Video: Our first 3 months on the road

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It was only a couple of weeks ago that we shared our feelings and experiences since hitting the road – in our blog post “The truth about how we’re adjusting” – in a Q&A format with perspectives from all 3 of us.

In this video, we sat down for a bit of face to face time to talk casually about how things have been going, 3 months after we officially left our home state of Colorado to head west and start our new life as digital nomads, traveling, living and working our way around the USA in our Class A motorhome, with a MINI Cooper Convertible in tow. We shared about our feelings, how we have been adjusting, what we miss and love the most.

We wish we could make this interactive so we could see you too! Anyway, hope you enjoy it!


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Thank you,

Marc and Julie


7 thoughts on “Video: Our first 3 months on the road”

  1. Hi Julie Marc and Coday.
    Just been watching your video on your last three months in the R.V on the road.
    You both look so happy and well, ans Coda looks great too.
    You are both so creative and adventurist .
    And Julie you are sounding more American each time I hear you.
    You both are seeing some amazing places .
    I love the photo that you won a completion with .its amazing .
    That photo would look fantastic blown up and framed in my lounge Room .
    Any chance of getting a negative so I can do that in Australia.
    Keep on having a great working holiday. Stay safe.
    Love you all……….love Mum.xxooo

    • Hi Mum, Glad you are enjoying our video and blog. All is going well. I need to do something about that American accent to get my Aussie back! LOL I will see what we can do about that photo for you. Love you too. xo


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