15 Months on the Road: Update & Highlights

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We celebrated 15 months on the road, living, working and traveling in our RV during our time in Wells, Maine in late September. On our last morning in Maine, we recorded our updates, travel highlights and our east coast experience from beautiful Kennebunkport Beach.

In the video, we recap on the events of the three months since we left Colorado in July, making our way northeast to Maine, sharing some of our most memorable places and experiences along the way. We didn’t mention our time in Chicago – driving and staying in the city and our day of exploring but we already posted about Chicago here on the blog.

We know we’re a little late in sharing our 15 month update – and our 18 month on the road-iversary is fast approaching – so thanks for your patience until this was completed and ready to share. With waves crashing on the rocky shore all around us, you’ll feel like you’re right there with us!

Click to watch the video. Enjoy!

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17 thoughts on “15 Months on the Road: Update & Highlights”

  1. For almost 3 years since we saw this, Maine has been on our bucket list. We are now at Moody Beach and having amazing weather. This is a nice park with very friendly staff. And the local motels and RV parks charge top dollar right now, so for free we feel very lucky. There is a walk-to-the-beach loop here that is a perfect 7500 steps! Lots and lots of mini-golf. And ice cream is very popular, as you might expect for a summer mecca. Did you hit Shain’s Of Maine for their Lobstah Rolls? We added a T-Mobile account 2 days ago which is working wonderfully here (no AT&T, and Verizon is sketchy because of all the people using it during this peak season.) Next week we are headed to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. I’ll bet Maine seems like a lifetime ago for you two. 🙂

  2. Marc & Julie,
    Karen and I have really enjoyed your articles! Especially the one on Thousand Trails memberships.
    We joined the two-for-one zone pass last year and really enjoyed using it.
    We were going to join it again for this year, but after talking with other full-timers and a preserve manager, we made the decision to move up to the “Elite” membership.
    We have been with the Elite now for only a month, but have planned our future itinerary and realize the savings and experiences that we will have!
    Thanks again for your excellent articles re. TT and your travels….

    • That’s great guys! Yes it’s amazing value, especially for us full-timers. Saves a ton. You’re very welcome… we hope to be able to provide even more great articles and vids in the coming months. Safe travels to you too!

  3. Hi, Love your videos and look forward to following you! We live in Maine and are so glad that you enjoyed your time here.

    We are retiring this year (as soon as we sell our house) and are anxious and nervous about living full time in an RV. You have answered a lot of our questions, but one thing we are wondering about is, do you have a washer/dryer in your RV or do you use facilities in campgrounds?

    Looking forward to future videos!

    • Hi Jennifer, glad you enjoy our content! And Congrats on your decision to go full-time! You will love it – and yes, we loved our time in Maine too! We do not have a washer/dryer in our RV – we use campground laundry facilities and almost always find them to be perfectly fine, never had an issue. Plus, it’s way more efficient to get all of my loads done at once! Cost is usually $1-$2.50 per wash (average $1.50) and dryer usually $1-2 per load. I do laundry every couple of weeks and it costs usually $7-10. Hope that helps!

  4. WOW! Fantastic videos, what fun to watch. There I was bored with “normal” TV on Hulu and our Apple TV when I hit the You-tube icon to see the Jason ans Niki’s Alaska trip. Just below their video line I saw yours and for the last 40 minutes I’ve enjoyed your videos! You have filled the entertainment and educational requirements for the night. Tomorrow I’ll rediscover your channel so my wife can also see it.

    Good job,

    • Haha thanks so much Steve you made our day! We are enjoying the Wynns Alaska videos too! Glad you are also getting some entertainment and education from ours. More to come, so thanks for watching and thanks for reaching out to share your positive feedback, it’s much appreciated 🙂

  5. Hi Marc & Julie, my Uncle told me about your new RV life & blog & I’ve been reading your stories for about the past year. I’m dreaming & planning for my husband & I to join the adventure in a few years. Just thought you’d like to know of another person reading about your adventures & appreciate all the tips, I’ve filed them for when we embark. Thanks.

  6. Hope your enjoying my state and more importantly my hometown of Orlando. Your blogs and tips have been very helpful. Phil & I are both empty nesters and still trying to work out the day to day stuff so we may also be fulltimers. Until then, it is weekend warriors and vacations for us. Florida has some of the nicest state parks in the nation, I hope you get to visit some of them while you are here. And BTW – Clearwater-St Petersburg have the best beaches!

    Happy Traveling…..Home is where you put in park!

    • Thanks so much – yes we have heard CLearwater is the best beach and plan on visiting there in January! Glad you find the content helpful. Weekend warriors is a great way to keep enjoying the life until you are able to go full time. We are looking forward to exploring Curry Hammock and Bahia Honda next week while in the Keys. Happy Trails

  7. Great stories. Sounds like there is a lot to see in the North East. We have been to Boston several times drove the car once and flew once but both quick trips. We have a son in the Quincy area in a cardiac device program. But Definitely want to get back up there with the motorhome. Main sounds great.Sounds like you are back at some Thousand Trails camping we are glad to hear you talk about them being we are still working with Chad he is still trying to locate us a membership.sent him a email today hope to hear from this week. Keep it up and enjoy your lifecation.

    • We actually didn’t make it into Boston which was a shame, next time…Yes we do love being able to spend 2-3 weeks at a TT park and know it’s not costing us anything (except our annual fee). Glad you are working with Chad – he will take care of you and find a membership that fits your needs. I think he has been away but is back now. Hoping to meet him in person while we are here in Orlando! Good luck and happy trails!

  8. Great highlights of where you’ve been these past months. Your lifecation’ s been wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to share your travels. We understand it takes quite a bit out of your busy workday to do so. Just want you to know it’s appreciated. Keep enjoying your lifecation and safe travels to Florida. Oh, and thanks for the small piece of trivia on Cadillac Mtn.


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