Podcast: How to full-time and be a happy nomad

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I (Julie) recently had the honor of being interviewed for a Podcast by Ingrid Lantz of Chockalife – a website about “Living a Life Less Ordinary” – oh yeah, that tagline is right up my alley! As soon as I read the blog intro for Chockalife, I knew Ingrid and I would have a fantastic conversation, and we sure did! As a fellow traveler who is passionate about creating and sharing content that supports and inspires others to live their own best life, we had a lot in common.

What’s your passion – are you ready to follow your dreams? While no trust fund is necessary, you must be willing to live without boundaries and limits – to set your own style and follow your dreams wherever they may take you. – Chockalife

In the podcast (40 mins) I shared with Ingrid how Marc and I got to this place – individually and as a couple – doing something most people only dream about along with many aspects of our journey, including the emotional side of making such a major life change! Not all interviewers are willing to “go deep” in discussions like this, so I appreciated the opportunity to be very candid with Ingrid about my own personal experience, adjusting to life on the road.

Finally, I loved how Ingrid wrapped up our fabulous conversation with a quote from our own website – that I’d forgotten I’d even written!

Sometimes it just takes an open mind, creative thinking, some hard work (or not), a spot of planning, patience, a good dose of courage, and of course – the willingness to face your fears, take a risk and just GO FOR IT!  – RVLove

So, go make yourself a cuppa or pour yourself a glass of wine, click the image below and join Ingrid and I for a conversation about “How to Live Full Time on the Road and Be a Happy Nomad.” I hope you enjoy it.

PS. You’ll need to scroll down the Chockalife page a bit until you see the black podcast player then click Play.


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6 thoughts on “Podcast: How to full-time and be a happy nomad”

  1. Hi Julie,

    That was a really enjoyable interview. We are also full timers, but still very much working. I am a programmer, so a bit similar to Marc’s profession. We hope to see you on the road. We are in MA, but headed South on a slow trip that will find us in FL by October.

    Rick and Jessica

    • HI Rick and Jessica, thank you. Glad you enjoyed it! Great to meet some other working full-timers! Marc is an Operations Manager, so while he works on his computer he definitely isn’t in IT! 🙂 LOL We will be in Florida by first week of December and will stay in FL for at least 2 months, perhaps we’ll meet up down there? Are you on RVillage? Connect with us there – Happy trails to you!

      • Hi, Julie!

        Yes we are on village and will look for you. Our new plan has us on a slow trip south followed by a faster trip west to UT to have Thanksgiving with family, then over to FL in December. We will be in the general Orlando area, so hope to see you in FL!

        Rick and Jessica


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