The RVers – A New TV Series is coming to PBS, Discovery and More

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Exciting news for all RVers and wannabe RVers! If you haven’t already heard about it, some of our nearest and dearest RVing friends (and esteemed contributors to our book Living the RV Life) will be starring in a new broadcast television series. The RVers will premiere in the fall of 2019 in the USA on PBS and The Discovery Channel. It will also be in Canada on Bell, and stream on iTunes, Amazon and more.

We are thrilled to congratulate and celebrate Peter and John of the RV Geeks, Chris and Cherie of Technomadia, and Tom and Cait of Mortons on the Move for landing their starring roles as co-hosts of the show. Meanwhile, not to mention the creator and producer, Anthony Nalli who had the foresight and wisdom to put together this series with such a stellar team!

You can watch The RVers trailer here.

When we sat down in early 2018 to write our book Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road, Peter and John, Chris and Cherie, and Tom and Cait were the first RVers we reached out to. They all have an incredible wealth of knowledge to share, produce quality content, and are just plain awesome people. All of them contribute so much to the RVing community as a whole, and we knew any book about RV life would be incomplete without them. Amidst a sea of RV content creators, we hold them all in very high regard.

Now, they are moving on up in the world, to be major TV show hosts, and we could not be happier for them! We just hope they still remember us when they are even more famous! 🙂

You can catch their latest updates on The RVers show announcements below:

Collab video update by The RV Geeks and Mortons on the Move

Technomadia announcement 

What's the show all about?

Don’t worry, The RVers will not be another drama-filled reality show. The show will strictly be informational and focus on educating people about the RV life. It will be an amazing watch to learn more about what it’s like living and traveling in an RV.

COOL FACT: The producers of the show also created the hit series, The Aviators, which happens to be the world’s most popular TV series about aviation and running since 2010!

Where you can watch The RVers

Starting this fall, you can watch The RVers on select PBS stations, and stream it on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Vudu and more. Plus, it was recently announced that the show will also be airing on the Discovery Channel on Saturday mornings.

Who is supporting the show?

Of course, producing shows like these is a huge undertaking in terms of human and financial resources, and this is only possible with the support of sponsors and advertisers. Already, many RV industry-related companies have stepped up to the plate to support The RVers, including some of our own partners, like DometicBattleborn Batteries, and Mattress Insider, to name a few. You can view all the supporting companies here.

Meet the Co-Hosts

Peter and John of The RV Geeks

Chris and Cherie of

Tom and Cait Morton of Mortons on the Move


Words cannot express how ecstatic and proud we are of all of them. Each of these individuals (and couples) are such valuable resources for the RVing community. Co-hosting The RVers is such a wonderful opportunity for them to be able to show the world not only how great the RV lifestyle can be, but how to do it WELL.

We feel so honored to have been able to feature all of them in our book to share their stories, for your benefit and learning. If you happen to see any of them out at an RV rally, event or campground, be sure to ask them to autograph your copy! And if you don’t already have “Living the RV Life”, you can find out where to buy your copy here.

Congratulations Peter, John, Chris, Cherie, Tom and Cait – and the entire production team behind The RVers! We cannot wait to tune in and watch the series. We’re behind you all the way!

Click here to visit the series website and for more updates. You can also click the links to visit/follow The RV GeeksTechnomadia, and Mortons on the Move. While we are not officially involved with the show, we will do our best to all keep you in the loop of major developments as we hear about them.

Please join us in congratulating them all in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “The RVers – A New TV Series is coming to PBS, Discovery and More”

  1. Up early to watch at 8 am wow too early, thinking it was an hour show, only 17 min of show. Though Eric the Nomadic Fanatic was to be part of the show. He puts out great videos. I rate the first show a low 3 out of 5 because of am time. I’ll tape the next show.

    • Yes it was early for a Sunday morning! Here is the link to download episode 1 for free – uncut and without ads, more content too so it’s longer (and we think, so much better) You can download it here for free today 11/18 only at: – From what we understand Eric was one of the original hosts but he decided to step out before filming started, we don’t really know, we are not directly involved with the show.

  2. Wow so exciting… It would be fun to watch the RV Life and I am gonna read the “Living the RV Life”….. Thanks for the video and these are very much impactful…

  3. Thanks, you guys! Really appreciate you helping to spread the word about this show and we are really excited about the educational value it will bring to viewers – just like your amazing book! We were so honored when you asked us to be a part of “Living the RV Life” and cannot be more thankful for your friendship. Love you guys and hope our paths cross again soon! ~Cait & Tom, Mortons on the Move

    • Thank you so much for your amazing contribution to the book! We are LOVING your GO NORTH YouTube series – keep on having fun, sharing the adventure.. and living and loving the RV life! Love to you both and the pups and can’t wait to see you again! – Julie & Marc


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