6 Favorite RV Hacks from RV Lifestyle Content Creators

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Looking for great tips and hacks to enhance your RV lifestyle? We’ve been having a lot of fun meeting up with many fellow RV content creators on our travels. So we invited a few of our friends to pick a favorite hack from our latest book RV Hacks, and share a quick video on social media to demonstrate. We rounded all 6 hacks up here to share with you.

Let’s check them out!

RV Hack #123: Fix a leaky toilet with vinegar

Unlike plumbing in a traditional house, many RV toilets keep water in the bowl using a rubber gasket. Sometimes this seal can start to leak if there is a buildup of lime or other deposits. If your toilet bowl is not holding water well, first try pouring some white vinegar in the bowl and letting it sit for 30 minutes or longer. 

This should dissolve the deposits and resolve the issue. If not, you might need to scrape the gasket with a plastic knife or spoon. Then apply some plumbers’ grease to give the gasket an even better seal.

This trick worked wonders for our full time RVing friends Christian and Nate of Project Trek who share fun and creative videos, from their 6 years on the road.

Watch their quick toilet hack video – over 54,000 views!

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RV Hack #361: Keep dinette cushions clean

Use crib sheets as covers for dinette cushions. These are quick and easy to wash and change if your kids spill anything, and you can use different colors to freshen up the look of your RV decor.

Our friends Charity and Ben of the Grateful Glamper travel with two kids, so this hack was perfect for keeping their RV dinette cushions clean. They also share lots of great Dollar Tree hacks on their feeds!

Watch their dinette cushion cover hack video – almost 24,000 views!

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RV Hack #154: Watch movies under the stars

Head outside for movie night with family or friends. Hang a white sheet on the side of your RV as an outdoor projector screen and use a mini-projector and speakers to show a movie or share photos on a big screen Just be mindful you’re not bothering your camping neighbors if you’re staying in a campground.

Our fun and colorful friends Sandi and Jimi from TrynSomethingNew travel full time with their 3 kids and have recently blown up on TikTok and YouTube!

Watch their quick RV movie night hack video – over 82,000 views!

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RV Hacks #167–169: Save water washing dishes when camping off the grid

Marc is the dishwashing king in our RV, and he combined 3 RV hacks from our book into this video, plus a couple of bonus tips that aren’t in the book.

RV Hack #167: Wipe down your dishes 

Use paper towels to wipe down dishes to pre-clean them so you need less water for dishwashing. This also helps keep stinky food scraps out of your gray tank!

RV Hack #168: Wash dishes once a day

Let pre-cleaned dishes sit, and wash only once per day.

RV Hack #169: Reuse your dishwater

After doing dishes, save the water to pre-rinse your dirty dishes (after first wiping them with a paper towel). You can also collect the dirty sink water in a container to use for flushing your toilet, which goes into your black tank instead of the gray.

Get the other two hacks in the video!

Watch our quick RV dishwashing hack video – over 12,000 views!

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Want more RV Hacks?

Did you like these hacks? These are just a handful from our #1 bestselling book RV Hacks: 400+ Ways to Make Life on the Road Easier, Safer and More Fun! In it, you’ll find 415 hacks organized into 6 chapters – Driving (including Tips for Big Rigs); RV Repairs and Maintenance; Camping and Campgrounds; RV Living (including Cooking and Meal Tips); Working on the Road; Families, Kids and Pets.

RV Hacks is also available in print and digital, from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, Apple Books, independent bookstores. Even some campgrounds, RV dealers, and gift stores.

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  1. Pool noodles are light weight and we use them for everything. They are good to prop up mattresses so condensation doesn’t build up. Slit open the side and use it to tuck away excess cords. They also make good markers for guidelines on a screen tent. We use one to hide the cord extending from the fan in one bunk to the plug. We used PVC pipe, another light weight, to make a clothes rack in the back of our SUV.


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