousands of dollars on camping fees. We bought our first Thousand Trails membership in April 2014. Which means we just had our 10-year anniversary as members. And last month, we surpassed 1,000 nights of RV camping in the Thousand Trails camping network! When we first started full time RVing way back then, we had no idea how long we’d be doing it. But we’re glad we had the foresight to keep the big picture – and our budget – top of mind, when making the decision to join.

>> Get the 55th Anniversary best price on Thousand Trails memberships now, by completing the form below, or keep on reading to learn more.

*UPDATE JUNE 24: Summer FLASH SALE – SAVE $255 on the Zone Camping Pass! Camp for NO nightly fee – now just $470 for a whole year! It’s the best price we’ve seen since 2014! Call 352-396-6835 and ask for the special RVLOVE Bonus. Offer ends tonight 6/24.

* UPDATE MAY 23: Thousand Trails can now save you even more with NEW interest-free financing on some memberships. Ask for details or read on for more.

New TT Memberships (Pat and Joanna)

YES, Please send me info on Thousand Trails memberships and the 55th Anniversary Special Offers


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Is Thousand Trails Worth It?

So obviously, when people ask Is Thousand Trails Worth it? the short answer (for us) is a resounding YES! On average, we spend 100 nights a year in Thousand Trails campgrounds nationwide. When we first started full-time RVing in 2014, it was a no-brainer as it allows us to manage our camping costs and budget. Even when we switched to part-time RV travel in 2020, we did the math and quickly realized Thousand Trails still made financial sense. That’s because we like to head south for the winter and spend extended time in our RV in (mostly) warm and sunny weather!

Of course, RV travel is a very personal thing. There are many ways to do it, and we realize a Thousand Trails camping membership may not be right for everyone. That’s why we have shared so much about Thousand Trails over the years, with many examples and detailed cost-scenarios. So you can figure out if it’s a fit for you.

But if you’ve been thinking about how to save money on RV camping, this is your nudge to consider Thousand Trails. The truth is, we simply could not have afforded to travel the country and live the RV life over the last decade without it!


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How Much Can You Save on RV Camping?

Case in point. We just returned from a 111-night snowbird trip to Arizona and spent over 70 nights at Thousand Trails parks. Spoiler Alert: This was a major factor in bringing our average RV camping cost for the trip down to under $10 a night. Get our full RV road trip report and stats here in this comprehensive blog post.

It’s well worth reading to put all of the data (miles, fuel, campground costs) into perspective. We think you’ll be surprised at how affordable the entire trip was, with fuel and campgrounds! We also tracked and reported the costs of our previous two winter RV trips to California and Florida. We also did a roundup of what we spent on RV camping in the 6+ years we were full-time RVers.

But we personally know many RVers who use Thousand Trails even more extensively and diligently than we do! And their nightly camping cost can literally be as low as a couple of dollars per night!

Like anything in life, it works if you work it! And the simple fact is, the more you use your Thousand Trails (or any) membership, the more you will save. 

Here are some articles where we share a lot more detail and cost analysis.


If you‘re new here, let’s start with a brief overview of Thousand Trails, before diving into the 55th Anniversary special offers.

What is Thousand Trails?

Thousand Trails is a membership-based camping network that allows members to camp for no nightly fee at 80+ campgrounds in North America (mostly in the USA, there is just one in Canada). There are several different levels of membership, from the entry-level (and most affordable) Zone Camping Pass, to upgrades offering many more benefits. These upgrades range from Escape, to Elite, Elite Connections, and the Adventure membership, which offers the highest level of member benefits. There are 5 camping ‘zones’ around the country, with each zone offering between 8-23 campgrounds. Most are RV sites, but many campgrounds also offer tent camping sites, cabins, yurts, and tiny homes, etc. But that’s not all.

Encore RV Resorts and campgrounds is a collection of 110+ properties offering mini vacations and long term stays. Encore parks are also owned by the parent company of Thousand Trails, Equity Lifestyle Properties (ELS). Many of these Encore parks are available as part of the “Trails Collection” which allows Thousand Trails members to stay at most (also at no nightly fee for) if they have purchased the Trails Collection add-on. A handful of premium Encore/Trails Collection properties charge $20 a night + tax, for example, in the Florida Keys, which still makes them extremely affordable. With this add-on, many Thousand Trails members can stay at close to 200 campgrounds nationwide.

Where can I learn more about 1000 Trails memberships?

We won’t go into much detail about the various Thousand Trails memberships in this post, as we have already covered these extensively in other articles. So we’ll just touch on them briefly, and share some useful links throughout.

You’ll find all of our Thousand Trails articles rounded up here, where we share real-world experience, data, pros and cons, and cost comparisons:

Now, let’s dive into the 55th Anniversary and the special offers available, including big discounts AND interest-free financing.

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What is the Thousand Trails 55th Anniversary?

The original Thousand Trails campground opened in 1969, which makes this year – 2024 – the 55th anniversary of Thousand Trails. To celebrate, they are offering extra special deals on their camping memberships. So if you’re looking to save money on camping, now is a great time to take a closer look, and join, if it’s right for you!

What are the 55th Anniversary Special Offers?

As part of their anniversary celebration, Thousand Trails is offering special discounts on both the Zone Camping Pass and their 3 top Membership upgrades. Plus, we guarantee you’ll always get the best price when you mention RVLOVE.

Here’s the scoop.

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Zone Camping Pass (ZCP) Deals


Save $155 off the regular retail price of $725 for one of the five available zones, making it just $570 for one year. There are 80+ campgrounds nationally, and each zone has between 8-23 campgrounds, You can also purchase additional zones as you need them, for $110 each. Typically we see a couple of different types of sales promos from Thousand Trails throughout the year. These are usually 20% off ($580) or $100 off ($625). 

