An Intimate Tour of 9 Kinds of RV Toilets (video)

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Toilets and Black tanks may be dirty words to some, but in RV life it’s a regular topic of conversation! In our “Tour de Toilet” video, we check out 9 different kinds of RV toilets of our full-timing RV friends who show us their toilet, explain how it works, and share the pros and cons.

In this video, we cover a regular plastic foot flush toilet, composting toilet, porcelain foot flush with hand sprayer, electric toilet, wet bath, macerating toilet, vacuum-flush, cassette toilet and more. And no, this isn’t an ad for Thetford or Dometic, but they seem to be the two most common brands of regular RV toilets. We hope you enjoy the video, find it helpful in understanding the many options available out there and get a good laugh all the way through to the end.

Why a Video About RV Toilets?

Whether you’re shopping for an RV or simply wanting to get better acquainted with the different kinds of RV toilets available out there, you would think that an RV toilet would not be that complicated.  But we had the realization and reminder that others might be equally confused, or even intimidated by an RV toilet.  We have seen many different types of toilets in RVs.  But we didn’t remember seeing much in the way of showing people the different kinds and how they work.

It isn’t uncommon for conversations to shift to toilets and black tanks among RVers. So, we were confident that many of our RVing friends would be willing to participate in a fun video about RV toilets to help showcase the many different types.  We were right, and have put together a great video showing 9 different toilet types.  You won’t need to feel intimidated by any RV toilets after watching this fun, entertaining, and educational video.  We, along with the many other RVers, share pros and cons of their toilets. You can decide for yourself what features you might like in your future loo.

What types of Toilets are featured in the video?

We share 9 different RV toilets in this video. Foot pedal, macerators, vacuum flush, electric, wet bath, cassette and even composting toilets.  And, of course, other ‘regular’ toilets that are more commonly found in RVs.  If you haven’t already, click the video link above and enjoy your Tour De Toilets!

Contributors toilets and links

HUGE thanks to everyone who opened up their homes on wheels for show and tell about this intimate part of their RV life. Toilets and RVers featured include:

00:19 RVLove’s Toilet Thetford Plastic Foot Flush

02:11 Kyle & Olivia of Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

05:58 Erik & Kala of Thetford Tecma Electric Macerator and Porcelain Foot Flush

10:58 Lisa Reich Thetford Porcelain Electric Flush

13:39 Dan Brown of Dometic 320 Porcelain Foot Flush with Hand Spray

15:06 Michael Sutton and Louise Levergneux of Our Incessant Journey: Wet Bath RV Toilet

17:05 Dennis Baril: Dometic Vacuflush 706

21:15 Heath Padgett from – Wet Bath Cassette Toilet


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What kind of toilet do you have in your RV? What do you like or dislike about it?

Do you have any of the same toilets mentioned in the video? Got a different type we didn’t talk about? We’d love to hear from you and perhaps continue this series with a Tour De Toilet Number Two! 

We’d love to hear from you. Leave us a note below.

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