18 Months of Full-time RV Living: Video Update

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Hello from Key West, Florida! No, we aren’t there right now but it might feel like it when you grab a drink and sit down to watch our 18+ month video update. We sat down among waving palm trees, blue ocean and chickens (really) to bring you up to speed on our RV lifestyle, answer some frequently asked questions and share highlights of our east coast travels. We know many of you have been waiting ever so patiently waiting for this update which is jam packed full of content and B-roll travel video footage of our east coast travel experiences, so we hope you enjoy it.

Here’s a quick overview of what we cover in this 20 minute video:

    • Our personal update on how we’re finding the RV Lifestyle
    • RV Newbies, Insights and Dreams
    • Do We have a Fave Place?
    • Will We Always Live in an RV?
    • Update on Work, Timezones and Technology
    • What did we think of the East Coast? (honestly)
    • Highlights of our travels down the USA east coast (with travel footage) – including Martha’s Vineyard, upstate New York, NYC (yep Manhattan!), Pennsylvania, Washington DC, North Carolina, South Carolina
    • Snowbirding in  Florida (Orlando) and the Florida Keys (Key Largo, Marathon, Key West).
    • Where to Next?

In the video, we also mention the campgrounds we stayed at – many are within the Thousand Trails network which we try to spend the majority of our time in, which saves us a ton and helps subsidize our more expensive campground stays at other locations where TT doesn’t have a presence… like the Florida Keys! Yep, nightly campground rates in the Keys during the peak season (winter) can range from $70 (that’s considered cheap, believe it or not) to $130 or so on average or even up to $200 a night. And yes that IS bringing and using all the facilities of your own RV!

Crazy right? It’s prime real estate during the winter and now we know why – the weather is amazing. We did get to stop by and visit a couple of Florida state parks while in the Keys which are beautiful and far less expensive – in the $35-40 a night range – but that also means they’re incredibly popular and hard to secure reservations. Not impossible, but you have to either be very lucky, very persistent or both! This is a whole other topic for a separate post on that.

As you’ll see and hear in the video, we’re continuing to love the RV life, the weather and the incredibly rich range of places and people that we get to experience, no matter where we are. Life – whether it’s in an RV or life at home in a stick & brick – is all about attitude, expectations and being open to possibilities… and we’re excited to see what’s in store for us down the road 🙂

Enjoy the video and please feel free to comment, like and share. We always love to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “18 Months of Full-time RV Living: Video Update”

  1. I am catching up on your videos. Love watching you guys. It’s like a mini-visit…only a little one sided. 🙂 It was great meeting you in ABQ Balloon Fiesta. We hope we can cross paths again.
    Cheers! Mark and Sandy


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