New Personalized Plates for our RV & TOAD

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As you probably know, we recently sold our beloved orange supercharged MINI Cooper “Juice and bought a 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. We were wanting to come up with a name for our new Jeep, so asked for your suggestions and we’re so glad we did! You all had so many wonderful and creative ideas.  

It was a lot of fun reading through all the suggestions, and we chose the name ‘BLAZE’ for our Jeep, as suggested by Doug Mayor in the YouTube video comments.  Thanks Doug! We love that the name BLAZE is symbolic of the orange blaze of a campfire, and also represents blazing a new trail – whether that’s going off road, or in life.

We also added new personalized plates to our Motorhome “Rocky” and our Jeep “Blaze”.  We have always loved personalized plates and take photos of fun ones that we see out and about regularly on our travels, in campgrounds or on the road.  If you’ve been following us for a while, you may recall we actually had personalized RVLOVE Colorado plates on our RV when we first started our adventures in 2014.

Fun Fact: We actually got the Colorado RVLOVE license plates before we even bought our RV!  They only cost a one time fee of $50 and it was a fun, inexpensive way for us to help visualize our new RV Life. When we changed our domicile from Colorado to Texas in January 2015, we had to get new Texas plates and didn’t buy the personalized at that time as it was a bit expensive so we decided to delay it. 

So we just paid a little under $1,000 for the two personalized sets of plates for 5 years – that’s on TOP of annual registration fees! Ouch. But seeing as we removed the RVLove decals from our motorhome on the recommendation of our insurance agent, we figured it was a good time to spring for the personalized (vanity) plates for our RV and TOAD.

Our original RVLOVE Colorado license plate, mounted inside Angel and Vilma’s famous Route 66 Shop in Seligman, AZ

Another fun fact is that our original Colorado RVLOVE license plate is now mounted inside a famous Route 66 gift shop in Seligman, Arizona. If you find yourself in Seligman, be sure to visit Angel and Velma’s Route 66 gift shop and see if you can spot our old license plate. Take a snap and send it to us or share it on social media and tag us! We’d love to see if you can find it.

We have definitely noticed that personalized license plates are more common among RVers than we remember seeing in our traditional life, and are excited to have them again.

Click here to watch the short video we put together about our Jeep name and personalized plates.

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Do you have a name for your RV and Tow Vehicle? Do you have personalized license plates? We’d love to hear what you have in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “New Personalized Plates for our RV & TOAD”

  1. Finally picking up our plates for motorhome today: RV4NITE (our last night is Knight)
    Current plate on our toad is RBAKPAK. My parents were FT in their RV in the 90’s and this plate was on their toad. We were so happy to find it was still available!

  2. Our RV is called the ‘Lucky Charm’ and the plate says CHARMNG. Our tow vehicle is a yellow Jeep and the plate says OL YELR. We get lots of comments!

  3. Great names and great plates!! You mentioned removing the decals due to insurance – can you go in to more detail on that for us? Just about to order some for ourselves but am going to put a pause on it now.. thanks.


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