If you stay just 10-12 nights in a year, you’ll get your money’s worth from a zone camping pass. But you can use it to stay up to 14 nights at a time, then you need to be out of the TT system for 7 days before your next stay. Theoretically, this would enable you to camp for up to 243 nights a year for no nightly fee. If you don’t mind a faster travel pace, you can stay 4 nights at a campground then move to the next for 4 nights, and so on, indefinitely! The Zone Pass booking window is 60 days.  

This is what we started out with (two zones) as RV newbies back in 2014. We used the heck out of it and loved the member benefits and savings so much we upgraded our membership after just a few months. The current 55th Anniversary Sale of $570 for the zone camping pass is terrific value. It’s a great, low-cost, low commitment way to get started with Thousand Trails.

Learn more about the Zone Camping Pass here

New TT Memberships (Pat and Joanna)

YES, Please send me info on Thousand Trails memberships and the 55th Anniversary Special Offers


Membership Upgrade Deals: Elite, Elite Connections, and Adventure

We have been advised the official 55th Anniversary discount is $1,000 off the Elite Basic, Elite Connections, and Adventure memberships. However, based on our experience seeing other TT promotions over the years, your discount CAN end up being much more. It all depends on the membership type you’re upgrading from, say, Zone Camping Pass or something else, what state you’re in, and more. 

The biggest advantages of these membership upgrades include the ability to stay longer, 21 nights at a time. Move directly from park to park with NO time out of the system. Use extra week privileges to extend by a week (up to 28-nights). And a longer advance booking window of 120-180 days (depending on membership type). This dramatically increases your chances of securing your preferred campgrounds and dates, especially during peak season and holidays. There are many other benefits, but these are the biggest ones that appeal to those (like us) who RV extensively and enjoy longer stays, and a more relaxed travel pace.

The only way to get the exact price (and very best deal available) on one of these membership upgrades is from our trusted Membership Specialists, Joanna and Pat Parizo. They can unlock extra discounts exclusively for our RVLOVE community. You can call them, send an email, or complete the info/quote form.

Joanna and Pat Parizo, Thousand Trails Membership Specialists
Phone: 631-921-1674 or 352-396-6835
Email: [email protected]

PRO TIP: Mention RVLOVE to get the very best deal available, guaranteed (ie. more than the 55th Anniversary $1,000 discount). AND ask about the NEW interest-free financing options / extra savings.

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Trails Collection optional add-on

The option to add-on the Trails Collection is available to every Thousand Trails membership. This means you can access around 110 additional parks, in addition to the 80+ campgrounds within the Thousand Trails nationwide camping network, for an additional $425 a year. However, Adventure members have exclusive access to the Trails Collection PLUS add-on ($725 a year). This enables you to book 90-days in advance (instead of 60), stay up to 21 nights (instead of 14), and move from park to park (instead of staying out for a week), just as you can with Thousand Trails campgrounds. Note the Trails Collection add-on is NOT on sale during the 55th Anniversary Celebration. But it’s a valuable add-on to any membership, and an excellent option, especially for full-time or extended travel RVers. So we highly recommend if it aligns with your travel destinations, usage, and budget.

Learn more about the Trails Collection here

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Save more with interest-free financing offers!

We’re big fans of being smart about using credit options responsibility, to save even more money, and get extra benefits. Here is a great way to do that!

Thousand Trails just shared this new announcement on May 23rd. 

  • Get 0% interest financing when you make a 25% down payment on either the Elite Connections or Adventure upgrade.
  • We happen to think this is an excellent opportunity, if you’re considering the Elite Connections or Adventure Membership, but have been on the fence about the financing. If you’ve been considering the Elite Basic, this offer may also be a reason to consider the Elite Connections or Adventure instead, as you’ll get a lot more benefits, but the price gap is reduced.

As always, please use credit responsibly. But it’s hard to beat this interest-free payments option, as you’ll save on financing as well as camping fees!

New TT Memberships (Pat and Joanna)

YES, Please send me info on Thousand Trails memberships and the 55th Anniversary Special Offers


Member Appreciation Events

Throughout the summer, Thousand Trails will also be hosting Member Appreciation Events at many of their RV parks and campgrounds. We don’t yet have details on which parks, dates, or what these events will look like, but we’ll update this post as soon as we find out! So bookmark this article and keep an eye out for the news.

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Get the best deals from Jo and Pat Parizo, Thousand Trails Membership Specialists


We are expecting this Thousand Trails’ 55th Anniversary celebration to be as big (if not bigger) than their 50th anniversary in 2019. Especially since more people are discovering how and why Thousand Trails memberships can make RV life and travel so much more affordable and sustainable. 

We are living proof. Through our experience over the last ten years, having visited close to 100 TT parks nationwide, and staying 1000+ nights, we’ve learned a TON about Thousand Trails. And we’re honored to have helped thousands of other RVers save money on RV camping as they explore the country! We hope you find our in-depth content helpful on your own journey, as you weigh up whether or not Thousand Trails is right for you. 

Of course, our trusted TT Membership Specialists, Joanna and Pat Parizo, know the Thousand Trails system inside out. They are experts who genuinely enjoy helping people, answering questions, and can help you get into the best membership for your travel needs and budget. 

So whether you’ve been on the fence, doing your research, or waiting for the best deal to come along, this is it. And it’s arrived just in time to start making your summer camping reservations! 

Happy Trails! We hope to see you out there!

PS. If you have any questions, please leave us a note in the comments below. 

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