Hot New RVs at Florida RV Supershow Part 1: Motorhomes

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This is the first in our two-part blog post series about the RVs that we found to be “hot” at the 2022 Florida RV Supershow. Here in Part 1, we cover the motorized RVs – from big luxury motorcoaches, toy haulers and Super C’s to mini motorhomes, and accessible RVs – that captured our interest. These are in alphabetical order, and include American Coach, Newell Coach, Newmar, Tiffin, and Winnebago. We have quick RV tour videos of each one for you to take a closer look. And in this post, we also include more detail and photos of all the RVs mentioned. 

In Part Two of this series, we focus on towable RVs – trailers, fifth wheels and campers. 

And yes, in case you’re wondering, we’re in RV shopping mode again. This time, we’re keeping our minds and eyes wide open, to just about any kind – motorized or towable. So we attended the 2022 Florida RV Supershow with a sense of excitement, anticipation, and no real attachment to what RV we might end up with next. We love exploring different options, trying different RVs on for size, and experiencing the pros and cons of each kind. There really is no such thing as the “perfect RV”. And all of our needs and preferences change over time, depending on our lifestyle, budget and travel style.

We had a pretty hectic schedule of meetups every day Wednesday through Saturday at the RVLIFE, Battle Born, Open Roads, and Lippert booths. So our time for actual RV shopping was limited. There were quite a few innovations, and we just toured the RVs that attracted us for one reason or another. Now keep in mind, with around 1,500 rigs at the show, we only got to see a small percentage. But from what we DID see, here’s what we felt were noteworthy.

Let’s dive into the Class A, B and C motorhomes that we made a point of seeing and sharing with you. 

American Coach Eagle 45E

We wanted to check this out after our RV friends Paul and Nancy dropped by to see us at one of the meetups, excitedly announcing they had just bought this luxury Class A motor coach at the show! The Eagles are American Coach’s 45 foot long, high end luxury model. It is built on a Freightliner chassis, and has the Cummins X15 605HP 1950 lb/ft torque engine that you find in most of the high end coaches now.  

The 45E is a brand new floor plan with a stunning interior. It has a center island in the kitchen and studio bar for dining seating. We usually only see floor plans like that on Prevost coaches or other custom models. Some other new features we liked were the driving safety technology, how it comes standard with air lines for tow vehicle braking (including a 20,000 pound tow capacity), 60 degree turn radius, and 51,000 pound GVWR. The 8 way power adjustable, heated and cooled, driver and passenger seats were pretty comfortable too. Tank capacities: Fresh 105 gallons, Grey 75 gallons, Black 50 gallons. 

MSRP was $960,825 and the show special price was $679,995. And no, we don’t know exactly what our friends ended up paying for it! But they seemed happy with their deal.

Learn more at the American Coach website

Newell Motorcoach

We recently visited the Newell factory for a tour, and even took one for a drive.  Newell coaches are built from the ground up, completely custom. There are no two alike, and in our opinion, these are the finest motor coaches available.  The wait list to order one is about 2 years out and you’ll need to put down a cool $200K non-refundable deposit to even get on that list!

This year’s show coach was another real head turner. At $2.6 Million they are definitely not in our current price range, but we still love to look at them. And yes, we do buy lottery tickets. Why not? We can live in hope and dream that one day, we may end up one of these beauties!

Learn more at the Newell website

Newmar Canyon Star Toy Hauler 3927

Newmar has a new front engine diesel Class A motorhome with a rear toy hauler, in their Canyon Star line. Really liked what they have done with this, and of course, the options for the rear toy hauler are endless. Two side entries as well as a rear entry into the toy hauler. Newmar was the only manufacturer we saw that was building on this new Frieghtliner chassis. It has a 340HP 700 torque cummins diesel engine, and the chassis is rated at 30,000 lbs GVWR. Front living area was well appointed and good use of space to still allow a 10’ garage on a 39’11” coach.

All Canyon Stars are being built on this new chassis now, and the 3927 is the only front engine diesel toy hauler class A on the market, that we are aware of. Claimed 6K towing capacity, BUT… be careful with that rating and do your homework, because GVWR is 30,000 pounds, and GCWR is 33,000 pounds which means that if you were fully loaded to the GVWR, you would only be able to tow 3,000 pounds, which would be very limiting if you load the rig. Unloaded weight is stated as 24,600 pounds, which would leave 5,400 pounds of cargo carrying capacity (CCC) BUT…. interestingly, the yellow sticker on the unit we saw at the show stated that it only had 3,719 pounds CCC.  That is still a good number, but nowhere close to what it says on the website.  So… buyer beware – be thorough with your research! Tank capacities are: Fresh 75 gallons, Gray 60 gallons, Black 40 gallons. MSRP is $337K. 

Lean more at the Newmar website

Tiffin 31BR and 33BR

The Tiffin Breeze is a nice, smaller class A diesel that would be extra nimble and easier to drive than the larger coaches.  t is narrower, and shorter in height and width than most Class A coaches. Honestly, I have always liked the idea of traveling in one of these. The more compact size, almost feels sporty, so it was fun to check out the 2022 model.

