1 Year Full-Time On the Road: Our Video Update

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OMG! Can you believe it!? We’ve been living on the road full-time for 1 year as of June 19. Yep, we actually celebrated our one-year anniversary as we came full circle back to Colorado over the summer. As per usual, we sat down to record our honest thoughts, feelings, tips and insights – this time from St Vrain State Park in Longmont, CO – for our 1 Year Video Update!

We know many of you have been eagerly awaiting this and have reached out to ask us when it will be up. As you are probably aware, we had a LOT going on at the time and we’ve been playing catching up with our blog and video editing, so thanks for both your enthusiasm and your patience!

In this 24 minute video, we candidly share our experience and what we’ve learned from the year that was… and discuss a range of topics, including:
  1. How Do We Feel Our About Setup? (Coach/MINI)
  2. How Was it Revisiting our ‘Old Life’ in Colorado?
  3. Do We Miss Our Stick & Brick Home and ‘Stuff”?
  4. What Does it Cost to Live Full-time in an RV?
  5. How Much Do We Spend on Gas?
  6. What Do We Spend on Campground Fees?
  7. How is our Technology, Work, Connectivity?
  8. Where To From Here?
  9. Final Words of Advice to Others

Our goal with this video was to answer some of the questions that WE had ourselves, when we were first researching and planning for this RV lifestyle back in 2013-2014, as we figured a lot of people would have similar questions to the ones we had.

We hope you enjoy this video and you find it helpful. Naturally, we always love to hear from you so please leave your comments below or over on our YouTube Channel.
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21 thoughts on “1 Year Full-Time On the Road: Our Video Update”

  1. Marc and Julie, thank you so much for the very informative video’s and blog. My husband and I are considering full timing also and have all the questions and fears and excitement about it that I guess everyone has at first. You guys have been so helpful in so many ways and we thank you for that. You are such a cute couple and I wish you the best. Keep the video’s coming! Hopefully we will meet on the road in the future!

    • Hi Gayle, thanks you so much and you are welcome. We remember all too well the questions and nerves that come with the early stages of considering this lifestyle. Glad our info is helpful, wishing you all the best with your search and maybe we’ll cross paths someday on the road. 🙂

  2. OMG ! I loved your video.
    Thank you. You are both so entertaining and personable .
    I don’t own an RV but I loved learning about what’s involved and all those tips that I can use in my own life…. Especially about the kitchen! I like the pics showing both your old kitchen and new kitchen. Also the gas mileage ! Going to work every day I spend way more than that, and you guys are seeing the whole country.
    Oh what fun that mini , I love how your gorgeous husband said he loves the freedom, it just reminded me that I can have fun and experience that sort of freedom, just by the type of car I drive! I’m saving up now.
    You two are so sweet, I love watching your videos and learning about life on the road – In an RV.
    Have a great summer in Florida. So looking forward to your next blog / video .

  3. Thank you SO much for these videos and all of your other content. I’m sure you don’t get feedback all the time, but rest assured, my husband and I read and watch everything you put up here. We are hoping to sell it all and head for the hills sometime in the next year or two. Your blog has been incredibly helpful to us, providing both inspiration and useful information. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Laura – we really do appreciate your supportive words! We don’t get feedback all the time, though we know many people DO read, watch and listen… so it is always nice to get comments and encouragement to keep producing. Glad it’s been helpful to you both.

  4. Have not seen anywhere either in writing or on any of the videos what it is you two do in terms of jobs. I will respect your privacy if you’d rather not say. Just curious. We’d love to be able to work, even part time, and live in a motor home. We are having a difficult time figuring out how we could do that. Neither of us are in the technology field where it seems this would work.

    • Hi John

      We share what we do for work on our About Us page https://rvlove.com/about-us

      Finding work you can do remotely seems to be a common quandary for many but there are many options… If you google it you will find a bunch of articles and even e-books by other RVers. We have met people who have online businesses, work as consultants, in IT, sharemarket traders, workampers, people who work at Amazon for the peak season, a family where the wife did massage and the husband did RV/auto detailing, mobile mechanics, writers… You name it, there are loads of opportunities out there and we encourage you to go explore what might be a fit for you. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with a little persistence it can bring your dream closer sooner rather than later. Good luck!

