One of the best things about the RV life is you get to travel as far and wide as you like and take your home with you. Go where you want, go when you want and stay as long as you want. You can explore more like a local instead of playing tourist to truly get a feel for the uniqueness of each place that you visit. In our first 3.5 years on the road, we had visited all 50 USA states, while still working full time! We’ve walked across the Mexican border for dental work and driven up into multiple Canadian provinces. We’ve left the RV behind to take a couple of trips down under to Australia. As an RVer, you are location independent, so your opportunities for travel are virtually unlimited. We’ve come to realize just how much there is to love about so many places – and you know the best thing of all? We don’t need to settle for just one – we can enjoy them all whenever we choose. Below you’ll find travel tales, experiences and places that may call you too.

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The Next Solar Eclipses In The US: 2023 and 2024

One of the most unique and memorable experiences of our RV travel was witnessing a total solar eclipse in 2017. Over the next year, there will be two solar eclipses happening in the US. An Annular Solar Eclipse in October 2023 and a Total Solar Eclipse in April 2024. Both the Annular Solar Eclipse and Total

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Canadian Border Crossing Tips With Your RV

Planning an RV road trip across the border from the United States into Canada (or vice versa) and wondering what to expect?  Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, it’s important to know the rules and regulations for a Canadian border crossing ahead of time. From documents to inspections for pets, plants, people,

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Our California RV Trip Recap And Cost Comparison

We just wrapped up a nine-week California RV trip to escape the cold winter. Given California’s reputation for being so expensive, our expense report may surprise you! Where did we stay? How many miles? What was our fuel bill? And what was the total cost? Get all these answers in our road trip stats, campgrounds,

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Busting 5 Common RV Camping Myths With Proof!

We’ve all been seeing and hearing complaints about the challenges of RV travel and RV camping over the past couple of years. Everything from the affordability of RVing and finding campsites, to escaping the crowds and getting your RV repaired. And we’re here to bust five of these RV camping myths, with PROOF, from our

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Save Money On Fuel With These 7 Top Tips

Looking for ways to save money at the pump? Don’t let the current high fuel prices cramp your RV travel style. While none of us have control over fuel prices, there are ways you can reduce – or at least offset – your fuel expenses by making a few tweaks to reduce the pain, and

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Our 8,500 Mile RV Trip to Florida and Beyond

Here’s the recap on our epic 8,500 mile, three and a half month RV trip to Florida and beyond. In it, we answer all your questions, like… What is this new RV? Where did we stay? And how many gallons of fuel were guzzled? In this post, we share our road trip stats, campgrounds, unexpected RV

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There’s never been a better time to get ready to hit the road in an RV and explore – SAFELY! As full-time RVers who have traveled to all 50 USA states over the past 6 years, and authors of the bestselling book Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road, we are here to show you the way. 

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