Wow! Half a Million YouTube Views. THANKS!

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When we posted a video of Marc driving our motorhome for the first time back in 2014, we had no idea what would come next or who would want to follow our journey. This week, we hit a couple of big milestones on our YouTube channel RVLoveTV so we wanted to create a fun infographic to celebrate and say THANK YOU! While making videos takes a lot of time – what with the filming (and sometimes re-filming), a bit of planning and discussion (occasionally), downloading, editing, finding and inserting additional footage (like B-roll, photos, comments and links), sourcing music, saving, proofing, uploading, sharing and posting, not to mention researching, buying and learning how to use new equipment and software, making mistakes, learning through trial and error  and occasionally tearing our hair out – it’s also fun and very rewarding. For us (Julie in particular) creating videos is so much more than simply producing content. It’s part creative outlet, part journal of our adventures, part sharing our learnings, part experiential to keep up with new technologies and part exercise in personal growth and putting ourselves ‘out there’ even though it’s not always comfortable to do so. That’s why we appreciate you all so much – we are so honored and grateful that you have the interest and take the time to watch, like, comment on and share our videos – and we honestly could not have come this far without you! You keep us inspired to keep producing and coming up with new ideas and trying to carve out the time to create more content when we’re so often tempted by the amazing new places on our doorstep – calling for us to explore, hike, bike, drive, eat and play. Of course, we make a point of creating a balance between work, play and the blog/videos, but having such a fantastic community of people who choose to share and participate in our journey truly makes all the time we spend on the videos and blog so very worthwhile. So we just want to say a huge big THANK YOU! You guys rock and we love you all. Hope you like the infographic. Julie & Marc xoxo

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  1. Thanks for creating and sharing such good original content. It’s people like you that are inspiring my wife and I to plan longer stints in our RV and work nomadically.


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