Marc Quit His Job. What It Means for You and RVLove

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We just made our biggest announcement since hitting the road. Marc quit his job. Yes, the one he has been able to do remotely for the last 4 years, 3 of those from the road. In this video, we share what this means for you, us and for RVLove.

For those of you who don’t have the bandwidth/data for video or who prefer to read, here are the cliff notes.

Marc has had a full time for 4 years working remotely, 3 of those working from the RV. He has been working a regular 40 hour workweek, which has it’s own limitations. But before we continue and share more about what’s next, let’s answer a few burning questions you may be wondering about regarding our future plans.

  • Are we buying a boat? Heck no, we love RVing too much!
  • Pregnant? Heck NO, we’re too old for that stuff! 😉
  • Are we moving back to Australia? Did we win the lottery? Are we moving back into a stick and brick home? No, no and no!

Why did he quit?

Back to why Marc quit his job. After all, we’ve been able to travel, work remotely and connectivity for work has been good. He has been recognized by his employer for his contributions and even been promoted a couple of times since hitting the road. It’s been a pretty good gig. But it was time to leave.

Marc places a high value on work-life balance and sets healthy boundaries regarding his work and hours. He was mostly able to hold close to 40 hour work week and maintain a fairly good balance. But as additional work pressure, responsibilities and projects started to pile up on him, his boundaires started to crack. He found himself working longer hours to try and keep up, was no longer enjoying his job – and got sick, really sick. We both knew something needed to change.

Acknowledging that we do have a life with a lot of freedom compared to most and remain very grateful for that. We love the lifestyle we’ve been able to live and every day we meet more and more people with even more freedom than us – whether they are retired, semi retired or simply have a lighter or more flexible work schedule. It’s one thing we feel we need to caution you about if you are considering the RV lifestyle…

Freedom is addictive - the more you have, the more you want

How we got here

We got into RVing to enjoy the lifestyle and the freedom it offers. But in between working and traveling full-time, running the blog and YouTube Channel, we began to find we had less freedom instead of more. It was time to reasses. The tipping point was Marc getting sick. 

We had put aside some savings for a rainy day and realized… it was raining! Marc’s health was creating a huge storm around us, so it was time to tap into those resources. Plus, the great thing about the RV lifestyle is your expenses are (typically) lower and more variable, so it’s easier to make adjustments and see the impact quickly, within days or weeks, instead of months as may be the case in a traditional home (eg. with a large mortgage payment).

So Marc left his job in February, has done some consulting hours which has been good for him and the company – so it was a good departure. He offloaded his work across multiple people and departments and everything went pretty smoothly. It was a great exit, really.

He spent the first month resting, recuperating and getting his health back on track – and is going great now – thank you to those who have reached out and expressed care, concern and sent well wishes. We laid low and have been keeping pretty quiet about everything as there was just too much going on t be able to cope with any more. But now he’s regained his health, wellbeing and happiness, he’s been able to get back into a work routine again – albeit a very different one than before.

What is next?

It’s been over a year since Marc wrote a blog post for RVLove, and his down time gave him the chance to reflect now only on the events of the past 6 months or so (when he work really ramped up to unsustainable levels) but way back through his entire career history and life – and how it has all led to where he is (and we are) right now.

It’s kind of a long post, but a very worthwhile read that has attracted a LOT of comments from people who the message has really hit home for. So if you want to learn more about Marc’s health challenges that led to this and his philosophy on work-life balance and the meaning of success, check out the blog post.

Click to read The price we pay to work – insights work life balance, health and freedom

More to the story

A lot of people think easy for him – being able to work remotely – but it wasn’t always that way, as you will learn in Marc’s article. Before his most recent, none of his previous jobs were remote… which has eventually led to where we find ourselves now. It is our hope that some folks will read Marc’s laundry list of prior jobs and get some idea of what is possible. We always have the power to make a change in our lives, and where there is a will there is a way. Is it always easy? No. But, at least by taking a step in the direction of where you want to be it’s a start, and will all start to unfold from there.

Marc leaving his job now frees up a lot more time and energy for the things we love to do most. That is this RVLove website, getting back to writing more blog posts, creating YouTube videos and helping inspire and educate others to hit the road too. Even with all the content we have created over the past 3 years, we still feel we’re only scratching the surface. And those of you who don’t mind reading our longer blog posts or watching our longer videos know that we know we actually prefer doing a deeper dive when it comes to creating content.

Short content feels like we’re just serving up snacks. Eventually if you’re just snacking you’re eventually going to go hungry. We feel there are many other people out there who, like us, want deeper, more quality information. RVing can be such a huge, complex topic – with so many variables, choices, and needs for what we are all looking for.

So we’ve been working on a stealth project these last coupe of years – but it’s been on the backburner as we just didn’t have the bandwidth to progress it. That’s all changed now and over the last few months, we have made this a high priority and it has taken up the lion’s share of our time, energy and focus.

Yes, the last six months have been tough, but now it’s leading to something very positive for everyone – you, the RVing community, Marc and us as a couple. As we launch into the new phase of our lives, we asked ourselves….

Are we nervous? Yes! Are we excited? Yes!

This is an idea whose time has come, and we are excited to be sharing more about our plans with you on Sunday May 7, 2017 and again the following week until we launch on May 17.

We will be keeping it as a small launch initially – within our RVLove community here on the blog/website – where we can share it with a core group of people who are seriously interested in the kind of content we will be providing in our next phase.

So stay tuned for our next update on Sunday in our email newsletter. May is shaping up to be a really big month, as serendipitously it was in May 2014 that we bought our RV and drove it back from Ohio to Colorado on our maiden voyage, so we find ourselves here in May again 3 years later, starting a whole new journey in RVing and life!

Thanks so much for sharing these adventures with us – we deeply appreciate your comments, support, support and feedback. And we hope you are taking good care of your health and happiness too.

Best of LIFE

Julie & Marc

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  1. Good for you! We retired 7 years ago and almost immediately became full time babysitters for some of our newly minted grandkids. This is our last year. We have a 2017 AF 35-5Z and F450 sitting in the driveway and plan to be on the road by November. We had a taste of the life 7 years ago and can’t wait to get back to it. Thank you for your excellent write-up on TT memberships. We contacted Chad just a few minutes ago.

    Kim and Betsy

    • Awesome Kim! Good for you guys – it’s a great life. Glad you found the info helpful on TT. Check out our latest blog post to see how much more our camping costs were in 2016 compared to 2015 when we were in TT for 90 days instead of 189! An eye opener 🙂 Cheers!


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