Rocking Halloween 80s style + Bloopers

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Halloween is Marc’s favorite holiday, so every year we dress up, go out and always have a blast.This year, we left the rock star tour bus back at the campground and headed downtown to Cloverdale, CA to grab some beers, meet the locals and rally up some new fans as our alter egos – A.T. Rocker (aka Marc) promoting his new album and his groupie girlfriend G.G. (aka Julie) by his side and videoing all the shenanigans, which we’re sharing with you in two fun videos.

We cracked ourselves up, tripping over our tongues a dozen times before capturing a solid video intro – so we’ve compiled the outtakes into a 90 second “Blooper” video to start.

We’ve included a couple of photos of the evening here, but you really want to watch the main video and follow A.T. Rocker and G.G. as we hit two of the local Cloverdale watering holes – the Railway Station Bar and Grill and Ruth McGowan’s Brewpub – and laugh at the reactions of the locals, along with a couple of other fun surprises. Check it out right here.

All in all, we had a truly fantastic and memorable night and we’re pretty sure we made the night of some of the people we met too. We’re so glad we ended up mustering the energy to dress up and going out –being a cool, grey and drizzly day, the quiet night in with a movie almost won. As always, it’s a great reminder for us to always go out and seize the day (or night)… it’s really up to us to make our own fun. Fortunately, I think we’re pretty good at that.

So, hop on over, check out the videos and let us know what you think in the YouTube / blog comments section, and if you feel inspired, share it with your friends!

We’re also thinking maybe we should bring A.T. and G.G out more often, instead of just waiting for Halloween. What do you think?

Want to see A.T. Rocker on tour in your town? Leave a message in the comments below or shoot us an email.


Martha from Ruth McGowan’s Brewpub is a new member of A.T. Rocker’s fan club

6 thoughts on “Rocking Halloween 80s style + Bloopers”

  1. New subscriber here. That was absolutely hilarious! It must have taken you hours to put together that costume. It looks like y’all had a blast! The tattoos were a great touch ?.

    • Haha thanks Jean – we love those costumes and wear them any chance we get (even if it’s not Halloween). We can get decked out in AT Rocker & Gigi costumes – complete with makeup and tattoos – faster than you can say “I love the 80’s!” LOL

  2. WICKED! What… am I the first to comment? WTF man … !
    You guys are on fire …. Count me in as your groupie, … name’s Cottontail , a name I used back in the day, but we won’t go into that! Come visit our town … they say backward is the new forwards baby! Peace Out

    • Haha glad you got a laugh out of it Cottontail! We will totally hook up next time we are in Boulder, the more fans in the club the better! Had a lot of fun videoing AND editing these for sure!


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