Available in 31 foot and 33 foot long versions of the same floor plan. The 33’ version gets a king bed instead of a queen, and a slightly larger bathroom. Floor plans have been virtually the same for many years. Exterior design features that caught my eye were the seamless slides, and new front fascia. Now built on Tiffin’s PowerGlide Chassis with a 340hp Cummins engine, GVWR 25,500 pounds. Tank capacities are: Fresh 70 gallons, Gray 55, gallons and Black 30 gallons.

Learn more at the Tiffin website

Tiffin Allegro Bay Class Super C

2022 is Tiffin’s 50th anniversary. This year Tiffin entered into the Super C market with their new Launch Edition Allegro Bay 38AB. The exterior styling was really cool and edgy, both in shape and with its bold paint.  uilt on a Freightliner chassis with 360HP Cummins engine, 33,000 lb GVWR and 12,000 pound towing capacity. 

There are currently two floor plans. The 38BB has 1.5 baths, mid-coach entry and a full wall slide on the driver side. The 38AB has one bathroom, an extra living room couch, and the entry closer to the front. Both are around 39’ long. Tank capacities are: Fresh 150 gallons, Gray 70 gallons, and Black 45 gallons. 

Learn more at the Tiffin website

Winnebago Roam Class B Accessibility RV

Winnebago has been doing a great job with their class A RVs in the Accessibility Enhanced segment for a long time. So it makes sense they would be first to introduce a Class B version. The Roam has a BraunAbility chairlift mechanism, and all of the interior cabinets and utilities were designed with ease of access in mind. Electric sofa becomes a bed. Table folds down and works well for eating or working. 

The Roam also has a pop top roof version for extra sleeping capacity, if others are traveling along and are able to climb up there. Built on the Ram Promaster chassis. Lots of thoughtful design touches in this unit. Would be great for short trips, and especially for traveling/relocating instead dealing with the hassles of air travel. It’s always great to have everything with you, wherever you go in an RV. 

Learn more at the Winnebago Accessibility Enhanced website

Winnebago Inspire Class A Accessibility Coach

Their class A accessibility motorhome is called the Inspire. Winnebago used to have a gas powered class A in the accessible line, but now only offer this diesel class A coach.

The Inspire is a 35’9’ long, mid-entry diesel pusher, with a BraunAbility wheelchair lift as well. The floor plan is very spacious for maneuvering, countertops are lower and the bathroom is well laid out for comfortable use.

Learn more at the Winnebago Accessibility Enhanced website

Winnebago View 24D Class C

Winnebago continues to make a strong showing in the Class B and Class C motorhome segment. This is the 2022 Winnebago View 24D Class C motorhome – very similar to the 2017 Navion 24J model we have been traveling in since December. Both are built on the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis. There’s sleeping for 6 with the cab over bed, plus a U-shaped dinette for relaxing, eating, working or sleeping. Lovely long galley style kitchen with a dual sink, appliances, and pantry with good storage. The 24D model has a nice bathroom, and a sofa that converts to a murphy bed to make the most of the space. This 24D floor plan is very spacious and stylish for a 25 foot RV.

We have really enjoyed traveling in the 2017 24J model as well. It has plenty of power for our needs, and has been averaging 14-15 mpg. Nice in these times of high gas prices! Note that we are not towing a vehicle on this trip – we carry ebikes instead.

GVWR on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis is around 11,000 pounds and CCC on the 24D is around 1,000 pounds. Note the bigger slide and murphy bed on the 24D impact the available CCC compared to other models, like the 24J. Tank capacities are: Fresh 30, Gray 41 and Black 41. 

Learn more at the Winnebago website

Wrap Up

Visiting the Florida RV Supershow is always a bit overwhelming, with so many RVs to see. Obviously, when we are doing “serious RV shopping” we would spend a lot more time diving into any models on our shortlist. But we liked what we saw with these motorhomes, and enjoyed seeing the new innovations coming out of the RV industry.

Did you see Part 2 on the towable RVs that caught our eye? 

Click here to take a look at the rest of the RVs in our series. Even if you’re not shopping for a travel trailer, fifth wheel or camper, it’s always fun to check out the RV candy!

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4 thoughts on “Hot New RVs at Florida RV Supershow Part 1: Motorhomes”

  1. Hello. I have always for years loved the Tiffin Breeze. #1 the quality that tiffin puts into their coaches. 2) Compact size of the breeze, you can go places off the main path owners of larger diesel pushers will not take that chance. For a single person like myself or a couple, I’m looking at full timing in the breeze. Would definitely get the 33br. Gives you that extra foot in the bathroom and bedroom. Seeing inside the new breeze, luxury is definitely not missing from this coach. I’m glad the tiffin breeze was one of the coaches you toured. Thanks for the video

    • Thanks for sharing. Yes, we have always liked them too. first looked at them in 2014 doing our initial shopping. But at the time we knew we would need more workspace, which is why we initially bought the Tiffin 35QBA bunkhouse. Wishing you great travels in your future Breeze.


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