360 Virtual Tour of Our RV Post-Renovation

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[Did you see our “final reveal” video (episode 8) of our renovated CC? Now you can take a closer look at every aspect of what we did in our RV makeover in this 360 virtual RV tour! Yes, we went all out renovating our motorhome CC, truly transforming her into our ultimate home on wheels! Our talented photographer friend Gabriela G took the amazing “after” photos (beauty shots) of CC. When she offered to create this 360 virtual tour, we said YES! How cool is this!?

It is a great way to take your time going through each “room” or area of CC. You can click the white circles and turn around 360, using your mouse, to check out some of the details up close. We hope you enjoy it!

Click this link or the image below to take the 360 virtual RV tour. 

And click here to read the related blog post with “before and after photos”.

6 thoughts on “360 Virtual Tour of Our RV Post-Renovation”

  1. great stuff
    so much here – i have lots of questions about how you determined how and where of sizes of your kitchen / bathroom etc and some of the amenities that make the difference- like rotating / sliding tables, lighting, switches, etc. everything (lights & switches) has to be compatible w 12v and 110. ?
    what color / k is the bright without being sterile white?
    the background to this is i have a gutted 74 gmc , 26’ w front wheel drive.
    i currently have it in IN, and while i was happy enough to bring it there and provide a downpayment, i’m now less enthused.
    love to communicate if you have time and interest

  2. I’m not usually a fan of 360 videos but that was really cool! Such great resolution. CC is beautiful! It was great to see it in such detail. The blue bathroom was a bit much for me when I saw it on the youtube video but here it looks really pretty. I would probably paint the little side strips white because at first I thought it was painters tape left on, lol! In person, I’m sure it doesn’t look that way. Really fun to watch all of this unfold. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi there – so glad you enjoyed it! Yes, I agree the darker blue on the side strips is a bit dark… good point about it looking like painter’s tape! I think I will mix some blue and white paint to make it a bit lighter and get it closer to the tile/grout color so it’s less obvious… The blue bathroom does look bold and is a shock at first glance… but it really looks and feels fantastic in person. It is a surprise – and happy – which was the goal. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts!

  3. Astonishing!
    I’ve been following you guys since the beginning, checking on your adventures and learning as I go. Your videos and helpful tips have inspired me to dream big. My wife and I have plans to hit the road after retirement. She is not on-board with full timing, but knowing her adventurous nature, it won’t take long before she’s hooked! What you’ve accomplished with CC is totally incredible. My dream was to purchase pre-owned but fairly new. Now that I’ve witness this transformation, I’m re-thinking my plans. I have reservations with the infrastructure such as wiring, engine, suspension, etc. But seeing what you guys accomplished is all inspiring. Again, you guys rock and thanks for sharing your life story.
    Future road dogs! ?

    • Thank you for your kind words of support. We love hearing that what we share has helped inspire others to live a life they love. We are excited for your future travel plans. Our older coach definitely has some quirks, but many new ones do too. One of the most important things is how well the previous owners cared for the RV. Wishing you every success and joy!

    • Thanks Ben! Glad you enjoyed it. We bought our first RV used but only 2yo and don’t regret that decision for a moment. We would not have wanted to tackle a reno like this as newbie RVers – BUT we were also keen to it the road and travel (not renovate) and Marc was working full-time, so it would not have worked so well with our schedule. But now that we are much more experienced RVers, and self employed, and with Marc being a handy guy, we felt more confident taking on such a renovation project. If you are handy and have the time, patience, skill and a place to do it, then by all means, consider buying older and doing a reno. Just know it’s not a small job and requires some courage! LOL More on all that coming up in future videos….


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