These days, just about everybody wants (or needs) to stay connected to the interwebs, and when you hit the road, you’ll likely want to take your email, social media and Google searching habits with you. Luckily, the major cellular networks are (mostly) widespread and reliable these days so it’s completely possible to stay mobile and connected quite affordably. If you’re still working full-time like us, you’ll need a constant, reliable signal. Perhaps you’re retired, yet like to keep an eye on your online share trading portfolio, read the news and Skype with family. If you’re traveling with kids, they’ll likely want access to social media, Netflix and gaming sites. And if a comfortable, ergonomic or even separate workspace is high value to you (as it is for us) you may want to explore ways to modify a space in your RV to suit your needs. We love the freedom and flexibility of being completely mobile to live and work anywhere we choose and share some of the ways we do that below.

18 Months of Full-time RV Living: Video Update Hello from Key West, Florida! No, we aren’t there right now but it might feel like it when you grab a drink and sit down to watch our 18+ month video update. We sat down among waving palm trees, blue ocean and chickens (really) to bring you up to speed on our RV lifestyle, answer some frequently asked questions and

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1 Year Full-Time On the Road: Our Video Update

OMG! Can you believe it!? We’ve been living on the road full-time for 1 year as of June 19. Yep, we actually celebrated our one-year anniversary as we came full circle back to Colorado over the summer. As per usual, we sat down to record our honest thoughts, feelings, tips and insights – this time

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Boondocking Recap: Usage and Costs

Now that we’ve completed our first big boondocking trip, let’s look at our usage and overall costs as we finally get the answers to many of the questions we had before we started! Questions like…How many gallons of water did we use? How many days did it last us? How many hours did we put on the

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6 months on the road: Our 4 Biggest Changes

We’ve officially been living and working from the road in our motorhome for 6 months! It’s amazing how the time has flown by and how much has happened. Just a few months after our 3 months on the road progress update. We sat down at our campground in beautiful Palm Springs, CA to share the

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How Technology Keeps Us Mobile + Monthly Expenses

Our very first consideration when we started talking about the possibility of traveling, living and working from a motorhome was whether or not technology would make this lifestyle possible for us and if so, how! We had a hundred and one questions like… How would we stay connected? Did we need to invest in a satellite system? Would

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