We sold our first RV and bought an older motorhome – a 1999 Country Coach that we affectionately call “CC” – with the vision of renovating it. We set up our RV in Enterprise, Oregon on the Airbnb property of our friends Brett and Danelle. And Julie’s Aussie interior designer friend Jane Brown jumped on a jet and flew 8,000 miles to come help us transform CC into the ultimate home and office on wheels. Together, we pulled off a complete interior makeover of our RV – off-grid, on a budget, in under a month. The entire renovation was powered by solar panels and lithium batteries.

We filmed the whole thing and created the “Ultimate RV Makeover” – an 8 part series of YouTube videos and articles, plus social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Follow CC’s transformation journey from “before to after” to see the creative vision, the demolition and construction, and the final reveal.  We hope you love the journey and end result as much as we do!

Whether you’re considering renovating an RV, tiny home, apartment or a house. We hope you pick up some fantastic ideas, tips and design suggestions for yourself! We continue to make upgrades to our motorhome, and you’ll find those here too. Enjoy!

Episode 4: Re-Building Our RV | Ultimate RV Makeover

In Episode 3, we focused on our RV Demolition. We really tore CC apart, so we were deep into this RV renovation. Now in episode 4, we start the re-build. As you’ll see, it was a big process. At times, we wondered if we had bitten off more than we could chew, especially considering our

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Episode 3: Tearing Our RV Apart! | Ultimate RV Makeover

Okay. So if you have seen Episodes 1 and 2, you have met the team, and done a walk through and know what we intend to do and our action plan. Now it is time to pick up our tools, get dirty and literally start tearing our RV apart. Watch it all unfold in the video, and read on for more

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Episode 2: What Are We Going To Do? Ultimate RV Makeover

Following up from our first episode of our RV Makeover Series where we introduced you to the team, and set the foundation. In Episode 2 we will be diving into our first walk through with our expert interior designer friend, Jane Brown. During the walk through we share many ideas and tips for you to consider or

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Get a Sneak Peek | Ultimate RV Makeover Series

Get A Sneak Peek of Our ‘Ultimate RV Makeover” Want a sneak peek of what to expect in this Series? We’ll be sharing it all on our blog, YouTube and social media – and you can get a taste of it with this 2 minute teaser trailer video. You’re invited to join us for the YouTube Premiere of

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RV Shakedown: First Boondocking trip and Upgrades

Just a few weeks after purchasing our 40′ 1999 Country Coach motorhome “CC”, we took her out on an RV shakedown boondocking adventure. We wanted to test out the systems and capacities, start getting organized and begin making our first few interior mods and upgrades. Already located in Phoenix Arizona, we decided on a one-week

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Buying a New RV Mattress Tips plus a 10% Discount

Well, I never expected that one day we’d be filming a YouTube video from our bed. But what do you know, here we are! Of course, we have a good reason – and not only because it’s a chilly 60 degrees here this week in San Francisco! Nope, our RV is 5 years old now

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