Our RV Makeover in Apartment Therapy’s Contest

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VUPDATE: Voting is closed and the winner of the TINY category has been announced! Unfortunately, we did NOT win, but we truly appreciate you voting for us! Read further below to learn more about why we were in the running for this contest.

Click here to see the category winners of the Apartment Therapy Small Cool Contest.

As you know, in 2018 we did a complete RV renovation of our motorhome “CC” off grid, on a budget, in under a month and filmed the entire thing. We shared the Before, During and After of CC’s transformation in our Ultimate RV Makeover series on YouTube and here on our RVLove website.  

It was a HUGE project, but ultimately very rewarding, and we absolutely love the sleek, new interior of our home on wheels. Most of all, we love that our decision to renovate our 1999 Country Coach motorhome inspired so many of YOU to do your own RV makeover, too!

If you liked our RV Makeover, we would truly appreciate your vote!

What is Apartment Therapy's Small/Cool Contest?

ApartmentTherapy.com is designed to inspire anyone to live a more beautiful and happy life at home, with tips for real people looking for real-life decor solutions. It can be a fascinating window into how people live at home, all around the country. 

The Small/Cool Contest was created to showcase cool designs and ingenious ways to maximize a small space…. and RVs definitely qualify as a small space! In 2020, the contest is sponsored by Behr, and they received hundreds of submissions for the four categories – Small, Smaller, Tiny and Teeny Tiny. Each category has a one week window for readers to vote.

Our motorhome “CC” is in the running in the TINY category of 251-500sqf. Our RV is about 330sqf in size.

Voting is now open for the TINY category, and you can vote for our RV “CC” here.

Just tap the thumbs up to vote for CC (and any other entries you like) and a thumbs down to pass on the ones you don’t. You can vote on everything in the bracket, but only one time for each entry). Apartment Therapy readers/voters will select the four bracket winners, and their expert panel will choose the grand prize winner. There’s a $1,000 prize for each category winner and $3,000 for the Grand Prize Winner.

Here’s a quick sneak peek of the before and after, of our RV Living area.

Before the RV Renovation

After the RV Renovation

You can even do a 360 Virtual Tour here – it’s pretty cool to be able to go into every room and turn around, look up and down at every detail.

And if you haven’t already, go check out our Ultimate RV Makeover 8 part series on the blog and YouTube. We couldn’t include all of our photos in the contest, so we hope you’ll find some more inspiration in there.

So please jump over and vote now or before May 24, 2020. And please free to share the link if you feel inspired. Every vote counts! 

Thanks so much and we’ll keep you posted of the outcome! You’re the best!

Huge Thanks to Our Amazing Friends

We could not have done this RV renovation without the help of our amazing and generous friends. 

Jane Brown of JaneBrownInteriors.com – for her design inspiration, ingenious thinking and creative solutions – on any budget. Jane is truly an interior design genius with a knack for tuning into each person’s unique ‘style’. Jane works with many clients around the world virtually – via Skype, Facetime and email. What she does for her clients (and we speak from experience) is LITERALLY life changing. (Plus, what kind of friend flies 8,000 miles to spend 22 days helping renovate your RV? A priceless friend, like Jane).

Brett and Danelle Hays – for generously allowing us to park on their amazing Oregon Airbnb property for 7 weeks. Letting us borrow their tools, fill their dumpster, and even getting hands-on with the job. Not to mention the incredible feasts Brett whipped up for us almost every night. If you’re ever in north eastern Oregon and looking for a place to stay (or even find a place to park your RV) look them up. You can’t ask for better hosts!

Gabriela Gjurekovec of GabrielaPhoto.com – for taking our gorgeous “after photos” and creating our awesome 360 virtual tour – and so many other photos for us and our RVLove website. Denver based, Gabi is an incredibly talented photographer with an eye for detail who knows just how to bring out the best for her clients. We appreciate you!

One more thing. Last night we also sat down for a one hour YouTube Live chat with Adam, one of the hosts of The RVers TV show, sharing our learnings and tips for renovating an RV. Keep an eye out for CC in for Season 2, Episode 2 of The RVers. We will be in the On the Road segment on PBS and digital streaming platforms like AppleTV and GooglePlay.

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