If you’re new to RVing, just considering the wide variety of RV types, shapes and sizes can be overwhelming! You can start by looking at the different types available and the pros and cons of each to narrow down to your preferred type of RV. Also think about what kind of vehicles you like to drive and what you may need for the kind of lifestyle you’re planning. And if you plan to tow a vehicle, consider what you like exploring in, as this comes into play when considering the various towing methods. What’s right for us won’t be right for everyone – every RVer is unique, so take the time to think about what kinds of activities and driving you prefer to help narrow down to the right RV setup for you. We’ve shared some articles below to get you started. And you’ll find more about this topic in Chapter 3 of our book.

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Price For RV Rentals vs Owning an RV?

Dreaming of RV adventures and wondering if it makes more sense to rent an RV – or buy one? The price of RV rentals, and the cost of RV ownership, will vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. We’ll dive into upfront costs, ongoing costs, and other factors you need to consider. Whether you’re a

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1250 x 750 tiffin towing orange mini. text on dusty window says I go where I am towed

Best Cars To Tow Behind RVs

Towing a vehicle behind your RV allows you to explore and run errands without breaking camp. But not all cars can be towed. Choosing the right vehicle to tow is a big decision, and you want to avoid making an expensive mistake.  So, where do you even start? We’ve made it easier for you by

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