  5. Just loved your 1 yr video ,we are almost there and you make us feel more confident about our decesion, we are still a bit NERVIOUS,but are out shopping for a new coach ,and like you already have a minni to tow ,thanks so much . Keep the info comming ,,,,,,,,,,Alan n Amy

  6. Hey, we share the same RV Anniversary, only my full-time adventure began this year. Your blog & videos helped as part of my research before making the leap, so thanks for that. Congrats to a year of living well!

  7. hi Marc & Julie, enjoy your posts and videos. We are about 1 year from full timing. Hope to be on the road by fall 2016. Enjoyed your 1 year video and great to hear that you’re still enjoying it. You mentioned heading to Maine for a few weeks and as a lifelong resident and former Coastal Warden for the state, if we can answer any questions or be of help in any way, don’t hesitate to ask! We’re just north of Portland (15 mins) until we sell the house next spring, but also was stationed down east and covered Deer Isle & Stonington as well as Mt Desert/Acadia. We’re also looking at Tiffin so glad to hear you are still happy with your choice of coach. When we go FT, it’ll be retired, albeit a bit early. Looking forward to that! Keep up the great work! It is very helpful and when we’re ready for a TT membership, we’ll certainly mention you as a referral! Safe travels and drop a line if we can help with any Maine info or assistance of any kind. Cheers! Don

    • Hi Don! Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the video and very kind of you to share your offer of assistance. We will be staying in Wells, ME (TT) for most of our Maine stay (6 weeks) with one of those weeks at Bar Harbor just before the Labor Day weekend. So we will get to Portland a few times I am sure – perhaps we can meet up for a drink or something – we’d love to hear your advice on some hidden gems of places to go, things to do! Likewise, you’re also welcome to visit us if you want to see our Tiffin in person and ask us any questions about it. Enjoy the journey of planning over the next year – there is a lot to organize, consider, pack, sell etc – and the time will whizz by before you know it! Are you also on RVillage? We can connect there too. Thanks again! 🙂

  8. I really appreciate your summary of your first year. My wife and I are near retirement, but need a couple more years of work to get to the right place financially. We have considered selling it all and hitting the road, but we feel like we would like to have a home base to work from, traveling in several month bursts. Your summary information is a good reference point and is helpful in adding to our data collection for this big decision. We are working on disconnecting from our “stuff” collected from living in one house for 30 years so we can make this happen soon before it’s too late. We really love to travel in our class A when we can. Maybe we will cross paths some day out there on the road. Hope your travels continue to give you joy.

    • Thanks Mark… Yes full-time is not for everyone, we have met some couple who like extended travels in between stays at their home base. If you can swing that financially, it’s a great way to have the best of both worlds…. but beware 😉 we also find once people start doing it, they get the bug and enjoy going home less and less and want to relieve themselves of their “S&B home” duties. Would be great to cross paths some day – give us a holler if we are ever in your neck of the woods 🙂

  9. Great video, thanks so much for all your advice on the fulltime lifestyle. My journey begins Sep 1st in a 34′ Class A with a dolly, a Prius, and my TT membership.

  10. Congratulations on your first year of FTing! We are coming up shortly on 3 years and LOVE IT as well.
    We find that many of the issues you address in your video are very similar to what we’ve found. We are also TT members and use them when we can, but don’t go out of our way to stay in them.

    • Thanks Steve! 3 years wow that is awesome! We like TT because it’s good for us financially but yes, some of the locations are a bit far from desirable places… still, staying at TT helps offset our other campground expenses. It’s a great part of our overall camping mix!

  11. It sounds like you guys have a fun itinerary planned. Maybe the fall foliage in Maine and the warm Florida sun this winter. I’ve looked thru my old Rand McNally map many times…dreaming of that same route. It’s gonna be fun watching you experience it. Take care & safe travels.



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