6 months on the road: Our 4 Biggest Changes

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We’ve officially been living and working from the road in our motorhome for 6 months! It’s amazing how the time has flown by and how much has happened. Just a few months after our 3 months on the road progress update. We sat down at our campground in beautiful Palm Springs, CA to share the 4 biggest changes that have occurred since our 3 month video and answer your questions, including the most common one – how is our relationship after living in such a small space?

Here’s a summary of what we discuss in the video:

  • the changes we made to our camping membership with Thousand Trails
  • our technology upgrade in the coach to help us work more effectively
  • the news about our Coda and some video footage
  • how we’re building a new community of like-minds on the road
  • a question about families traveling with kids and dogs
  • how we navigate our relationship in the coach

We always love reading your comments and questions, so please share yours in the comments section below. We might even introduce a regular Q&A segment on the blog and website if there’s enough interest.

We are loving our new lifestyle – and laughing, growing and learning as we go. Thanks for sharing this journey with us. Happy holidays everyone!

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17 thoughts on “6 months on the road: Our 4 Biggest Changes”

  1. Question. How do you manage routine health care and delivery of medications? I have mine delivered by ups every month? I see my GP every 3 months typically. I figured that you two probably have this all figured out. This is very important to most of us pre and Seniors who want to be on the road.

    • Hi Denise, yes actually healthcare has not proven to be an issue and many seniors on medications live the RV life full-time. While we don’t take any medications ourselves, we know many who do and they can often have their meds shipped to them at a campground or even a UPS store, many also have them sent to a CVS, Walgreens etc and they can forward to other locations. We are members of a Healthshare program (if you want more info I can send you an email) which means we can get treatment anywhere we wish. Some doctors even do Skype consults these days. There are many options available and it’s something that certainly does need to be researched to find the right solution for your own needs, but the short answer is – it’s entirely do-able 🙂

      • I am a Veteran and have decided to try the traveling vet program. I am not sure if every vet, or even veteran providers understand the program. I am actually thinking of going back to private sector “healthcare”, but I would like to be a part of improving the process. So, if there are any other VETS looking to improve this service please sign up through your veterans service center and keep in touch. @[email protected] (Susan Dunham)

  2. Hello Marc & Julie,
    We are retiring in 10 months as a younger couple with two young children. We will start this lifestyle when we leave our final job in Germany. We’ve been planning this for more than 2 years and as you can imagine, have spent many hours researching the lifestyle. Even though you guys are in a slightly different season we’ve found that your blog and videos are exceptional! Overall the best we have seen. You clearly put so much effort into this. We hope to run into when we start our travels and wish you all the best. You are so appreciated!!

    Kind regards,
    Dana & Lora

    • Dana and Lora – thank you so much for your kind words! It is always wonderful to know that others appreciate the amount of time and effort that go into the posts, it’s a labor of love for sure! We’re just glad it’s valuable to others. So, are you planning to leave Germany and start your travels in the USA then, or Europe? Thanks again for your message – and happy travel! Hope to see you on the road sometime, somewhere! 🙂

    • Great choice. They provide so much pertinent information for people who want to start this lifestyle.
      There are also many family oriented Utube channels.
      Best wishes in your journey.

  3. Thanks for all of your awesome updates. We’re a family of six looking to cast out in the RV life this summer and all of your videos and updates are so helpful. And inspiring! Here’s to a happy, healthy 2015 for you guys!

    • Hi Megan! Thanks your your kind words! We are glad our updates are helpful to you and are always open to hearing what other kinds of content and info you might like answers to so we can cover it in future posts and videos. You will have a great time in the summer in your RV – wishing you all a happy and healthy 2015 as well! See you on the road!

  4. Nice video, we use RPI 10.00 per night and many more parks than Thousand Trails. We found Thousand trails has many parks without full hookups, some only have water and electric no sewer. RPI is Resort Parks International if you are not familiar with it.

    Safe Travels, Ray

    • Thanks for the tip Ray! We definitely need an additional solution to TT especially in the areas where they don’t have a preserve. Are familiar with RPI so will take a closer look to see if their network expands to the areas we plan to travel next. Happy Christmas and travels to you!


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